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The Spice Girls

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I used to like them, is because of me they split up. You see i have a band jink, i like Spice Girls n they split, i like BWitched they split, I like evenescence they split(Ben Moody), and my all time favourite band Nightwish sack the singer. I swear i have a band jink. Hasn't anyone noticed that most britih bands don't stay for long, apart from West Life. I can remember songs and how they go but i can nenver remember the title of the song. The movie was laime!

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lol. Did anyone collect photos of the Spice Girls photo album? Oh my god....people at school use to fight over swapping the photos. I don't think I got it nymore. Would it be worth anything with all the photos in good condition?

Hey! Some british bands do stay together you know! Like 'The beatle's' but sadly Lennon got shot so not really their fault. Any they sort of went their seperate ways after that but still...... The beatles will live forever! They're like gold to Britain.

A little bit off topic but hey....

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^_^ OMFG, I loved the spices girls!!!! I remember when I was in year 3! and I loved those songs especially *if u wanna be my lover * and *mama I love you*, it was like donkey years ago LOL, I had there CDS and everything when I was little.
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