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Moving On, The Past Is In The Past

Guest dolly-999

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Topic Title – Moving on. The past is in the past

Topic Description – Dani, Noah, Scott, and Hayley, Stafford, other characters may come and go, I'm not sure who they will be yet though. Rated G.

Type of story: I'm not sure how long it will be yet, probably small, but that may change

Rating: previously rated G but has been chaged to T.

Main Characters: Dani, Scott, Hayley and Noah.

Genre: Drama/ Romance

Is Story being proof read: No


30th of September 2004, Noah Lawson fell to his dead.......

Or did he??????????

Noah's close to death situation leads him into a life that he wouldn't wish upon himself or anyone. But what he doesn't know is that it's going to turn out to be one of the best things that happened to him.

Moving on, the past is in the past

Hayley, Scott, Dani and Noah

Ok now Hayley, Scott and Dani won't come in for another chapter or two so just bare with me it may take a few chapters to understand what the story is about. The first chapter is fairly short.

Chapter number 1. A different History

30th of September 2004, Noah Lawson fell to his dead.......

Or did he??????????

What didn't you see that could of changed everything?

What happened that could of made you think differently?

Who was working from the inside?

What did they do?

And why did they do it?

31st of September 2004, what you didn't see.....

The room was fairly dark and the only light that could bee see was the light that shone through the small rectangular pieces of glass in the double doors that lead to a long corridor like in a hospital. Inside the room was a girl with blue eyes and light brown curly hair that was almost frizzy, she looked down at a body that was laying in an open coffin, he lay so still and quiet, a bullet wound in his arm that had just been cleaned up, he was going to recover, not that his family and friends needed to know, or were going to find out. Next to him was another coffin with a lid on it the name on the top read Noah Lawson, but no body lay inside, not that anyone would notice.

“You're going to regret the day you ever tried to hurt my Sarah” the girl spoke, “and I can promise you your not going to be put out of your mystery by having all the pain go away, your going to live and suffer the consequences” she told him sitting down next to his open coffin deciding how to get him out of here unnoticed.

About five minutes later Noah began to wake up, he saw the box he was lying in and used the edges to help himself sit up, looking around the room his gaze came upon a girl with a crow bar heading towards him quickly hitting his head making everything begin to black out again, his head fell back wards hitting hard against the bottom of the coffin.

Carelessly The girl threw the crow bar behind her hitting a black curtain revealing the back door of the place. “Perfect” she smiled to herself grabbing Noah and carrying him over her shoulders out the back door before anyone had the chance to come and see what the noise had been.

Please tell me what you think.

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Hey everyone, I finally got around to writing more of this, I know it's been a while since I updated, and I'm sorry for that, but hopefully I'll have more time on my hands soon. Ok since it's been a while I'll refresh your memories, Zoe (Eve) captured Noah and locked him in a shed in the bush, everyone thinks Noah is dead but he's not really cause Zoe switched Noah's body with some one else's.

Anyway here's the next chapter, I hope you enjoy it.

Chapter number 3. 2005

(Note: it's June 2005, Dani left the bay and Hayley and Scott got together the way they did on the show. The whole Zoe story line on the show is already over and there was never any mix up over the parentage of Hayley's baby).

A very lost Dani Sutherland wandered her way down the chaotic city streets of Sydney, this was her life, her fame, her future, well not that she liked it, but it was a living. There used to be a time when she'd smile when she woke up, thinking of what the day would bring her, but now waking up was a burden, her days were spent in an office building, the life of a journalist hadn't been quite as spectacular as she had dreamed and hoped for. Her life had been like this since she first came hear six months ago, she'd hoped that she would grow to love it here, but nothing had changed, if anything it had gotten worse. These days instead of waking up to the sound of a peacefully quiet beach side town, she wake up to the sounds of the busy early morning streets that wafted up to her apartment on the fifteenth floor of one of many tall towering buildings that clouded the city.

Soon she would be marrying a man whom she cared for no more than a friend; Staford. Their love was only a one way street, he loved her, and that love blinded him from the truth that she didn't love him the same way, why she'd said yes to him she still didn't know the answer to, but now she was in too deep, and she couldn't leave without leaving everything behind, everything she'd worked for, everything she hated, everything she had.

“You want a lift?” a voice called out from the sited of the road, Dani turned around to see Staford hopping out of his car, “we couldn't possible let such a beautiful girl wanter around the streets” he smiled taking her hand in his.

“Ok” Dani sighed, letting him pull her gently in the direction of his car.

“You ok?”

“Yeah, why?”

“You just don't seem too happy that's all”.

“I've just had a long day at work” she told him, faking a content smile.

“I know, tell me about it, I had paperwork up to my neck” he exclaimed, opening the passengers door of the car for Dani and helping her in and then made his way around the front of the car and hopped in the drivers seat.


Noah pulled himself out of the hole in the side of the shed that he'd dough in the last week of being left alone without a visit from Zoe, they'd probably caught her by now, she would of come to see him if she hadn't. Helplessly he crawled along the ground, and fell on his chest from exhaustion, he was hungry, he wanted to go home, he didn't think he'd survive, but finding the courage after resting for a moment, he lifted himself back onto his feet, using the support of the tree next to him.

