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My Old Diaries


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Back in the late 90s I used to keep a diary.  Even my sister said they were boring but I used to write what had happened in Home and Away most days.  I thought I'd thrown them out but I found them yesterday.  Admittedly Steven and Selina are mentioned quite a bit but I thought I'd share them in case the Home and Away information in case it provides any extra tidbits / jogs anyone's memory.  Also please note 2nd and 3rd January were repeats from 1996.

These tidbits are from January 1997.  There will be more to come.

02.01 Jack tells Liam at the bus stop to not go home because his father has been  arrested.  Michael gets swept off with the current.  Angel goes into labour and Kelly and Pippa help her to have baby Shane.  Selina is pleasantly surprised to see Steven.

03.01 Pippa is told about Michael and everyone is upset, then  he is found dead.   Steven tells Pippa and Selina comforts Shannon.  Angel and Shane Jr are taken to the hospital.

06.01 Steven apologises to the girls and agrees to coach them.  He chats with Rebecca.  Rebecca chats with Don and so does Marilyn.  Ailsa decides to sue the hospital.

07.01 Kelly finds out the truth about James ignoring the page.  The choir don’t enter at the last minute because Chloe runs home.

08.01 Casey talks to her mother.  Jesse is given an eight week sentence.

09.01 Casey goes to see her Mum but her Mum and George start hassling her.  Joey does well in the first two rounds of the quiz.

10.01 Joey wins the quiz.  He and Liam fall out after Liam treats him like dirt.  Joey saves Casey from her Mum but no thanks.  George talks to Kelly.

13.01 Steven comforts Rebecca over her ex.  The painting is not a fake.  Casey  and Kelly chat to Casey’s Mum.  Casey, Stephanie, Joey and Liam go to the sports camp.  Joey and Liam try to fight each other.

14.01 Steven  and Rebecca kiss before being interrupted by Casey.  Casey meets her new counsellor, Brad Cooper.

15.01 Brad and Chloe chat.  Pippa gets cross with the kids after they are a pain.

16.01  The big day arrives and Don and Marilyn  are having last minute nerves.  Everyone meets Brad.

17.01 Don and Marilyn get married (it’s cold offscreen).  Shannon films everyone’s thoughts on  the wedding.

20.01 Shannon has a go at Jesse for being religious whilst Selina tells Shannon not to.  Marilyn is very excited about opening her wedding presents.  Rebecca hangs around with Steven.

22.01 A journalist  gets information out of Alf about Ailsa’s past and the article confuses Curtis.  Casey talks to Brad about her Mum.  Liam and Stephanie split up.

23.01 Casey’s father Stuart turns up and Casey is surprised he knows Rebecca. Steven asks Rebecca whether she loves him or Stuart.

24.01 Rebecca goes back to Stuart and Casey gets mad at them.  Steven and Don try to find Rebecca.  Don  looks at the exam papers and so gives Shannon and Selina help with their first HSC English paper.

27.01 Steven advises Stephanie to do work experience as a doctor.  Chloe and Brad’s romantic evening is interrupted by Casey.   Rebcca  and Don decide to forget the past.

28.01 Selina gets cross with everyone and wants to give up her studies.  Steven and Jesse chat.  Casey goes back to school.  Chloe decides to grow her hair.

29.01 Shannon and Irene give Selina a ‘This is Your Life’ tape.  Travis, Alf, Jesse and Steven play poker and Steven wins every game. 

30.01 Sally thinks that nobody wants to go out with her.  Stephanie starts work experience .  Curtis feels left out of the family.

31.01  Steven tries to tell Pippa where Don (I think  that’s what I wrote.)  Marilyn and Don fall out.  Stephanie and Sebastian kiss.

February 1997:

03.02 Don is rude to Steven about his past.  Travis gets on and is offered a job on the radio.   Stephanie and Sebastian sneak off to the beach.

04.02 Steven gives Don his opinion and gets a telling off.  Shannon and Selina finish their exams.  Travis goes on the radio and is asked to mention a lot of things.

05.02 Sally gets friendly with Charlie until he makes advances.  Sam has a go at him.  Irene doesn’t like Brad.  Jesse leaves town without telling Selina.  Casey and her father become friends.

06.02 Rebecca and Casey won’t go to the USA with Stuart.  Selina, Shannon and Sally set out on Liam’s raft and we see the raft completely broken with no one on it.

07.02 Everyone thinks Sally is upset and look for her. Steven finds Sally’s shoe.  Selina  and Shannon are found and are told off.

