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Kate takes bad boy back

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Well so much for that! lol

Kate takes bad boy back

August 24, 2006 12:00


HE all but threw in his footy career in order to patch things up with his soap star girlfriend.

And yesterday, the move appeared to be paying off for out of work league star Chris Walker as he was spotted back in the arms of Home and Away veteran Kate Ritchie.

As his manager shops him around to various clubs, the winger was clearly rekindling the rocky relationship which saw him throw in his contract with the Melbourne Storm in the name of love earlier this month.

Having spent the morning together at Coogee beach, the on again off again couple were seen strolling up Coogee Bay Rd holding hands, laughing and cuddling around 11am yesterday and later arriving at Ritchie's Randwick home.

"All definitely looked well in paradise,'' a Confidential reader shocked to see the couple together told us yesterday.

"They were walking along holding hands and then just after I noticed who it was, they started walking with their arms around each other,'' he said.

"It's back on.''

Their five-year relationship hit crisis point last month when Walker was removed by police from a Melbourne hotel where Ritchie was partying with her Channel Seven colleagues.

Fed up with the long distance relationship and Walker's run-ins with police, Ritchie appeared to have finally called it a day on the bad boy of league.

Walker fled to his family home in the Gold Coast but was back within days attempting to woo Ritchie back.

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awwww thats sweet. Im happy for them :) They are cute together

Oh for heavens sake...the fact that people look"cute together" is absolutely no indication as to whether they are well suited.....I really do despair of this childish preoccupation with whetber people look good together...it is possibly one of the reasons why so many reltionships flounder...because people these days are far more interested in image than they are in substance.

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While agree with you on that, she didn't say they 'look' cute together. She said they ARE cute together, and I agree. And really what can you do in a thread like this beside wish them well? It's certainley none of our business as to what went/is going on so we can't really tell whether they're highly campatable. The reason I would have used the word is because the first line said

'HE all but threw in his footy career in order to patch things up with his soap star girlfriend'

(Yes I am for once letting myself be affected by media hype) But that gives an indication tha he really does love her. Forgive some of us for being romantics.

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