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I've Got A Secret

Guest Tasha-Kit fan

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Kit Hunter sat alone in her apartment. Her suitcase was propped up against the front door. She was wearing a coat. All of a sudden her mobile phone started ringing. She reached into her pocket and answered.

"Hi im all packed." said Kit.

"Yeah there's been a change of plan. Im not going to go with you. I need to stay here in the City. Ill join you later on." said a voice on the other end.

"I thought you was going to Summer Bay with me." asked Kit.

"It would be better if you settle into your mum's place. Then we can suprise everyone." said the voice on the other end in a happy tone.

"I dont see why you cant come with me." said Kit.

"Dont question me sweetheart. Im staying and thats that. Now enough with the moaning. Its time you returned to Summer Bay." said the voice.

"Sure." said Kit.

"Missing you already honey. See you in Summer Bay." said the voice. Kit then put the phone down. She started dialling.

"Hi who's calling." said a voice.

"Its me mum. Im coming home." said Kit with a grin on her face.

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