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The Morag Bellingham Appreciation Thread

Guest Natasha

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I guess the good thing about her is she's such a rock for people, apart from being their solicitor. That episode when she broke down shocked me a bit because i didn't really think she was capable of falling to pieces. Good though.

I've seen her cry a couple of times before, when her brother had a brain tumour, she cried then.

It's a shame she isn't up for nominations for the Logies.

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I just read this...thought id pick it up. *run*

Id never thought that i would find a Morag appreciation thread...she is the best...ever!!!

Im from the UK,so im a bit behind,but when she broke down after the whos Josh West thing, it made me cry! I just looked up to the character as a strong person, and i was rather shocked.

Hope to god she doesnt go for long...shes amazing! she should be full time, seriously..but people think that shes getting too old for it (which is crap, 65 is not old)

anyway, yeah.... WOOO MORAG!! <3

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I used to not like Morag, especially when she was a judge. But, she grew on me later on. I especially loved the part where she had to drive Colleen home after Colleen's birthday. The look on her face was classic! And, I loved it when she represented Barry. It was really nice of her. Morag may seem really tough but deep down, she's just a softie like everyone else. And, I love that about her. People may think she's a real b**** at first but when you get to know her, she's one heck of an amazing person!

Her sense of humour never ceases to amaze me. I love it whenever she calls Colleen stupid. The way she says it is just so classic. Somehow, Cornelia is just great at playing Morag. I wish they made her permanent!

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