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Tammin defends boob-job rumours

Guest Andy

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Tammin defends boob-job rumours

The Advertiser

19 May 2005

SHE had everyone talking at the Logies about that dress and the way she filled it out. So, the question is - did she go under the knife?

Not according to actress-turned-popstar Tammin Sursok (who, by the way, just goes under the name of "Tammin" these days, a la Kylie and Madonna).

"I hit puberty," says Tammin, who dates video director Michael Spiccia. "I just grew up. I was 15 on the show (Home and Away). I'm now 21."

It was the last waltz down the Logies red carpet for Tammin, who now has her sights set on the music world and will release her debut album, Whatever Will Be, on Sunday.

Production heavyweights include The Location Crew (Christina Aguilera) and A-Side Productions (Britney Spears, Ashlee Simpson) - which might explain the mention of American car S.U.V. in the chorus of hit Pointless Relationship.

"It just rhymed with `will they ever agree'," says Tammin, who drives an Audi.

"We thought it was going to be a bit more talked about (an issue), but not many people have commented."

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Puberty hits at approx. between 5 .5 and 6 stones in weight in girls...don't ask what that is in kilogrammes!! :) ...the reason children are hitting puberty earlier is because they are heavier younger due to being both taller and fatter. Some obese kids are hitting puberty as young as 8 or 9 now!!! It is also the reason why some girls lose their ability to menstruate if they diet excessively due to eg, eating disorders , because they fall below the necessary weight which triggers menstruation.

My daughters are both small and skinny aged 11 and 12 and haven't reached puberty , they are among the smallest in their year groups at school ...but some of their friends have begun to develop!!!

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Tammin's grown up and out

Herald-Sun/Daily Telegraph

20 May 2005

THERE'S been quite a bit of talk since Tammin Sursok rocked up to the Logies in THAT dress with THOSE breasts. Infact a fair bit of talk on Logies night centred upon the way Tammin was filling out her frock: had she gone under the knife?

But the ex-Home and Away star has denied rumours of surgical enhancement. She reckons it's all got to do with growing older.

"I hit puberty," she said. "I just grew up. I was 15 on the show. I'm now 21."

Hmm, not sure she was 15 last year when she was still on the show, but never mind, you get the point.

Given her music career is now her main focus, we may not be seeing her on another Logies red, or as was the case this year, white, carpet for a while -- her debut album will be released on Sunday.

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Tammin seems to have dug herself into a hole with that comment.

She's either suggesting that she has just hit puberty at 20 between the time she was on the show and the time she was seen at the Logies, or she is suggesting she hit puberty at 15, but her breasts decided to develop again just after she left the show.

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