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The Australian

5 May 2005


Home and Away

The revelation of the Summer Bay stalker, who has been plaguing the trouble-prone beach hamlet for months, was watched by 1.76 million, the best figures for the teen-oriented soapie since OzTAM took over recording ratings in 2001.

For those who care, good girl Zoe McAllister's split personality created a psycho lesbian double called Eve, and she has been the one wreaking havoc.

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15 June 2005

Typecast as killers

from Andrew, Carnegie

AFTER the cries of outrage over the recent lesbian story on Neighbours, I was amazed and pleased that no one cried foul when Home and Away and The O.C. had homosexual story lines, though it is disappointing that only portrayals of homosexuals as crazed killers seem to be accepted.

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