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Happy 3rd Birthday BTTB!

Guest NuttyNeighbour

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Can you believe it, BTTB has now been around (in one form or another) for three years! (Coincidentally, today also marks my second anniversary on the board!)

I think we should all chip in and buy a giant imaginary cake celebrating three years of soap discussion, spoilers and articles.

Despite the odd tiffs, this is a really great community thanks to all the dedicated regulars and former regulars (you know who you are!) - so thanks, and a big hello to anyone just joining - welcome aboard!

A big shout out to the rest of the Admin, Mods, Contributors, Staff Members and Summarisers - past and present - for all the hard work. Here goes...

Thank you Dan Foster, Ryan Wilson, Valk, Claire, Lisa Pryke, Theresa, Darren Rowe, Ridha, JosieTash, 'Cheeky Claire' Quinlan, Emily Redman, Andrea, F'Eck, Gemma Burnstead, qwarthus, Silverhawk....

...... and of course Chris Jenkins and Jeremai Smith, without whom none of this would have existed!

Happy Birthday Back to the Bay / Everysoap / AussieSoap / AussieForum / RamsaySt.net!!!!!!!

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Like Alex I'd also like to give a big thanks to all those who have helped out on the site over the years - it's an honour to be working on what must be the biggest and most popular H&A site on the net!

Thanks also to all the members who have stuck with us all this time!

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I was wondering the same thing! I often wonder how Jeremai, Rachel and little Jacob are getting along! Were they not also expecting another baby? Or did I imagine that...

Anyways back on topic! I'm surprised Chris hasn't made some sort of special banner! Though it seems Alex was the only person who realised what day it was! :lol: Now it's practically over!

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Happy 3rd Birthday!!! :)

I haven't been here all that long (couple of months) but i have come to the conclusion that BTTB is easily one of the best forums on the web!!

And with out all of you guys it wouldn't be so congratulations and here's to many more birthdays!!! :D

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