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Facing up to family ties

Guest Andy

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Facing up to family ties

Sunday Herald Sun

25 June 2006

NEWEST Home and Away recruit Bob Morley finds it eerie when people come up to him and say, "You look just like your dad".

"Lots of Dad's old friends say that to me. He was called Bob too. The strange thing is, I never really knew my dad because he passed away when I was only 18 months old," Morley said.

The 21-year-old, whose first scenes will be screened in two weeks, said he was lucky his mother, Teresita, had remarried, giving him, his brother and two sisters a devoted stepfather, Barry.

"I call Barry `Dad'. He's been great. It's been hard moving to Sydney because I've had to leave them all behind. When you're younger you don't appreciate how wonderful your family is. I wish I'd told them more often."

Morley grew up in Kyneton where he was thrown out of drama class in Year 11.

"I was a little brat. I wasn't doing the homework and just turned up and performed and thought I could get away with it."

After leaving secondary school, Morley moved to Melbourne, where he lived with his sisters, went to university and acted in theatre and film productions.

"When I said I wanted to be an actor, Mum was concerned. One of my sisters graduated in architecture and interior design, the other in international relations and my brother in law.

"Then there was me. But she's happy now I've got a regular job."

Morley plays troubled and rebellious teenager Drew in Home and Away.

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