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Rachel's Diary

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Dear Diary,

Today was anonther boring typical day in the life of Rachel Armstorng.

But there is one thing that stands out in my mind, this one guy and I dont even know his name... yet.

I first saw him when I was down the beach today innoncently taking a walk with my best friend Leah,minding my own bussiness of cousre, I wasnt looking at teh hot guys surfing, no way, I wouldnt do that. When this drop dead gorgeous guy jogs past, I dont know if he saw me, but I deffiently saw him.

He only looked about 19, a bit too young for me unforunalty, but hey, who knows, I may be wrong. Oh I hope im wrong.

Anyway, Where was i?

Oh yea, the topless guy. He jogged past me, I felt instincy attracted to him. His deep blue eyes, his tanned flesh, Oh the thought of him makes me drool.

OK so im a bit preicoped with my mind at the moment, I have tried thinking of other things, but his face keeps on crawling back into my mind. No matter what I do I cant stop thinking about him, oh im hopless.

Well I had better go. I have to help Leah with tea, she is cooking some sort of Greek stew.



Lov Rach


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Dear Diary,

Today will go down in history as one of the best days of my life, well so far at least and I totally mean that, he spoke to me!

I went to the Diner for my lunch break from work and he spoke to me! He said, Hello, im Kim and you are? I said my name just, i nearly choked on my own name. But at least now he knows I exist. For now, what if he forgets about me? Not a good thought.

He looked at me with those deep dreamy blue eyes..Ohh im in love!

His name is Kim Hyde, I asked Leah about him, and he is 19! 19! Bit of an age difference there, but I dont care, his age dosnt matter for me.

Im not going to let anything get in my way and i mean anything.

Well this is good my whole entry is about him! I just hope he feels the same.

Got to go.




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