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  1. Wanda, It's great to see you back. How is Danusia getting on with her gymnastics? And is there any chance of you reprising Selfless Love? I loved that fic and I still remember you didn't finish it!

  2. Loving your work J.T and Belgshep....I might even be inspired to write some more myself!
  3. Ca't wait for the next chapter but awwww so sad that it's nearly ended !
  4. LOVING this story ...only part is that it's nearly finished!!
  5. Glad our mad ramblings could cheer you up!!
  6. Aaawww...what a beautiful and sad chapter ! Lovely writing,nearly had me in tears!
  7. OMG ...haven't seen these chapters in soooo long ... Mad Max and Colleen have made a return to the Bay ,your mass protest worked ILM ....see if you can do the same for the fuel charges hahaha!!! I might bring a few more oldies back it might just be me but they had more ''character'' than the current crop of newbies and so taking the pee out of them was more fun!!!
  8. Hahaha!! Never mind ...his loss !! So glad you are liking it anyway ...I think JT and I must be mad sometimes , but maybe that helps!!
  9. Awww thanks for all the lovely compliments ...we really enjoy writing these mad little stories ... it makes up for some of the other rather nasty posts I have received recently on the Aussie episode message booard telling me I have no imagination!!!
  10. As the co-author of Twisted tales ...the Classic ...the Lost...and the Re-born I have no probs with it being dug up again!! Next chapter will follow soon.
  11. Great chapter ...loving the intrigue and Scotty P is brilliant!!
  12. Loving your work Di and JT ......next chapter up later today...gotta fetch D from London first!
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