10.02 Steven slips and hurts his ankle.  Pippa blames herself for Sally’s disappearance.

11.02 Pippa has a go at Steven.  Sally wakes up at Jamie’s place.

12.02 Selina looks after Rachel and gets a job at the Diner.  Sally is ill and doesn’t wake up when Jamie shakes her.

13.02 Curtis and Casey take Alf’s car down the coast.

17.02 Steven rescues Sally.  Rebecca tells Casey  off.

18.02 Steven has memories of him being accepted in school by Don and Sally when she was little.  Steven leaves quietly and Pippa cries when she finds out.  Sally wakes up.

19.02 Brad invites Chloe on a weekend away.   Jesse and Selina decide not to move in together.

20.02 Someone watches Kelly jogging and there is another attack.  Ailsa throws Curtis out over Alf and he stays at Casey’s.  Sebastian nearly dies.

21.02 The credits have changed.   Sally comforts Pippa over Steven.  Travis discovers Curtis is sleeping in the shed.    Gabe stays the night at Don’s and makes a move on Marilyn.

24.02 Sebastian is moved to another hospital by his Mum and says goodbye to Stephanie.  Curtis makes up with Alf and Ailsa.   Gabe is a  nuisance.

25.02 Casey saves Rebecca from being attacked.  Brad and Alf think that Chloe’s father killed the wrong man.  Selina goes out with Shannon and has a fight with Jesse.

26.02 Chloe and Brad arrive at the cabin.  The sister Natalie of the man who was shot turns up and tells Travis the truth about Brad.   Pippa is not in the mood to celebrate Christmas.

27.02 Chloe finds out Brad is planning to attack her.  Brad gets his foot caught in a trap.   Everyone celebrates Christmas together.

28.02 Travis rescues Chloe and Brad is hurt.  Liam spends a lot of money on Christmas presents but is upset when Curtis gets the job at the kiosk because he needs the money for himself.  Ailsa gets everyone to recite poetry.

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March 1997:

03.03 Brad’s leg has been hurt.  Selina and Shannon did well in their HSCs.

04.03 Brad is nasty to everyone.  Joey and Stephanie find a very small kitten and Irene is not too pleased.  A man questions Stephanie about life in Somalia.

05.03 Irene starts to like the kitten but gets the flu from him.  Casey is caught by Rebecca on the motorbike after awakening them in the night.

06.03 Irene gets a rash and is feeling very ill.  She has a blood test and might lose the baby.  Casey  is rude to everyone.  Curtis and Alf have a chat.

07.03 Tony tells Ailsa he wants to get back at her for spoiling his childhood.  Selina goes for her job interview but decides to stay for an  extra few days.

17.03 Tiegan is interested in Joey.

19.03 Alf helps Curtis to train.  Marilyn finds a picture of Shannon and Angel.

20.03 Casey decides not to go with Curtis.  Marilyn feels very betrayed by Don and tells him so.  He says it is in the past.

21.03 Katherine comes to Summer Bay and Shannon feels like having a go at her.  Marilyn listens to Katherine’s side of the story and goes back to Don.  Andersen feels threatened by Casey’s talents.  Casey feels useless.

24.03 Don and Marilyn make up.  Selina works at the Diner.  Casey and Liam kiss.

25.03 Tiegan tries to learn to read with Joey’s help.  She is rude to a girl on the first day of school.

26.03 Shannon finds out that Don went out with Catherine at the time of the earthquake so he could get the school rebuilt.  Selina meets a friend of Pippa’s who knew her when she was a baby  and still knows her Mum.

27.03 Jesse helps Selina to contact her family.  Her brother Wayne is coming to see her.  Tiegan is cross with Joey for telling Pippa her secret.  In  confusion she admits it to the whole class.

April 1997:

07.04 To Kelly’s surprise, Travis asks her father’s permission to marry her.  Rachel gets food poisoning from the shellfish lasagne and Jesse too.

08.04 Kelly agrees to marry Travis.  Her father and Alf go fishing.  Rachel is taken to hospital and brought home again.  Jesse and Wayne are  fined.

09.04 Liam holds his junk stall at the car boot sale.  Selina gets ill and calls Shannon a snob.

10.04 Chloe finds out Wayne already has a girlfriend.  Chloe, Selina and Shannon throw water all over Wayne.  Shannon has a memory of Steven teaching a class.

