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Programed used: Photoshop 7 (but easily transfered)

Brushes used.

Once again, this isn't one of those "OMFG!! THIS IS OUT OF THIS WORLD!!11!!!11"

Quick and simple!

1. Open your image, crop it to 100x100. Sharpen. Im using a cap of Sarah Michelle Gellar from 'Scooby Doo 2'

Cap here

2. I then zoomed in 3 times and took the blur tool, size 3 at 50% opacity and blured her skin, AVOIDING her eyes, lips e.t.c. Also avoid her nose, otherwise it will just end up looking like a random blob.

Mine looks like this now:


3. The picture is quite dark so I duplacated the base TWICE (to see how to duplacite a layer, view my tutorial from the previous page).

4. Set the first duplacate (the one above the original base) to 'Screen' at 100%

5. For the second duplacate, desaturate it (Ctrl + Shift + U), then set the blending mode to 'Softlight' at 100%. This brightened my image up, as it was quite dark so it might be different for your image. Play around with the opacities on those duplacates if your product now it too light.

Mine now:


5. Time for a brush. I found this brush at another tutorial


This brush give's it a sort of 'ripped-paper' effect, and goes nicely on some icons to a certain effect. Copy and paste into a NEW CANVAS in your program. Select your brush tool. Go to Edit>> Define Brush and a pop up will appear. Save it as something like this: randombrush.abr (you must save it as ABR). Before I saved it, I rotated it and saved it like that and then put it on my image (white), so now it looks like this:


You can put on the brush as it looked originally, or rotate it if you what. Do whatever, its your icon :)

6. There are some effects left over on her face (a tad unoticable, but i'll include this anyway). I quite liked them there as I thought it added an effect to the picture of Sarah, but if you want to delete them, select your eraser tool, and erase the parts over the face.

If I were to do that, my icon would then look like this (you can't exactly see the difference, but either way, this is just a tip):


But I liked it the other way so I kept it like that. And viola! Your done! Add text/brushes..whatever!

My end product:


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Thanks, I just edited the tut a bit.

I just made it up as I went along so it might not be top stuff, and I haven't exactly tried it on other pictures so I can't guarantee anything. I suppose it will work best with darker pictures but as said, change your opacity around :)

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1. Open image: 4196-8.png

2. Crop and set curves to TGB 70 150. Fix levels.

3. Resize and add these layers: noahstart6.pngpinkpurple.png Flip the purplepink texture horizontalle before adding.

You now have bellestart.png

Add brushes and text as it suits you. I've added this Untitled-1.png in white so that I get bellestart2.png



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