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Beau Brady

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Hi everyone,

Well since i won't be on here for a while i've decided to have a little fun.I'll start this and see how it went when i come back[the search button people :D ].

Basically i love Beau,i think he's awesome and deserves more recognition then he gets.He's more then Bec's ex.He handled the situation well,maintaining his dignity.

He brought the character of Noah Lawson to life and did a damn fine job i might add.

He may not be doing much at the moment but at least he's trying and not a dole bludger or whatever you want to call them,so he's still cool even though we've not heard much lately hopefully that'll change.

Oh did i mention he's a total spunk!

So there's my opinion,talk people! :)

Just don't be to mean,i'll be back to haunt you sooner or later :P .

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I loved Beau, he played the role of Noah very well he brought air of difference in the way Noah looked at life in which is why i think alot of us liked/and loved the charecter, he was good and solid, his relationship with Hayley was full of chemistry and spark. as Hayley ca said she cried at his funeral even so did i shed a few tears, Dan cannot fill Noahs shoes by any means by far.

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