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Previews & Reviews of the 2006 Season

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The Age

12 January 2006

Home and Away, Channel Seven, 7pm

As if it was only poltergeists that the folk of Summer Bay had to deal with in the, gulp, 4101st episode of the soap that began back in the bicentenary year. (True confession: I remember that first episode well. Unemployment, soaps and beer went very well together.)

It never rains but it pours, literally, in this instalment as Kim (Chris Hemsworth) drops into a coma, Amanda (Holly Brisley) says I do, and Flynn (Joel McIlroy) wants to say goodbye. And the pouring rain is turning into a mini cyclone. But at least it allows Alf (Ray Meagher) to get all serious in his Drizabone.

Welcome back. It seems like you've hardly been away.

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Sunday Telegraph

15 January 2005



What is going on in Summer Bay? Tasha (Isabel Lucas) runs away to join a cult after cheating on Robbie (Jason Smith), evil vixen Amanda (Holly Brisley) finally marries her wrinkly old man, Kim (Chris Hemsworth) collapses after a drug overdose and cancer sufferer Dr Flynn Saunders (Joel McIlroy ) has lost the will to live - all during a cyclone.

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on the weeks best article its got 15th january 2005 should that be january 2006.



TV previews

The Sydney Morning Herald

16 January 2006


Home and Away

Seven, 7pm

Does Channel Seven's drama department have a crystal ball? If it were not unsettling enough that it introduced a plane crash on an deserted island a year before Lost premiered with the same plot, now it has a cyclone hitting Summer Bay while newspaper headlines are dominated by a real cyclone threatening Western Australia.

It's little more than curious coincidence, but the topicality of the storyline will undoubtedly give this venerable, but still very young-looking, drama a strong kick-off for 2006.

As the storm rages outside, the real action takes place indoors - Flynn (Joel McIlroy) and Sally (Kate Ritchie) clash over his decision to walk away from cancer treatment, and Kim (Chris Hemsworth) fights for his life in hospital.

As you might expect, the cyclone strikes at a dramatically opportune moment, making for the sort of overwrought, taut finale that gives Home and Away the edge over its rivals.

Sharp as a tack, and not too bad on the eye.

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20 January 2006

Home and Away

(Channel 7, 7pm)

POOR Leah (Ada Nicodemou). So far this week she has survived the great Summer Bay cyclone of 05/06, then dastardly Dudley (Terry Serio) took her hostage. Now Peter (Simon Baker lookalike Nicholas Bishop) has arrived and finds himself in the middle of the estranged Leah and Dan (Darren Hayes lookalike Tim Campbell).

Watch for: bad girl Amanda (Holly Brisley) starting an acting school. This is the most ironic Summer Bay storyline yet.

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