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In My Eyes

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It had only been a month since Flynns death, and the discovery of Belle. Ric was still with Cassie and people could tell from a mile away that he wasn't happy. He only had eyes for Belle. From others eyes she was said to look as a stealer and begger who only wanted to get in trouble. Yet, in Ric's eyes, she was a beautiful young teenager who only needed to be loved. This is where our story begins....

Will update soon! =)

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Heres the next part:

Ric always seemed to sleep in since that horrible day when Flynn died. No one seemed to care how he was feeling- that was except for Belle. Once Ric saw her in the bush for the first time, he knew this beauty would change his life forever. Little did he know, Belle was thinking the same thing.

Im going to put it in small parts! Hope you like this next enstallment!

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