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My Ric and Matilda Fan Fiction

Guest dncllpyk

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Here is my Ric and Matilda fan fiction.

Chapter 1

Matilda Hunter awoke. After the best dream she ever had why did her alarm clock have to ruin it just when Ric was about to kiss her? Ric she had been dreaming about him for months her best friend but that’s all she ever be to him is a friend. He was in love with Cassie. Cassie was Matilda’s other best friend but she couldn’t help but be envious of her she had what Matilda would never have. Well at least she used to before they broke up over the fact that Ric thought Cassie was cheating on him and instead of asking her straight out he went and tried to find out things on his own. Matilda considered going back to sleep until she heard her mother yell through the door

“Matilda Hunter if you want a hot breakfast I suggest you come out of your room in the next five minutes†said Beth

Matilda sighed and got out of bed

“Coming mum†she said she opened her bedroom door and walked into the lounge room and then to the kitchen table

“Here honey Eggs Benedict your favourite†said Beth

“Is it made with free range eggs?†asked Matilda

“Yes don’t worry honey†said Beth handing Matilda the plate. Matilda took the plate and sat she poured herself a glass of orange juice. She stared at the Eggs Benedict

“Wheres Scott mum†asked Matilda

“He left early†said Beth

“Oh†said Matilda it was no secret to anyone that Scott hadn’t been his usual cheerful self since the break up with Hayley and now that she was back with Kim made things much worse for Scott. Matilda sighed maybe her and her family were set for bad luck when it came to affairs of the heart after all. Rhys and her mother hadn’t worked out. She was always falling for the wrong guys Kim, Diesel, and Callan then there was Ric who seemed so right in everyway if only he felt the same way about her as she felt about him.

“Matilda you’ve hardly touched you breakfast†said Beth

“I’m not very hungry†said Matilda

“All right spit it out whats wrong?†asked Beth

“I’m not hungry since when is that a crime? Snapped Matilda

“That’s enough young lady†said Beth “and I’m sick of your attitudeâ€

“Well I’m sick you always pestering me†said Matilda “As if you’d understand whats going on anywayâ€

“Oh†said Beth “Of course I don’t remember how it feels to be fifteenâ€

“I’m going for a shower†said Matilda stomping for the bathroom.

Beth sighed she wished that she knew what was going on with her teenage daughter!

Ric came downstairs for breakfast

“I’m just finishing up†said Cassie

“Its fine I will wait†said Ric

“I wish the two of you could go back to the way you were†said Sally

“No way†said Ric and Cassie at the same time

Ric didn’t want to get back with Cassie not ever. It was more than that he couldn’t trust her. His feelings had changed for her now. He secretly was in love with Matilda but he couldn't tell anyone that Matilda just saw him as a friend besides she was his ex’s best friend.

“I’m meeting Katie at the Diner†said Cassie and she left

Ric put a piece of bread in the toaster when it finished toasting he took it out and put some jam on it and sat at the table

“So what are you planning to do today Ric its Saturday after all†said Sally

“I don’t know Sal†said Ric “Might just stick around here

“On a perfectly good day?†said Sally

“Well yeah†said Ric

“Well then can you help me hang the washing then after you have finished your breakfast?†said Sally

“Yeah sure Sal†said Ric

Ric ate his breakfast and then helped Sally do the dishes

“Ric?†said Sally

“Yeah Sal†said Ric

“I hope you’re not going to stay around the house all day its such a nice day†said Sally.

“I haven't made any plans†said Ric

“Well Leah and I are taking Pippa and VJ to Yabbie Creek†said Sally “Do you want to come?â€

“No thanks Sal†said Ric

“Okay if your sure said†Sally

Five minutes later Sally and Ric were outside hanging out the washing

“Ric†said Sally “I know your break up was hard with Cassie but could you please at least try to get along with her?â€

“I will try but I don’t know about Cass†said Ric

“Its just Flynn and I hate seeing you and Cass so sad†said Sally “and I’m sure Matilda would like to hang out with the both of you together againâ€

“We have tried Sal honestly we have tried†said Ric.

“Okay never mind then†said Sally

When they finished hanging out the washing Ric decided to go for a walk to clear his head. All he ever thought about these days was Matildaâ€

“I’m going for a walk mum†said Matilda

“Matilda wait†said Beth

“What now?†asked Matilda

“You behaviour this morning was unacceptable I wish you’d tell me whats bothering youâ€

“Nothings bothering me besides from the fact that you won’t leave me alone†said Matilda

“If you keep this up your grounded young lady†said Beth

“I just need some time alone†said Matilda “I will be back in about an hourâ€

Beth watched her youngest daughter leave the house she just wished that she would tell her what was bothering her.

Next chapter Ric and Matilda bump into eachother during their walks

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I so agree...

I am dying for the next installment and I genuinely and sincerely hope that someone from Home & Away reads this and all the other pro Ric and Maddy posts and takes a hint and puts it into the plot. Although I think the whole Kane & Kirsty reference is now kind of late because Ric is now a pretty good guy. And although I like Cassie she is not meant to be with Ric.

