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Filling Bec's shoes

Guest Becstar

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Filling Bec's shoes

From Sydney Confidential

June 01, 2005


WHILE Bec Cartwright and fiance Lleyton Hewitt this week made preparations for their impending wedding and the birth of their first child, TV producers were busily auditioning replacements for her Home and Away character.

Confidential was given a peek at several possible replacements, a final bunch whittled down from about 100 hopefuls.

Cartwright shoots her final scenes in two weeks, after more than six years.

Home and Away series producer Julie McGauran says Cartwright will be difficult to replace.

"She's honest, there's a warmth about her," she told Confidential yesterday.

The eight young actors who auditioned at a Darlinghurst casting studio on Monday all exhibited similar qualities, McGauran said, adding: "We need to make sure that this new person has a chemistry with both the guys in the love triangle."

The actors who form that triangle with Hayley's character, Kip Gamblin (Scott) and Chris Hemsworth (Kim) were on hand to gauge that chemistry.

One of the young hopefuls at the audition, 21-year-old Jemima Fallows, said the role would be challenging for any actor because of the familiarity audiences have with Cartwright.

"It's going to be hard for whoever gets it ... you're stepping into someone else's character," Fallows said.

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Ania Stepien

Age: 21

From: Wattle Grove

Experience: Starred in TV series Cybergirl in 2001, studying politics at uni.

"They're hot" of character Hayley's two love interests on the show.

Jessica Smith

Age: 18

From: Penrith

Experience: An actor since age six, has worked as an extra on Home and Away

"The audition was a bit nerve-wracking, but it was exciting... I had fun with it, it was a really good experience."

Jemima Fallows

Age: 21

From: Manly

Experience: Featured in STC production School For Scandal, was Abbie Cornish's stand-in on recent film Candy.

"I guess I am a big Home and Away fan, I can't deny it."

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I can't really imagine any of them as Haley


Me neither, I hope they find some better ones! But maybe it will be impossible to imagine anyone as Hayley after so long. I think the one on the right looks too old. The other two are ok but not perfect.

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