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Filling Bec's shoes

Guest Becstar

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"Wow Hayley, that new hair style really changes the shape of your face wonderfully!"

LOL. The memory of the new flynn pops into my mind!

"Oh my god love what have you done to your hair!" or something like that came from Irene.

I was like Irene dear its a new bloke pretending to be flynn (he's an imposter!) LOL.

I think thats gonna be the same with the new hayley - i'll accept her eventually - like Flynn but it just won't be the same Bec has been Hayley since 1998! Way before i started watching HAA.

I just hope casting directors choose a 21 year old (who looks that age) and someone who looks like Bec - her double perhaps! I'm asking too much aren't i? LOL. :P

Doubles do exist though, i shout out to someone i thought was my dad and it turned out not to be him BUT he looked remarkable similar - very in fact! It was a bit of shock! That's proof doubles are out there in my opinion!

C ya nicola -x-

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Soap brings out the bubbly blondes

The Advertiser

2 June 2005

THESE are some of the hopefuls keen to step into the surfie thongs (the shoes, not the bikinis) departed by pregnant soap star Bec Cartwright.

Cartwright, who is believed to be about 16 weeks' pregnant, is leaving Channel 7's Home and Away this month and is expected to walk down the aisle with her beau, Lleyton Hewitt, in July (who, by the way, should be making his cameo appearance on the show next Thursday).

Blonde trio Jemima Fallows, Ania Stepier and Jessica Smith are among those who have auditioned for Cartwright's role of "Hayley". Speaking of replacements, Channel 10 reality show Big Brother has had to replace lying housemates Constance and Nelson (who told the producers they were single, when they weren't).

Taking their places last night were bombshells Vesna, 28, a Melbourne hairdresser, and Rachael, 21, a Sydney promotional model. Both are single - or so they say.

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Here's LUCK

Daily Telegraph

2 June 2005


Six others who could take over from Bec Cartwright on Home and Away:

1.Bronwyn Bishop, she's blonde and from the northern beaches

2.Humphrey B. Bear, he's got a less annoying voice

3.Kim Clijsters, to keep the Lleyton connection happening

4. Pooky Bear, after being shamed from greyhound racing

5.Nikki Webster, she'll do anything to get attention

6.Big Brother's Christie. Hang on, that's too much of an insult

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