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Moving On, The Past Is In The Past

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Ok thanks guys, here's the next chapter, hope you like it.

Chapter number 4. Back from the dead

“No I wasn't” Noah answered back, how could she think he'd been dead, but then again he had been shot, and God only knows what that Eve Jacobson girl that locked him up had done to stop people looking for him, but now he had a fair idea.

“Well we all thought you were, you were shot” Dani said softly, “I can't believe it's really you”.

“And I can't believe it's really you either” Noah admitted, “I thought I was never going to see another familiar face”.

“So what happened exactly, I mean why did...”

“Where was I?”


“Look I really don't feel like talking about it right now” Noah told her.

“Alright then, look you must be starving, I'm going to take you back to my flat ok?” Dani told him, right now it was in her best interests that he was safe.

“Ok” he agreed, letting her help him up and hold part of his weight by putting his arm around her shoulder.


Eve hobbled her way back to the shed, Noah must be really hungry by now, not that she cared about him or anything, but she couldn't let him die, not when he could be useful to her.

Touching her side gently she winced in pain, she'd escaped a burning shed, but only just, any more burning and she might not be walking, or even worse, she might be dead. She couldn't believe that she'd let herself fail like that, Sally should have been doing her dirty work by now, and Summer bay should have been paying the consequences for what they did to her Sarah.

She'd never let them get away with it, it was something she'd promised not only herself but the memory of Sarah. Sometimes she'd dream about what things would be like right now if she was still alive, things would be different that's for sure, things would definitely be a lot happier too, she'd be with Sarah, HER Sarah, the only Sarah that could possibly make her as happy as she had been before that night where.... well she didn't really want to remember what happened then, she could only do what was right so that she could finally rest in peace. And then, she'd do what she had to to be with her, she'd go to heaven, and things would all be right again.

But right now she had to keep focused on what had to happen before she could be happy, which ment getting that good for nothing Noah to do a few things for her.

As she came closer to her destination she noticed that the tin door was wide open and the chain once held it shut lay broken on the ground. He was gone, her last source of help was gone, she checked the floor of the shed twice over to make sure she wasn't imagining it, but she was right, he was gone.

“Darn it” she yelled, she was going to have to do it all herself; all her plans that were still yet to come, but she'd have to be careful, they all knew who she was, and if she was going to pull this off then she'd need help, someone that they all trusted and when they least expected it, it was going to hit them all hard in the face.


“Alright here we are” Dani told Noah as she helped him out of the Taxi.

“Wow” Noah's jaw dropped as he looked up the building right to the top, “what has it got like 50 floors or something?”

“No just 30” Dani laughed, “Come one we better get you inside” she said, bringing him through the front door and into the elevator, luckily at this time of day not many people were around, she'd hate to think what kind of questions would be asked if someone was to walk in right about now.

Noah clung tightly onto the rail on the wall of the elevator, he was still trying to get his head around what had happened in the last week. Being locked in that shed had been a nightmare that all seemed like one big blur to him, and he had began to forget what life had been like before it all started. All these buildings and cars seemed strange, even though he knew what they were and how they worked, it was like a good dream and sooner or later he was going to wake up, not that he wanted to wake up, if he had his way he'd stay asleep dreaming of this forever.

“Bing” the Elevator sounded as the little screen above the doors reached the number fifteen and the doors opened.

“Just done here” Dani told him helping him to the right and down the corridor to the last door where she unlocked it and helped him in, “You sit down and I'll get you a drink and some food”.

“Thanks for this Dani” he smiled as she walked off to the kitchen.

“Thats ok, It's my pleasure”.

“So just one question... where exactly am I?” Noah asked.

“Your in Sydney” she explained, handing him a glass of water. “Is left over pizza ok?”

“Yeah, that sounds great” he answered thankfully as took a mouthful of the water, right now it wasn't just water to him, it was like heaven. “So how is everyone?”

“Well” Dani started, “I wouldn't really know, I moved away from Summer Bay at the end of last year” she sighed as she put a plate of pizza in the microwave before coming back into the lounge room and sitting down next to him.

“Really how come?”

“It's a long story involving a book and Scott” she started.

“Well I'm all ears”.

