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Summer Bay starlet a reluctant lad pin-up

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Summer Bay starlet a reluctant lad pin-up

Sydney Confidential, Daily Telegraph

14 August 2006

SUMMER Bay starlet Isabel Lucas is "hopping mad" her bikini image has been used to grace the cover of a lads' magazine.

Lucas is said to be "bewildered" by the shots, which she claims weren't shot for use in Ralph , let alone on the cover.

This month's Ralph magazine cover pictures the "scorching blonde" in a white bikini as part of an "exclusive" on "Home and Away's hottest babes". It also features bikini shots of Bec Cartwright, Ada Nicodemou, Sharni Vinson and Jodi Gordon.

The 20-year-old Cairns-bred actress would not comment other than to say it was "awful" to see her unauthorised image on the cover.

She said she had placed the matter in the hands of her agent.

"She didn't agree to the shot, simple as that," a friend told Confidential.

"She's completely bewildered by it all."

Ralph editor Michael Pickering said he simply bought the image and those of the other Home and Away babes from a picture agency and the contract accompanying the photos did not require Lucas' approval.

"Welcome to the world of photo agencies and photo rights," Pickering said yesterday.

"Her issue is with the wrong people. It should be with the photographer. If the contract had said we needed the approval of Isabel and we couldn't get it we wouldn't have run it."

The Home and Away star is the latest unsuspecting celebrity to fall victim to unsolicited images being used on the cover of a men's mag, with fellow blonde babe Lara Bingle currently fighting Emap Australia in the Federal Court.

Tourism Australia postergirl Bingle suffered the same embarrassment earlier this year when Zoo magazine featured her "half naked" on the cover of its March issue, accompanied by a five-page spread of pictures.

Bingle's lawyers last month made an application for her case to be heard by a jury who will determine whether she was defamed by the magazine by a raft of implications, including that she was the sort of model who would pose in a G-string bikini for the sexual gratification of men's magazine readers.

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I'm not an actor or a model or a photographer but geez even I know if you're having professional photos taken you sign a contract to either give permission or deny permission for your photos to be sold and used elsewhere.

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Those photos were promotional H&A pictures so all of the female cast that did the shoot wouldn't think they needed to sign anything since they would have been for their job I reckon.

Anyway Isabel should be flattered that guys will buy the magazine for her.. It sounds like she's more upset about not getting paid for an actual Ralph photoshoot to me. :unsure:

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The diva has landed and she hasn't even hit Hollywood yet.

LOL. :P If every magazine had to sign a contract with someone in order to print pictures then we wouldn't get half the funny images we do of them going out in their pj's with no make up. The reality is, pictures are available anywhere and people can get access to them.

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