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  1. the sentinel..... I liked it.... It was good....Just good. DOA..... enjoyed it alot...mainly because it didn't take much to watch it....no brain required...the eye candy was good also
  2. i watched silent hill this moring. Not a bad film. Not very Scary. I watched United 93 last night. That was a very emotional film...wlel the last part was anyway...
  3. i love that one ^^^ I thought it was hilarious. Have you seen all the movies it makes fun of?
  4. ^^I heard that it was good, really creepy and gross. My friends exact quote was: "It was really yuck, creepy, gross, scary, disgusting, yuck but it was good" Anyway Watched Spaceballs Last night.
  5. American Pie: The Wedding and Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers.
  6. The Only Difference Between Martyrdom & Suicide Is Press Coverage- Panic! at the disco. I don't mind the band, don't really fancy them either.
  7. American Pie 2. Best one outta the four i think.
  8. When a stranger calls... Its not bad the second time, still not very scary and very low action/thriller levels.
  9. same! I'm doing maths atm.. Instantaneous rates... They are so much fun! ..Not After that i have to plan my essay for tomorrow, I'm gonna have a good night tonight!
  10. Im doing maths... SO im very bored. I'm going to the movies later so that should be fun!
  11. where'd you go? = Fort Minor Feat Holly Brook & Jonah Matranga
  12. wish i had an angel - nightwish
  13. Fantastic fout on DVD. Seen the movie many times. It's not bad, but it was purely made for the sequel.
  14. 24 - Jem.... Its such a cool song
  15. yeah, not to bad. I'm doing some english homework at the moment. god its fun. Put your hand up if you like Macbeth
  16. im here.... How are you drew?
  17. Last Holiday with Queen Latifah. Very entertaining movie.
  18. i hated the omen. It was really boring and not scary at alll (my opinion). I'm still waiting for a decent horror/thriller movie to come into the shops. Anyway the last movie i watched would have been 'Derailed' again last night.
  19. Hide and Seek, with robert deniro and dakota fanning.
  20. DeRailed - Very good. Loved the ending.
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