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Hi Guys and Gals:

I'm jumping on the band-wagon and starting a Gay Thread for people to talk and introduce themselves if they want, for company, support and guidance. :)

Talk about anything in here (gay preferbly): Things like:

(1) Gay Marraige

(2) Discrimination & Bullying

(3) Gay Adoption

(4) Civil Rights

(5) Your "Coming Out" experiences

(6) Problems and Reactions you received.

(7) Advice and Support

(8) Secret Crushes


(1) Will & Grace

(2) Freddy Murcury

(3) Elton John

(4) David Furnish

(5) Stephen Gately

(6) Will Young

(7) Mark Feeihly (Westlife)

(8) The L Word

(9) Brokeback Mountain

(10) Alex Parks

(11) Brian Dowling (Big Brother)

etc.... and anything else that's "gay!" :wink:

~Irish Fan (Ben)

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I so saw this thread coming!

By the way, I understand this is a thread for all gay/bi/transgender/lesbian/bi-curious/tried it once when I was pissed/etc people so I don't like the use of the word 'homosexuals' in your opening paragraph. Sorry, but hate that word anyway; it sounds so clinical/legal.

(By the way, I'm tempted to monitor this thread to see if Ryan pops his head in! :lol:)

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