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Agony aplenty at Summer Bay

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Agony aplenty at Summer Bay

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28 June 2006

FOR Martha's dream wedding, things really couldn't have gone any worse.

First, she had a fight with her brother Macca, then a psycho blew up her wedding, killing some of her friends and leaving her new husband, Jack, in intensive care.

But just as things start to look up - luckily Jack was given a liver transplant from Peter, one of the murdered wedding guests - another disaster happens.

Martha is involved in a terrible helicopter accident with friends Robbie, Belle, Kit and Kim, and there is little hope of finding survivors.

Talk about a run of bad luck.

When Home and Away goes to air tonight, people are frantically searching for survivors. Things go from bad to worse for Rick (Mark Furze, pictured) who has fallen over a ravine. And also for Tasha, who has gone into premature labour.

Jodi Gordon, who plays Martha, declares that what started as every girl's dream wedding quickly turned into a nightmare.

"It was so much fun doing the wedding scenes because I had all the girls who were all my bridesmaids and it felt a little bit real," she says.

"And then things couldn't be any worse. It just gets more and more hectic and then even crazier."

She says that filming the dramatic scenes was intense.

"The explosion scenes were really scary because there were beams alight with real fire and it was hot and you couldn't breathe properly," she says.

"But we knew it was safe and it was a lot of fun."

As the people from Summer Bay cling to the hope their loved ones are alive, will there be light on the horizon this time?

Home and Away

Channel 7, weekdays, 7pm

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