“Hello?” He tried to yell, “an-anyone, he-ere?”

He stumbled along a dirt path, no knowing how long he'd been walking for, up ahead he could see a clearing, it had green grass and park seats. Finding the strength, he made his way to sit down on one of them, puffing in an attempt to catch up on his breath, he looked around him and that's when he realized he wasn't in the middle of nowhere anymore, there were roads, houses, and even street lights.

His heart was overjoyed, he was going to get help, he was going to live, he would find home.


“Stafy” Dani began as she looked out her window. “About the wedding”.

“Yeah were going to have to figure out a date for it soon” Stafford jumped in as he stopped at the traffic lights waiting for them to go green again.

Dani closed her eyes for a minute, the truth was she'd actually plucked up the courage to tell him that she wasn't ready, but now she wasn't really sure if it was the right time to bring up the topic, “Yeah we are” she answered, trying to sound happier than she looked, right now even the spoilt brat admiring her newly polished nails in the passengers seat of the sports car next to them looked happier than she did.

“Oh and I heard from mum today too, she said that she's going to be overseas in September, so I guess it can't be then” Staford explained.

“Oh well I'm sure we can work around it then” She answered turning to face him and put on a fake smile.

“Yeah” he sighed just as the traffic lights went green. “What about some time in October then? That'd give us plenty of time to organize everything before then without as much stress”.

By now Dani just needed to get out, she had to tell him before he got to far into everything, but she couldn't tell him now, no she couldn't, it would cause a lot of tension tonight with his parents having dinner with them at Staford's place, she'd break the news to him tomorrow, well... maybe the day after... no, oh gosh when are you jolly well going to do it girl? Her conscious asked starting to eat at her which right then seemed worst than her unwanted fiancée.

“Or maybe not October then” Staford backed down as he saw that stressed look on Dani's face, but still she didn't answer. “Dan? You ok?”

“What?” she asked snapping out of her thoughts.

“I was saying what about October?”

“What about it?” she asked seeming confused.

“For the wedding”.

“Oh yeah of course, sounds good” she answered putting on a smile, “Look I might walk home, I need the fresh air” she told him.

“You sure?”

“Yeah, it's not that far, just pull over here”.

“Ok but promise me you'll be careful, ok?”

“Ok I promise” she told him as he parked the car at the side of the road.

“Love you” Staford called out to her before she closed the door.

“Love you too” she lied before turning to walk down the street.


“Scott” Hayley called out through the house that they'd just moved into on the outskirts of Sumer bay right next to Yabbie creek.

“Yeah, I'm in the lounge room” he called back.

“Guess what” she said excitedly as she reached the room in the front of the house.

“What?” he asked looking up from where he was setting up the TV in the corner.

“It's kicking” she told him reaching for his hand and placing it on the center of her stomach.

“Wow that's amazing” he smiled as he felt the little kicks of his unborn child.

“I know tell me about it, he's definitely going to be a little soccer player isn't he?”

“He?” Scott looked up in confusion.

“Oops I did it again, I keep thinking it's a boy for some reason”

“Well maybe it is then, they always say a mother knows her children best” Scott commented as he stood up and guided Hayley to the couch where he sat next to her and placed his arms around her.

“Yeah well whether it's a boy or a girl I know I'm going to love this kid to death” she smiled.

“Me too”.


Dani walked slowly along the path looking down at her feet. She wanted to just go home to her apartment and say she wasn't feeling too good, but she'd already lied to Staford enough for one day. Lately each day that went by seemed to be filled with more lies than the day before, it was starting to worry her too, if she just told him that she didn't really love him the way he loved her then things would be so much easier. But the later she left it, the harder it was to stop lying, it was like a virus that took over her and the lies just kept flowing out of her mouth, only making Staford more and more in love with her.

As she got further along she heard a voice that grabbed her attention.

“Somebody help” came the weak voice from a park bench that was in view. Slowly and curiously Dani made her way across the park to where the sound was coming from, she knew she shouldn't be doing this, for all she knew it could have been a man with a gun trying to attract the attention of an innocent person out alone, but for some reason she didn't feel fear.

“Somebody help me” the voice cried again, this time seeming weaker than it had been thirty seconds ago.

“Are you ok?” Dani asked as she came around to the other side of the bench where a man was lying on the seat.

“Not really” the man answered trying to sit up.

Dani imediently went to help him... that's when she looked at his face and realized who he was, “You can't be who I think you are”.

“Dani?” the man asked in shock.

“Noah? But... you were dead”.

Please tell me what you think

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Hi dolly-999.

In line with the new rules for fanfictions I have made some changes to the first post in your story, see here. I'd appreciate it if you'd take five minutes to make the necessary changes and PM me with any problems/difficulties/questions or post them in this thread.


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Thanks. Is it possible you could give it a rating, either: G - general audience, T - mild adult content, A - Adult content, R - Explicit and say if it contains Sexual content (SC) violence/death (VD) or coarse language (L)

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