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  1. broken, Amy Lee Feat Seether
  2. Not Me, Not I: Delta Goodrem
  3. Slipped Away, Avril Lavigne
  4. OMG^^^ I had to dance to that today!! Lol its a sign!. Anyway Im listening to Gone by Kelly Clarkson.
  5. hey people, whats everyone doin?
  6. Colleen looks like shes having a heart attack.
  7. ^^ great song far Away: Nickelback
  8. Slipped Away, Avril Lavigne.
  9. how does it feel, lol. Im here, not for long
  10. Because of You.. Kelly Clarkson
  11. took me a while as well to realise there was a spoiler section as well, and then i found out about it, i couldnt find it, and there it was on the front!
  12. believe me... it was ...
  13. Yeh, im not to bad at maths, Im not the greatest but i can do it. At the moment we just finished long division of polynomials- easy!. I love english! but i don't like history, i had to do an assay yesterday for history...."How successful were lenin and Stalin in creating a new society for Russia?... Gee that sucked..
  14. Fun! lol I have sooo much homework to do.... Im gettin it done slowly... Anyone know any sites with information on Linux and UNIX?
  15. ^^ Thats true... Ive seen all the movies it spoofs and i got them and it was funnier because of them, but still it was an average movie.
  16. A girl i work wit... Its a suprise baby shower... gonna be so much fun
  17. Fun Fun... Im going to a baby shower!
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