“You remember when I went to jail how there was that gov woman?”


“Well she asked me to write her book” Dani explained, “And by the time I finished it, I already had a published interested and had contracts for them to take a look at it and everything”.

“Wow, that's pretty awesome Dan” He smiled.

“Yeah, Scott didn't seem to think so” she sighed sadly looking down at her hands that were on her lap. “He seemed well... a bit threatened by the guy that was showing me all the contracts, and he seemed to think that I'd cheated on him with this guy Staford, he just didn't trust me, so things went down hill and I moved here” she told him before hopping back up to the kitchen and bringing out the plate of pizza for Noah.

“Thanks, you have no idea how long it's been since I've had good food”.

“I think I've got a fair idea” she smiled. “So how are you feeling?”

“Not to bad now that I'm here” Noah smiled, “I still can't believe I'm here though, I keep thinking it's all just a good dream and that I'm going to wake up back in that rotten old shed” he sighed.

“Well your here now and your going to be perfectly safe” Dani told him firmly, promising in the voice that she was going to look after him.

“Thank you so much for this, I don't know what I would of done if you hadn't found me when you did”.

“That's ok, oh and before I forget, you can stay in the spare room, it's just down the hall, come on I'll show you” she said getting up.

“You sure you want me to stay?”

“Of course, I'll be offended if you don't” she joked.

“Well I couldn't do that now could I?” Noah laughed following her down the hallway.


Staford sat with his hands rested under his chin and his arms rested along the table, in front of him was the phone, stairing right back at him, he'd tried calling Dani once already, and she hadn't answered, he just wanted to know that she was safe, it had been half an hour since she should have been here, “I never should of let her walk, anything could of happened to her” her sighed.

He loved her so much, he'd never live with himself if he lost her. How such an amazing girl had come into his life, he'd never know, but he was so grateful for her every second of his life, and he could only hope that she felt the same, well she had to to have agreed to marry him.

Pulled his head back up so he was sitting up straight and looked down at his left hand, stairing at the finger that would hold a ring in another few months or so. The thought of that made him smile, he was going to be married to the most beautiful woman in the world and nothing was going to stop that, well he didn't think so anyway.

“Ding dong” the door bell rang through the big empty mansion making Staford jump, if that was the police saying that something had happened to her he wouldn't be able to cope. Quickly making his way to the door he heard his next door neighbor call out.

“Staf it's just me” Mrs Williams called out as she opened to door and stuck her head in the door.

“Hey Mrs Williams, what can I do for you?” Staford smiled in relief.

“How many times do I have to tell you, call me Judy. Anyway I just noticed that your washing is still on the line, and with the weather the way it is I thought I should warn you that it might be best to take it in before it rains”.

“Of course, thank you”.

“Your welcome love”.


Dani reentered her apartment to the sound of the shower still running as it was when she ducked out before, probably wasn't a good thing cause of the water restrictions but Noah needed it, he really did smell. She'd had to go out to get Noah some clothes, and a bottle of wine for Staford so he wouldn't suspect anything.

Sighing she placed the bottle on the bench with the bag of cloths next to it and reached for the phone dialing Staford's number into it only to get the answering machine. “Yeah hi Stafy baby it's me, look I'm sorry I'm late but I ran into an old friend in the park and lost track of time so, I'll just go get a bottle of wine and be over there soon ok, bye, love you” she said before hanging up.

“You going somewhere already?” Noah asked as he came out with a towel wrapped around him.

“Um yeah long story, ok there's some clothes and a pair of pajamas in there” she explained handing him the bag, “Now I'll be gone for a few hours, you just make yourself at home ok?”

“Alright” he answered giving her a hug before she walked to the door.

“Oh and if anyone knocks on the door don't answer it, and if your still hungry there's plenty in the fridge”.

“Alright, see you” he called out.

“Yeap bye”.

Please tell me what you think

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Thanks, I'm glad you liked it. Here's the next chapter:

Chapter number 5. In-laws from heaven

Staford opened the back door with one hand as he struggled to hold the washing basket in the other before making his way inside and placing the basket full of clean clothes in the laundry before making his way into the kitchen where he noticed the answering machine light was flashing. Pressing the play button he listened to the message, “Yeah hi Stafy baby it's me, look I'm sorry I'm late but I ran into an old friend in the park and lost track of time so, I'll just go get a bottle of wine and be over there soon ok, bye, love you”.

