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Someone suggested I do a tutorial, so I though I'd have a go.

Before you start:

-I used Photoshop 7 for this, but im 99% sure you can transfer it to other versions/ other graphics programs e.t.c

-This is a simple tutorial. Don't expect it to be one of those "OMG!! THIS IS OUT OF THE WORLD!!" products.

-I've written it in detail (a bit), for those newbies to PS e.t.c

-If you try this out, I'd like to see how it turned out. So please give me feedback/show us your final product.

Ok, to start off....

1. Open your image, and crop it. Tip: It's always better to crop your image from a weird angle, as it makes your final product look more original/unique/better. Center crops can be ugly, aswell. Once you've cropped your image, that will now be your base.

This is my base:


2. Sharpen Image (Filter>> Sharpen>> Sharpen). Depending on your image, you may need to do this twice. I only did it once, however.

3. Now duplacite your base TWICE. To duplacite something, right click your image in the layers pallette, then a "pop-up" (?) will come up. Click 'Duplacite layer'. Do this twice

4. Desaturate your first duplacite (the one above your base). To desaturate your image, press Ctrl + Shift + U (Don't actually press the plus sign on your keyboard :P). And then set the blending mode to 'Softlight', at 100% opacity.

5. Now for the other duplacite, set the blending mode to 'Softlight', at 100%.

My base now:


Note: Depending on your image, you may need to alter the opacity on those duplacites

6. Now go to Layer>> New Fill layer>> Solid colour, a pop up will come up that will say something about a new layer. Click OK. Then the color selector will appear. At the bottom of that pop up, the very bottom (where you can automatically enter your color code), enter 0B043E into that space. Click ok. Now your image is just 1 blue square.

7. Change the blending mode to 'Exclusion'. Much better.

My base now:


8. I added this pattern,


I found that online at another tutorial, but now can't find that tutorial so I can't give any credit for it. Set it to softlight at 40% opacity. Select your eraser tool. I had mine at size 19, 100% opacity, and erased any of the pattern on Hilary (face/clothes e.t.c).

My base now:


Now add text/brushes e.t.c and you're done!. I know it's not much, but I did say it was a simple tutorial.

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1st tutorial, yeah I know it sucks.

1. Open Image: 13.jpg

2. Crop etc., and you get this: noahstart.png

3. Add curves: RGB 106 and 150

4. Adjust levels, sorry, can't remember the numbers.

and you get this:


5. Add this layer and set to soft light: noahstart3.png

You get: noahstart5.png

6. Add this as a new layer, soft ligh: noahstart6.png

You get noahstart7.png

7. Add this brush in a bluish tone: 100.png and you get noahstart8.png

8. add this brush in white Untitled-1.png and get noah.png

I would continue with some text (just made this tutorial as I made the avatar, so I haven't decided yet :P )

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Ohh, I'm loving all these tutorials. If only I had curves *kicks elements*.

Its great. I can't wait to try out the stuff I can do. :)

Question, have we thought about a thread to contain all these tutorials, so then they are all together for everyone to use?

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