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  1. im doing maths Damn school.... It actually hasnt been that bad
  2. Robin Williams - Comedy is Fun.... hahahahahahah such a funny guy
  3. We're coming home- Rogue Traders
  4. ok... well i need to do the homework before i go back to school
  5. ahhhhh my homeworks driving me crazy!
  6. ah k lol good luck with that!
  7. lol drew... just something to pass the time.... If you are that bored, you could help with my homework??
  8. ^^^ But then i hav UNI, so that sucks
  9. im not 18 sadly I wish i was so i could skip this homework!!
  10. i have to go to school tomorrow. Im tryin to get all the holiday homework i was suppose to have done, now
  11. not the stupid war still how is everyone?
  12. this is pointless... it really is
  13. i almost had a heart attack! lol
  14. whirlpool of love- john powell
  15. jackson- joaquin pheonix & reese witherspoon.
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