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Birthday Surprise

Guest Theresa

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I had this over at kk.com but thought it would be good here. The 2nd chaper isnt wrote atm but will soon! Reviews on this chapter would be nice! :)


Title: Birthday Surprise

Rating: 12-15

Summary: Kane got a really nice present for kirsty for her 18th birthday but he can?t find it. Will he?.

It was November 2004 and it was one day before Kirsty was going to be 18.

Kane and Kirsty were both asleep in bed in a hotel called the ?Ashley hotel? The hotel was in the city. They were there because it was part of Kirsty?s 18th birthday present.

Kane really wanted to show Kirsty how much she meant to him.

Kane woke up and was lying up in the bed. Kirsty was fast asleep and he started to stroke Kirsty?s head very softly. He was saying things in his head about her ? How can someone so quiet be kind. Kirsty, your everything to me. If you went i really don?t know what i would do.? He said this so quietly she didn?t hear him. He was still stroking her head and she started to wake up. She smiled at kane.

? Babe, what you doing?? Said Kirsty.

? I was just thinking how lovely it?s going to be tomorrow and what i have planned.? Said kane.

? Kirsty rose and kanes head went behind her back now, so he was hugging her alittlle bit.

? What is it? Please tell me. I really want to know.? Said Kirsty.

They both grinned at each other and stroked each other?s faces and kissed.

? You know I can?t tell you babe as then it wouldn?t be a surprise. ? Said kane.

Kirsty kisses him again on his soft lips and said to him innocently begging ?Pretty please babe.? Said Kirsty.

Kane stroked his hand on her face again and said ? your so cute when you start begging hee hee.? Said kane. Kane laughed a little.

? Its not funny babe.? Said Kirsty. She gringed alittle with him as well.

? It is babe.? Said kane. Then kane leaned in for a kiss on her lips and they shared a kiss.


They kissed for a few minutes and they leaned back from the kiss and hugged.

? I love you babe.? Said Kirsty and kane both together.

They leaned back from the kiss and at the same time both went in for another kiss.

Then they both looked at the time and kane said ?You looked at the time Kirst?, its 11am and your supposed you be somewhere now.?

? No im not. I?d rather stay here, wouldnt you.? Said kirsty. She giggled while she said this.

? You know how much i would want it to stay like this, but I?ve got to go because I?ve got to sort something out. Said kane.

Kirsty got changed into her clothes and went off.

? I?ll miss you.? Said Kirsty.

? I?ll miss you more.? Said kane.


Kane was left in the room and he was going to have to sort out Kirsty?s present.

He went underneath their bed into his bag and got a box out which was Kirsty?s present.

? I really hope she likes this.? Kane said this to himself.

Kane opned the box to check it was all okay and it was a gold ring saying ?Kirsty! I love you forever and forever? Also an necklace saying ?Your my angel forver?.

Kane really liked this as it cost him like $2,000. He knew it was right because it was kirsty?s 18th birthday and it was special. The other bit of her birthday surprise would start tonight with a candle light at dinner and telling her how much she means to him.

He put the box away and back under his bed. The candle light dinner was ready in the kitchen.


It had been a fair few hours now and it was getting on until 7pm now. Kirsty and Kane were on the bed again.

She had been back for about two or three hours now. They were just talking how their lives were so great now as they were not in summerbay and it was just the two of them.

? Kirst babe, you ready for the first bit of your surprise.? Said Kane.

? Yeah yeah. Of course im ready babe.? Kirsty kissed kane on the cheek and got all exited.

Kane got off the bed and got kirsty?s hand and draged her off the bed. He kissed her on the lips and said ?Turn around.?

? Why?? said kirsty. She laughed saying that.

? Just do it babe.? Said kane.

She turned around and he put his hands over her eyes. He walked her to the kicten. He opened the door and said ? Don?t open your eyes.

?Open your eyes.?


She opened her eyes and she was amazed. ? Awwwwwww, kane is sooo sweet of you. Come here please. ? said Kirsty.

He came to her and she gave him a full on snog.


To be counited.

Next chapter will be either Thursday or Friday!

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:) I'm in kk heaven,Mills and Boon don't have a patch on you hun.I hope This gonna be a very mushy lovey dovey Fan fic,yeah you have started with a fantastic first Chapter Tes. :wub::D
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