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Hottest On TV rankings

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Home and Away has ranked very highly in the looks stakes - having more than half of their cast rank in the Hottest on TV May Top 50.


Name/This Month/Last Month

Chris Hemsworth/#3/#2

Jason Smith/#4/#3

Mark Furze/#5/#4

Kip Gamblin/#33/#26

Nicholas Bishop/#38/#37

Ben Unwin/#39/#32

Tim Campbell/#40/#49

Tobi Atkins/#46/#45


Name/This Month/Last Month

Bec Cartwright/#1/#3

Isabel Lucas/#2/#1

Laurie Foell/#3/#11

Ada Nicodemou/#5/#5

Indiana Evans/#13/#16

Sharni Vinson/#17/not ranked

Kate Ritchie/#37/#23

Christie Hayes/#49/#35


Quite an impressive effort....

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September 2005 Rankings


Seven again dominated the top of the rankings in both genders. Among the ladies, 8 of the Top 10 rankings were filled by stars of either of Seven shows Blue Heelers, Home and Away or All Saints. Only Stephanie McIntosh (Neighbours, 5th) and Natalie Bassingthwaighte (Neighbours, 10th) were able to represent every other network in the Top Ten.

A Gordon quinella led the way among the Hottest on TV ladies in September. Blue Heelers’ Rachel Gordon took back-to-back Hottest on TV awards, however she just held out Home and Away’s Jodi Gordon who filled second position and achieved her all-time highest Hottest on TV Official Ranking.

Other interesting results in September included the rise of Seven newsreader Chris Bath who was spurred along unquestionably by her appearance on hit show Dancing with the Stars. She rose from 92nd in August to 12th in September. Ultra successful beauties Jennifer Hawkins (The Great Outdoors 13th) and Megan Gale (Body Work 19th) both filled places within the Top 20 however were headed by far less globally-heralded celebrities, a strong show of support for Australian talent building their careers locally.

Home and Away newcomer Rhys Wakefield rocketed to the top of the Hottest on TV male rankings early in the month of September and maintained his place right throughout. It was only his second month of voting. Wakefield debuted at 9th in August before de-throning fellow Home and Away star Chris Hemsworth in September. Hemsworth dropped to 5th although it was more the rise of the Top 4 than his own drop that is of significance.

Wakefield’s remarkable month only just bettered the performance of Summer Bay newcomer Paul O’Brien. O’Brien barely rated a mention in August with a Ranking of 102nd however charged into 3rd position in September enforcing his new found popularity.

Blue Heelers fans successfully showed their support for the program that is set to become the record holder for Australia’s longest running weekly drama. A beneficiary of that campaign was Ditch Davey who rose up the Official Rankings to be runner-up in September.

With the new series of Australian Idol hotting up, like clockwork, so to does Andrew G. Network Ten and Channel V’s heart-throb moved closer to the top of Hottest on TV with a placing of 4th this month.

Home and Away Results


2. Jodi Gordon

6. Ada Nicodemou

8. Indiana Evans

9. Isabel Lucas

11. Sharni Vinson

16. Holly Brisley

27. Ella Scott Lynch

45. Kate Ritchie


1. Rhys Wakefield

3. Paul O'Brien

5. Chris Hemsworth

6. Mark Furze

(9. Adam Saunders)

16. Jason Smith

33. Nicholas Bishop

37. Kip Gamblin

39. Tim Campbell

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I found these on hottestonTV.com.... and it also looks like Home and away are holding the top 5 place so on the male table(Paul O'brian,Rhys Wakefield, Chris Hemsworth,Mark Furze and Nicolas Bishop) and the places 1,2 and 4 in the female with Jodi Goron, Indiana Evans and Ada Nicodemou. Here are the articles.

Jodi Gordon the most popular female in June

Home and away star Jodi Gordon has made her return to the top of the Hottest on TV Official Rankings, having demoted Indiana Evans to second place.

Anna Choy of Beyond Tomorrow is enjoying a steady and consistent rise closer to the top of the Official Rankings. She reached her highest ever placing in June of 6th position.

However, the most extraordinary rise for the month has come via a huge wave of support for Seven News Sydney presenter Samantha Armytage who ranked in the low position of 105 in May, to join the favourites by charging into 11th place in June.

O’Brien is back at number one

Paul O’Brien is back in the top spot after being voted the Hottest aussie male on TV in June.

O’Brien has maintained his consistent popularity, having not placed outside of the top 2 spots of the Official Rankings since September 2005 when he was placed 3rd.

He once again knocks off his fellow Home and Away star Rhys Wakefield who was demoted to 2nd.

For the Top 50 May 2006 Hottest on TV results click on OFFICIAL RANKINGS on the menu bar on the left of this page.

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