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Chapter 2

Matilda had been walking for about five minutes when she reached the beach. It was early and there weren’t that many people out. She saw a couple running, and a young family having a breakfast picnic but they weren’t paying an attention to her and didn’t even notice that she was there. She walked further along the beach and she saw Emma approaching her.

“Hi Mattie†said Emma

“Yeah hi†said Matilda

“Can’t talk long†said Emma “I’m meeting Wazza the diner for brunch†said Emma

“Okay I will see you at school†said Matilda

“Okay bye Mattie†said Emma

The last thing Matilda wanted was another reminder that she was the only one of her friends without a guy. Well Cassie had a guy but it wouldn’t be long before she’d be back with Ric again and Matilda would have to pretend to be happy for them even deep down she’d be miserable watching the guy she loved with her best friend.

Ric was walking along the beach at the exact moment he had no idea that he’d be bumping into Matilda very soon. People were starting to come onto the beach. He saw a young couple they looked so happy in love seeing them immediately made him think of Matilda. Why did he have to be in love with his ex’s best friend? He saw Wazza approaching him.

“Hey mate†said Wazza running up to him

“Yeah hi mate†said Ric “just out for a morning strollâ€

“Can’t talk long†said Wazza “I’m meeting Emma at the dinerâ€

“Okay†said Ric “I’ll see you in schoolâ€

“Yeah bye mate†said Wazza.

“Great†thought Ric he wished that Wazza didn’t have a girlfriend he always seemed to gloat about it when they were together as if Emma was some prize he won in a competition he knew he’d never treat Matilda that way or any other girl. He wished Matilda felt the same way he did.

Matilda and Ric didn’t realise that they were about to bump into eachother. Matilda was walking towards Ric she was looking down at the sand and she looked up and saw him

“This is all I need†thought Matilda

Ric was thinking the same thing. How could he face Matilda now but he didn’t want to run away because then she’d know that something was up.

“Hey Mattie†he said

“Hey Ric†said Matilda she tried not to sound happy that was to see him

“Nice morning isn’t it?†said Ric

“Yeah†said Matilda even though she was in a bad mood she wouldn’t take it out on Ric..

“Hows Cassie?†asked Matilda

“She's fine†said Ric “Can we not talk about her please Mattie?â€

Electricity run up her spine at the sound of Ric calling her Mattie

“Okay†said Matilda “I saw Emma earlier she was meeting Wazza the Dinerâ€

“Yeah I saw Wazza†said Ric

Matilda sat down on the sand Ric sat down next to her. People walking by thought that they were a couple.

“So†said Matilda “Why are out taking a walk this morning?â€

“Sal says she doesn’t want me hanging around the house all day†said Ric

“Oh†said Matilda

“What about you?†asked Ric “Why are out for a walk?â€

“Just needed to get out of the house†said Matilda

“Cool†said Ric

“Want to go grab a drink at the Diner?†said Matilda

“Sure†said Ric

They got up and headed for the Diner.

The Diner was a bit busy. The last of the breakfast customers were finishing there breakfast. Ric and Matilda sat down it a booth. Colleen came over and took there order

“So what will it be?†she asked

“I’ll have a chocolate milkshake please†said Matilda

“I’ll have an unsweetened orange juice†said Ric

Colleen scribbled down the order and scurried into the kitchen.

Alf and Leah were in there Leah was cooking the last of the breakfast orders.

“Alf your grandson should be ashamed of himself going around with Matilda Hunter when poor Cassie is at homeâ€

“What are you on about now woman?†asked Alf he had a bad nights sleep and he wasn’t in the mood for Colleen’s bantering

“Ric is out there with Matilda†said Colleen

“Oh Colleen they are only fifteen†said Leah

“Well think of how poor Cassie feels†said Colleen

“Colleen takes these to table two†said Leah handing Colleen to plates of bacon & eggs.

Matilda and Ric got their drinks five minutes later. Matilda sipped hers.

“Tastes great†said Matilda

“What are doing for the rest of today?†asked Ric

“I thought I just might go home†said Matilda

“Yeah me too†said Ric

“Hows Sally & Flynn?†asked Matilda

“They’re fine†said Ric

“Cool†said Matilda

“How is your family?†asked Ric

“Well†said Matilda “Mums being bugging me, we hardly see Robbie anymore since her and Tasha moved out and Scott is still moping over Hayley even though he wants people to think his totally over herâ€

“Oh†said Ric It seemed the opposite with him people though he wasn’t over Cassie when he really was they just thought that he wasn’t letting on

“So have you heard from Henry?†asked Ric

“Yeah†said Matilda “A couple of days ago his happy to be back at boarding school againâ€

“Do you miss him?†asked Ric

“Yeah†said Matilda “As annoying as he was when he was hear I miss him heapsâ€

“Do you wish you were back at boarding school too?†asked Ric

“No†said Matilda “not really I’ve grown to like Summer Bay†in the back of her mind she thought that if she went back to boarding school she’d miss Ric too much but she wasn’t about to admit thatâ€

“Cool†said Ric

Matilda had just finished her shake and looked at her watch

“I have to go†she said

“Yeah me too†said Ric they got up and when and paid for their drinks and went their separate ways.

Next chapter Matilda talks to Scott about her feelings for Ric and Ric talks about his feelings for Matilda to Sally

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