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Being Loved Is Everything

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When Martha left the Bya with Corey they actually got to where they were going.

It is a month after they left.

One mistake could change your life forever. But when you’ve got people that love you you’ve got a pretty good chance of making the best of your mistakes and making the best of your future.

When Martha left the Bay she didn’t know where life was going to take her

She was a teenager just wanting adventure but she got more than she bargained for when Corey started to do what anyone would dread getting done to them she realized her mistakes and went back to make the best of her mistakes.

A story of Love, lies, romance and revenge there is sure going to an interesting ride for Martha and all the people that care and love her especially Jack the man she is sure is still the love of her life.


As I walked into my apartment it felt cold nothing in there meant anything anymore I had no idea how I had let it get this far, why I had let this go on.

I walked into my bedroom and sat on the bed and opened the draw, grabbed a pen and paper out of the draw and started writing


I’m leaving and don’t even bother coming after me.

What you have done to me over the past month is

Unforgivable and right now my main priority

Is me and my baby and no it’s not yours.

If you do come looking for me I will have to go to the police

So just stay away from me once and for all.

I really don’t know how I got sucked in by you.

But now I’ve come to my senses I just hope your

happy with what you’ve done to me and got what you wanted out of it.


I sat down the pen and paper and wiped the tears from my eyes. I got up and sat at my dressing table and pulled across the hair that was dangling on my face I looked at the purples and reds that were forming there. I picked up my compact and started dabbing the bruises gently with make-up trying my best to cover up the awful marks that lingered on half of my face.

I stood up and grabbed my bags and quickly packed my things.

I came out of my room and sat the note with the key on top of it down on the table and turned to the door I turned the knob and walked out, I turned around and had one last look at my mistakes, shut the door and hoped that the nightmare was finally over.

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I pulled up outside the diner and quickly glanced into my mirror and arranged my hair across my face and pulled myself out of the car.

I walked into the diner it felt good to be back home to where I knew people loved me and would support me the only problem was wether the person that I needed support off the most reacted how I was hoping.

I knocked on the door and was overwhelmed with happiness when one of the people that I had been longing to see for ages opened the door.

“Grandad” I exclaimed.

“Martha” Alf exclaimed clearly shocked “and where’s that young bloke of yours Corey”

The sound of that name made me feel sick and angry and also deeply hurt and confused but I had to keep on a brave face until I saw Jack and told him the truth I knew he would be the only one able t o help me Grand dad would flip and go straight to the police and If I told Rick Corey pretty much wouldn’t have a face within a couple of minutes.

“Um he’s Caught up at work” I lied “I just thought I would come and see you and Rick”


“Well welcome back love” Alf said


“Will you be staying”

“Yeah” Martha replied “would it be ok if I stayed her the night she finished”

“Of course” Alf said “you know your always welcome here just go to your old room”

“thanks Grandad you’re the best I’ll just get settled in and than we can do some catching up ok” Martha said.

“Ok love” Alf replied and went back to what he was reading on the couch.

Martha walked into her old room where she was flooded with memories. She put her bags down on her bed and started looking around her room. When her eyes locked in a picture that was placed neatly in her desk she moved closer to it and picked it up. She stroked the picture and went to sit on her bed.

She laid her self down and let silent tears fall down her cheeks but suddenly heard a voice that snapped her out of her deep daze.

She pulled herself up and made her way to the door she quietly opened it and stepped out into the lounge room quickly pulling her hair across her face. She lent herself against the wall and listened to her grand dad and Jack talking.

“Ok Alf I better get going bye”

“Jack” Martha quickly said standing up straight.

Jack spun around “Martha” he replied clearly shocked “when did you get back: he asked.

“About a hour ago” she replied.

“Oh and where’s Corey I’ve gotta go” jack said starting to get angry.

But Martha stopped him. “Jack wait” She spoke quickly.

“What” Jack asked confused when Martha had left she had hated his guts and know she seemed to be being nice to him.

“jack I really need to talk to you it’s important.

“Fine jack said “What do you need to talk to me about that’s so urgent.

“In private” Martha said gesturing to her grandfather.

Jack sighed and followed Martha into her room.

“So why are you back” Jack asked “where’s Corey.

“There is no Corey anymore” Martha said starting to break down in tears.

“Oh” Jack said “so why did you guys break up” he asked.

“That’s what I needed to talk to you about” Martha said softly.

Jack looked confused why would she need to talk to him about her relationship troubles.

Martha took in a deep breath as she dragged her hair away from where it was dangling to reveal the horrible bruises that still lingered there.

“Oh my God Martha” Jack said deep concern forming on his face.

As he saw her pull her shirt off her shoulder to reveal even more bruises.

“Oh my god, Martha when did this start” He asked.

About a week after we left.

“Oh my God why did you let it go on so long.

Martha shrugged “I don’t know I guess I just need a wake up call and I got one”

She hung her head down and spoke softly “I found put I was pregnant”

“I’m so sorry Martha” he said and lent into hug her but she knew she had to tell him now or she would never tell him.

“Jack there’s something else”

“What is it” he asked concerned.

“The baby’s yours the dates that match up to you not Corey I never even slept with Corey he always just helped himself to whatever her wanted from me” By know Martha Had tears streaming down her face and more were coming.

“Martha he raped you” he asked.

Martha nodded.

“Martha you have to report him”

She looked up at him “I know but I can’t do it on my own”

“I’m always here for you should know that” he said.

“I do” Martha said.

“And Martha I really want to be apart of the babies life.

Martha looked at him “I wouldn’t want it any other way” She said as she smiled but soon broke down in tears “I was so scared Jack” “I know” Jack said “But I’m here know and nothing will ever happen to you I’m here and nothing, nothing will ever happen I promise.

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