He sighed in relief as he hit the delete button and returned to the dinning room where he sat back down at the table, at least she was alright.


Noah fell back into the couch in Dani's lounge room, it was good to be back in civilization, and to be clean, while he was trapped in the bush he'd started to forget how good it felt, but then again, he'd forgotten what most things felt like, even feeling anything.

Being out there was like this endless nightmare where you started to wonder if there was any point in living or hurting, and so things shut off, and life was just life, nothing special, noting exciting it was just a blur that he learned to live with every day.

He reached out and grabbed the newspaper that sat on the coffee table, reading the date that was printed across the top; Monday 15th of June 2005. It was then that he realized that what had seemed like over a year, hadn't even been a year, yet when he processed in his mind everything Dani had told him about life since he was gone, it seemed like the world had just moved on without the blink of an eye. When he came out of the bush he knew that things would be different, at the same time he had imagined things still being the same. He'd imagined returning to the palace with Dani, Scott and Hayley, being back with the people he loved and continuing married life with his wife as it had been before.

But now that he thought about it, now that he knew clearly that things had changed, he also knew that after everything that had happened, it was right that he wasn't living the life he had been before the shooting. He'd changed, he'd changed as a person, and he didn't know if he could go back, if he did people probably wouldn't be the same around him, not after they realized the old Noah was gone. At the same time he knew that the people he loved had probably changed too, not just their circumstances, but them within themselves.

His marriage would never be the same, for all he knew Hayley could of moved on, just like he would of wanted her to if he was really dead, he always wanted her to be happy, whether it was with him or someone else.

Sighing he placed the news paper down on the table before reaching for the TV remove and turning on the TV.


“Hey, Staf” Dani called out as she opened the door of Staford's house and came in with her bag under one arm and a bottle of wine in the other.

“Hey come in, I was wondering when you were going to come” he answered happily poking his head around the corner and walking towards her, taking the bottle of wine from her and giving her a kiss that made Dani just wish that she'd stayed home with Noah, not that she let Staford know this, otherwise she probably wouldn't be still engaged to him at this present second, if he knew the way she really felt then some how she knew she would never be welcome here, which as much as she hated to say, she wouldn't be able to live with. Even though she didn't actually love Staford, she knew she couldn't leave him, she'd lose him for good, which was something she didn't want, he was the best friend she had, and he was good for her.

And then there were his parents who she loved, they were the best in-laws she could of ever hoped for, she'd hate for them to not be a part of her life, she needed them, they were like the parents she'd been dreaming for ever since her mum died and her dad got sent to jail earlier that year. She hated remembering that night, her dad had gotten so aggressive with everyone including her mum, he'd hit her a few times, but she kept saying that he'd never really mean to hurt her.

Dani had tried to get her to move out and come stay with her, Staford had even tried too, but by the time she had almost seen sense it was too late. One night after Dani had finished talking to her crying mum on the phone he'd attacked her again, this time killing her.

As far as she was concerned, Rhys wasn't her father anymore, she'd told him what she thought of him, and that was how it had been left. If she ever saw him again she didn't know what she'd do, she just hoped that she'd never live know the answer to that.

Taking her hand Staford lead her through to the dinning room where his parents already were.

“Hello, hello, hello, if it isn't the girl of the hour” Staford's dad Ray greeted her as she came in and sat down.

“Hey” she smiled.

“Lovely to see you again Danielle” Staford's mother Grace smiled sweetly, she was always well mannered and never had anything bad to say about anyone, well not that she had heard anyway, but nether-the-less Dani really like her.

“You too Grace”.

“So” Staford started, “shall we eat?”

“Certainly” Ray answered, “I'll give you a hand with the food” he added before following Staford into the Kitchen. “In case I haven't said it enough already” Ray started when they were behind the bench of the kitchen and out of hearing distance of the girls, “you did well with that one son”. He said, referring to Dani.

“Yeah I did” Staford smiled looking through the entrance of the dining room to where Dani was sitting talking to his mother.

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