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Guest Nim

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After Sevenpudding's suggestion, it was decided to have all the turotials in one thread.

Please post your tutorials here.


Fromtut1.png to this tut8.png

Crop the image.tut1.png

Use the brush tool to go over the little picture.tut2.jpg

Filter >> Sharpen >> Sharpen tut3spar.png

Use the Blur tool at 50% strength to smooth out her skin, pick a small soft brush. ONLY the skin, not the eyes or lips. tut4blu.png

To add contrast I use curves.



Layer>>New Fill Layer>>Solid colour

# 100943, dark blue, set to exclusion, 100%

Layer>>New Fill Layer>>Solid colour

# EC76DD, pink, set to soft light, 86%


Duplicate base, drag it to the top, set to soft light, 100%tut7.png

Duplicate base, drag it to the top, Filter>>Blur>>Gaussian = 1.6, set to multiply, 18%


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