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Deception Of Friends, Love With The Enemy

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Story Title: Give it a name, any name we can edit it later

Story description: main characters

Type of story: long fic/ short fic

Main Characters:

BTTB rating: see official ratings guidance (make this a link)

does story include spoilers: yes/no

Is story being proof read: yes/ no by who?

Any warnings: Sexual content, violence, language

summary: 5 lines max

Episode one: Day of reckoning (Part one out of two):

It was the day of the town carnival today and this year it was to be held on the grounds of the surf club. It would starts of with all the floats driving round Summer Bay then it would reach the surf club where a massive fairground but could tragedy strike on this brilliant day.

The floats arrive at the surf club and immediately everyone rushes onto the fair. The roller coaster and the big wheel and the two biggest and best rides to go on. While they are queuing up, Jack has some very important news for Martha.

Jack: Martha.

Martha: What Jack?

Jack: I can not do this, it will break my heart.

Martha: What will?

Jack: I can’t do it.

Martha: Just tell me what you was about to say.

Jack: It has been 3 years since my mum passed away.

Martha: Oh sorry, how inconsiderate of me.

Jack: It is ok, but I just have a bad feeling about today.

Martha: How do you mean?

Jack: I fell like something really strange and exciting is going to happen.

Martha: Most likely going on this roller coaster. It is massive.

Jack: I love you.

Martha: I love you to.

Jack and Martha kiss very passionately then the roller coaster is shown and on part of the railway track there is a bomb attached to it. It is counting down.

Meanwhile on the big wheel, Cassie, Ric, Lucas, Matilda, Belle and Drew are in a cart going round and round. Belle then receives a text message on her phone from Amanda asking where she is. She ignores it and continues to talk with the others.

Ric: This carnival is actually pretty good.

Cassie: For once.

Lucas: Yeah and look at the view.

Matilda: It is so beautiful.

Lucas: Just like you.

Belle: We have stopped.

Ric: No we have not.

Belle: Yes we have.

Drew: Help us.

There is a technical fault with the big wheel and they are going to be stuck up there for quite a while but they might come crashing down as another bomb is detected how much other bombs can be detected.

The bomb timers are at one minute before they explode. Everyone is just on the big and major rides. Then the horror began. The bombs exploded. The big wheel with Summer bay favourites on it collapsed into the haunted house- leaving people in the haunted house trapped. The roller coaster has gone off the rails and everyone is on the floor injured.

Sally looks around and just sees smoke and fire. She screams and someone takes her to the surf club. She screams as she sees Alf on the floor with a wound to the head.

Sally: Mr. Stewart, are you all right?

Alf: Help me.

Sally: Someone please help.

Sally then puts Alf round her shoulders and pulls him inside the surf club where he is being taken a look at while Sally goes out to the wreckage of the fairground to find anymore fairground victims.

Outside the roller coaster, Jack wakes up but all he can see is Martha laying peacefully beside her. Jack attempts to wake Martha up but she does not respond. Jack then feels for a pulse but fells nothing. Jack then begins CPR on Martha. As he is doing that people mare staggering to the surf club in pain and anger in search for loved ones. Jack then gets a faint pulse for Martha and he takes her to see if he can find any emergency services.

Inside the haunted house, Rachel, Kim, Robbie, Tasha and Kit and a couple of unknown residents are trapped. They are getting very hot and they know the big wheel is trapping them in the haunted house.

Rachel: How are we going to survive?

Robbie: Tasha.

Kim: What’s wrong?

Robbie: I think she is ready to give birth.

Kit: Not now.

Rachel: Right we need to give this child a save birth now please help me.

Robbie: This is going to cave in soon, so we better hurray.

As Robbie, Kit and Kim attempted to move the rubble out the way with some other Summer Bay residents, Rachel prepares to try and deliver Tasha’s baby.

Inside the big wheel cart that Matilda, Lucas, Ric, Cassie, Belle and Drew were on, things are not looking good for all of them. Lucas has got a very bad damaged arm. Matilda has got bad bruising too her face. Belle and Ric are unconscious leaving Cassie and Drew talking on what they are going to do from here.

Cassie: Are you sure you are fine?

Drew: Yeah I am fine.

Cassie: We need to get out of this cart.

Drew: But how?

Cassie: We are on top on a haunted house if we try to get out of the cart, the haunted house will cave in leaving innocent lives dying.

Drew: So what are we suppose to do wait until we die.

Cassie: I guess not.

Drew: We need to make an attempt of getting out.

Cassie: Ok.

As Cassie and Drew are thinking of an escape plan the others are in great pain. Will they make it out of this disaster alive?

Meanwhile at the surf club, the injured and wound are being treated because it is the nearest base to an hospital because it is too full with fairground disaster injuries. Sally is waiting when she bumps into Jack and a sick Martha.

Sally: Thank god you are alive.

Jack: Thanks, Martha does not look too good.

Sally: Hope she is ok.

Jack: What about Alf?

Sally: He just got a nasty wound to the head, nothing too serious I hope.

Jack: I told Martha this was a really strange and exciting day and it has just turned into tragedy.

Sally: Oh.

Jack: Anyway I got ago and see to Martha.

Sally: Yeah see you.

As Jack is walking away he sees Martha on a table with a very little chance of surviving but will she able to pull through.

In the middle of the fairground, local Summer Bay residents are looking for their loved ones. Beth, Tony, Dan and Amanda are just among the few people trying to find their loved ones.

Amanda: Where is she?

Dan: She is most likely with Drew.

Amanda: But what if?

Tony: Hey look they will be all right.

Beth: But what if they are not.

Amanda: I think I see them by the big wheel.

Dan: Come on lets go.

Dan, Amanda, Beth and Tony run to the big wheel. Cassie and Drew are still trying to get out without the haunted house below them collapsing. Dan, Amanda, Beth and Tony then go by the big wheel and find their cart. Cassie and Drew scream in horror as the haunted house collapses. Amanda, Dan, Beth and Ton fall down while the big wheel makes a sudden bang. Has anyone survive?

Next time:

Which three favourite residents die?

Who admits to their lover they are pregnant?

Will Tasha’s baby be all right?

Who planted the bombs at the fairground?

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