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    at the bottom of the ocean in Llareggub
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    Hobbies: Surfing, singing, acting, dancing, druming, bag making<br />Music: Nightwish, Anastasia, Dixie Chicks, Dido, Hayley Westenra, Evanescence, Janice Ian<br />More info: I love ethnic style clothing, and i like gothic ornaments even though i am not a goth myself. My hair's brown and medium length, i have brown eyes but i am told they change colour. My name is Ciorstaidh pronounced Kirsty, yes i know comlpicated name to spell and to pronounce!
  1. I'm sure no matter how much your cousin changes, she'll still be the same cousin that left. You'll still be able to talk to her, and I'm sure either she will go back home on holiday for a few days/weeks, or you will visit her during your holidays. I'm sure if you just tell her your feelings she'll listen and try not to change that much. Hope that helps a bit.
  2. Dixie Chicks- Not ready to make nice
  3. The time differences are annoying and totally confusing. Mind you, my watch is starting to go back a hour (without me doing it) rescenty.
  4. I love that song, and the sig's. Well done.
  5. I had my first driving lession today. I dunno what people are making a big fuss of.
  6. Will people stop singing xmas tunes please? It's not even my bday yet!!!
  7. Who won the Wales V Cananda match last night? I was at a school ball till 130 and I haad to wake up for a Llamda exam at 8am!
  8. I like your Brad 1. Can you make me a Jack and Martha one please? I will credit.
  9. I'm here untill I have to go for the play I'm in. And I'm not feeling well either. Recently, after I've been eating sweets of anykind, chocolate, sweets, I'vebeen feeling really dizy about 10 min after
  10. Hehe if you own up to it you'll regret it. I say keep quite Why were you wearing wings if you dressed up as a Vampire? Sorry 'bout your house, silly kids Vampire Bat. and because I wanted to waer either wings or cat stuff but I was told off by one of the students if I went as a cat.
  11. I can still feel my wings even though they aren't on. Someone just egged our house again Happens every year. The 6th formers(me) got to dress up for Halloween and I came as a vampire bat of The League of Extroadinary Gentleman, wearingmy gothiy clothes. And I got a new cardi from Gringo
  12. ^I'm not that fond of wine. why is 1/2 term boring?
  13. why are 1/2 terms boring? all my friends are still in school but its 1/2 term for me
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