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Star helps actors keep problems at bay

Guest Andy

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Star helps actors keep problems at bay

Sydney MX

20 December 2005


There will be more than a few admirers in Nicholas Bishop's acting class this summer.

While not policing Summer Bay, the Home and Away spunk will teach screen acting at NIDA's Open Course.

Bishop said the course was designed to teach actors how to get out of sticky situations.

"For example, on Home and Away they may say we want to do this scene in another order," he said.

"You don't have to panic if you have a solid method."

His acting on location course will take participants "out and about shooting amongst it".

The summer program starts on January 2.

For more information visit www.nida.edu.au

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You saw it in a newspaper and didnt go???!!! Oh man Im so moving to OZ!


Well, I didn't want to act and I didn't want to make a fool of myself! Plus, I'd been overseas, missed a lot of the show and only vaguely knew who Peter Baker was! I saw the newspaper and said, "I think that's the guy from Home and Away"!!

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