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Going for gold, again

Guest Andy

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Going for gold, again

The Courier-Mail

22 April 2006

IT could be a case of third time lucky for glamour girl and TV Week Gold Logie nominee, Ada Nicodemou.

And what better way to shine on the night than in a J'Aton gown from designers Jacob Luppino and Anthony Pittorino.

The Home & Away star will wear J'Aton in what is to be her third bid for gold with nominations in 2001 and 2002.

And while there's stiff competition from Bert Newton, Rove McManus, John Wood, Natalie Bassingthwaighte, Bridie Carter and fellow cast mates and best buddies, Kate Ritchie and Bec Hewitt, she said she wasn't a bit nervous.

"I'm fine about it and not nervous at all," Nicodemou said yesterday.

"But Kate is really nervous.

"I think it's more the prospect of having to get up in front of everybody and speak, but if that's the worst thing about it then really it isn't too bad."

A veteran of at least 10 Logie red carpets, Nicodemou said it was a process getting glitzed and glammed on the day.

"It takes all day," she half groaned and giggled. "It is nice though because even though we are a big cast, we don't necessarily see each other all the time."

Nicodemou, 28, who won last season's Dancing with the Stars final, said J'Aton was her first pick when asked by Seven who she would like. She said a light colour, somewhere between cream or cafe latte, was on the cards in soft silk with a little embellishment in beading or lace.

J'Aton have dressed stars from pop singer Delta Goodrem and former news reader Jennifer Hansen to author Tara Moss.

Co-star and on-screen rival, Holly Brisley, will also wear J'Aton to the Logies after she donned a superb creation recently for her wedding to marketing executive Paul Ford.

"I have so much faith in Jacob and Anthony . . . but it's just a dress at the end of the day, you know," Nicodemou said.

"So I just said to the boys to do whatever, as long as it is comfortable and looks good."

Fiance Chrys Xipolitas will accompany Nicodemou on the night and is ready for the flashbulbs.

"It will be great to see it all through Chrys' eyes, he is so excited and so nervous for me," she said.

"We will just hold hands on the night and go through it together."

Asked what is on the cards for her character, Nicodemou said the fictional town of Summer Bay was about to be rocked.

"Leah will go through a lot of relationship issues," she revealed.

"But we have lovely people here in Summer Bay.

"Even if it has become the disaster capital of Australia."

The Logies will screen on Nine on Sunday, May 7


Latest Odds:

Gold Logie winner:

$2.50 Rove McManus

$3.00 John Wood

$8.00 Ada Nicodemou

$10.00 Bert Newton

$12.00 Bec Hewitt

$13.00 Natalie Bassingthwaite

$15.00 Kate Ritchie

$26.00 Bridie Carter

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Off topic I know but a question for the media insiders. If Seven did not nominate Bec Hewitt for a Logie and is not supporting her and Bec in an interview I saw said her nomination came as a surprise to her, then who nominated her?

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Off topic I know but a question for the media insiders. If Seven did not nominate Bec Hewitt for a Logie and is not supporting her and Bec in an interview I saw said her nomination came as a surprise to her, then who nominated her?

John, as you are probably already know that the Logies nominations are determined by the voting through TV week. According to TV Week they do a marketing survey to see who is popular and the results form the basis of their entry form. Bec would be well known through the media, hence her name appearing on the long list of "nominees" for popular actress.

Who voted for her? Well the readers of Dolly, Women's Weekly etc. One of the main problem with the Logie voting is that you have vote in every category for your vote to count. So for some people it would be a case of ticking a familiar name. That is why the same people seem to win all the time!

As for Bec nomination for the Gold Logie - well I guess a lot of people out there like her.

Personally I am voting for Kate Ritchie, although her chances of winning are very remote as her media profile is not as extensive as the other nominees.

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Thanks Halfpint. I wasn't sure what the process was. I would love to see John Wood win for a sustained, high quality effort over many years in Blue Heelers. Looking at your explanation I don't think that will happen either.

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Seven appear to be pushing Ada more than Kate..or am I imagining this?

No, I agree that Seven is pushing Ada more. Maybe they think Ada has more of a chance and is more popular?. I bet if Kate went on Dancing with the Stars her popularity would rise aswell. I think Kate is fantastic, I can't believe it took her so long to be nominated.

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Certainly do Ryan, presented by Henry Kelly! ;)

I'm hoping Kate will win it, she's really blown me away with all the cancer scenes, but I acknowledge it'll take a steep climb for her to get there, purely because of the profile of others.

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