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Tammin's UK Single Release Postponed

Guest Dan F

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While Tammin's UK fans had been gearing up for a new release, due to events beyond anyone's control 'Pointless Relationship' will no longer be released in the UK on September 19. Although it's disappointing news for fans, you'll be pleased to hear that it is due to a huge career break for Tammin!

Currently based in the UK, there's been some great news just in that Tammin has been contracted to appear in an big international movie.

Unfortunately for fans, filming of the movie has been brought forward, causing a clash with the UK release of the single 'Pointless Relationship' on September 19. This means that Tammin is required to take part in filming earlier than planned and 'Pointlesss Relationship' will not be released in the UK now.

However, it's not all bad news for the UK - a brand new single from Tammin will be coming your way in the New Year and it'll be more than worth the wait! And with the new film due out for international release in 2006, next year truly looks set to be Tammin's year.

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All that promoting she's been doing on radio and magazines - and all the people that have been volunteering to promote her single was all a waste of time really!

I wonder what they're going to do about that competition to have lunch with her now that she's off filming - I bet there'll be a lot of disappointed fans if that has been cancelled.

Anyways despite that I'm glad to hear she seems to have got a big break - I can't keep up with whether she wants to concentrate on singing or acting though! :P

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I can't keep up with whether she wants to concentrate on singing or acting though!  :P


:lol: It is quite confusing

But I must say I'm glad they choose to go for the "big" movie. I have always loved Tammin's acting! Although I do wonder what they mean with a big international movie.. There are people who use the term "Big" quite easily :huh:

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As someone who said Kylie should concentrate on acting rather than music, I guess I'm not the best person to judge, but I still think that unless you have a remarkable career like Kylie, a career in acting is longer-lasting than a career in music. Therefore I don't blame Tammin for postponing her music career if a serious acting role has presented itself.

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I like Tammin. Her music isn't really the kind I listen to, but as pop goes I think it's quality stuff.

And you can still download the tracks from the postponed single at iTunes. You know, if paying for stuff is your thing.

Oh, and Dan F... nice avatar. It makes me smile.

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