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Hunks and babes of Summer Bay

Guest home & away fan thomas

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Who do you think you are!? :angry:

Stop posting all these topics that have been discussed already!

Read the rules or get lost! :angry:

Good advice Ben, but remember to play nice! 'Thomas' has been sent a PM regarding the rules.

It looks like the existing threads on this topic disappeared when the board was offline, so I'll leave this thread open. There are several polls on the subject in the What Do You Think..? Forum.

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i will not get lost

i have been a H&A fan for years and will not be intimidated by you!!!

Everyone stop intimidating the newbies!,but Newbies a word of advice, you should really check if there is a similar topic, awww, your so cute :)

who is the sexiest hunk?

who is the sexiest babe?

The sexiest Hunk is Noah or Kim, and of course not forgetting the one and oly sexy pete :P

The sexiest babe is Dani and kirsty :)

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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