11.04 Carol Watson admits she and Murray are getting a divorce.   Sally begs Don to have a School Council.

14.04 Kelly has second thoughts about marrying Travis.

15.04  Curtis sneaks out but is caught later when he sneaks home.

16.04 Shannon introduces her new guy Kye to everyone.  Liam’s doorbell business gets a big boost.

16.04 Marilyn catches Jesse and Chloe kissing.  Kye bores everyone at  dinner.  Stephanie helps Liam.

17.04 Selina goes mad when Jesse admits he kissed Chloe.  Marilyn,  Rebecca and Don are surprised when Don’s mother Isobel turns up after 30 years.

18.04 Irene goes into labour and Finlay arrives just in time.  The baby’s name is Paul.  Selina dumps Jesse.  Isobel and Fisher fight.

21.04 Shannon dyes her hair black.  Finlay and Irene meet Wendy and Paul goes missing.  Isobel says she doesn’t want to go home.

22.04 Irene is acting strangely and doing strange things.   Shannon regrets living with Kye.

23.04 Kye catches up with Shannon at home and pushes her against the wall.  Joey finds a lady with a baby but it’s a false lead.

24.04 Pippa insists Liam catches up on his schoolwork.  Irene beomes happy again but then starts crying.

25.04 Curtis thinks he has seen Laura when it isJenna.  Sam, Curtis and Joey help Liam.

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20 hours ago, Chair said:

17.01 Don and Marilyn get married (it’s cold offscreen).  Shannon films everyone’s thoughts on  the wedding.

One thing to mention for this one is that Steven seems to be the only regular character absent from this episode.


I can imagine that I'd have written summaries like these when I was 12-14.

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Thanks for sharing. I wasn't watching H&A so often by then so this is both filling in the blanks and bringing back memories. It looks like these episodes are never going to see the light of day again ? 

I too could see myself keeping a diary like that if I'd been a bit younger when Home and Away first came along. I know I definitely used to write down every film I'd seen and what was number 1 in the charts when I was in my early to mid teens. 

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Note to teenage self:  Do not write diary entries in light blue pen as they are practically impossible to read!  I'm afraid these won't go in order as I have found my 1996 diary now.  Plus, 98, 99 and 00 diaries as and when time allows.

May 1997:

06.05 Pippa is taken to hospital after being knocked unconscious (Kye) and is then transferred.  Jenna gets a job at the Diner.  A journalist tricks Irene into  talking about her surrogacy and prints it.

07.05 Jenna starts work and is rather clumsy.  Casey gets jealous.  Travis supports Irene on the radio.

08.05 Casey sees Curtis and Jenna meet on the beach.  Casey calls Stephanie a traitor for not telling her about Curtis and Jenna meeting the night before.   Marilyn thinks Isobel  is dead when she is only sleeping.  Isobel volunteers  to take the drama class.

09.05 Isobel gets Steph and Liam to kiss. Curtis does not turn up for a date  he planned with Jenna.

12.05 Dr Lachie Fraser arrives.  Kelly and Travis support Irene on the radio.  Curtis chooses Jenna out of her and Casey.

13.05 Lachie and Shannon meet and Lachie thinks Shannon is suffering from stress.  Travis loses his job on the radio for being rude  to the newspaper.  Chloe uses  Rachel to get closer to Jesse.

14.05 Lachie chats to Selina and Shanon. He  argues about choice with Shannon.   Selina is accused by Jesse of getting rid of Jesse so she could go out with Lachie.   Laim and Stephanie get back together.

15.05 Liam and Stephanie decide to abseil down the cliff.  Travis shows Curtis information on a missing girl called Lisa who could be Jenna.  Jesse breaks up with Selina just as she decides to get back with him.

16.05 Selina only invites Joey for Irene’s birthday lunch and Chloe gets upset.  Selina and Chloe have a big fight.  Chloe admits she really loves Jesse.  Bert manages to calm down the travellers at Shannon’s house.  Curtis stops Jenna from running away.

19.05 Liam and Stephanie spend the night together.   Bert and Isobel have dinner together.   Shannon makes a date with Lachie and hastily cancels it.

20.05 Stephanie argues with Liam and falls down a hole and down a cliff.  Isobel dumps Bert.  Chloe  and Jesse become friends.

21.05 Liam finds Stephanie in shock.   She dies in his arms.  Everyone is upset.

22.05 Travis is hostile to Liam about letting Stephanie die.  It is  the funeral and Liam says a few words.  Jenna / Lisa persuades Sean  to stay until after the funeral.

23.05 A party is held to remember the good side of Stephanie.  Curtis saves Jenna / Lisa from Sean but Casey by mistake tells Sean where they are.   Sean tries to beat Curtis up but Liam talks him out of it and they go off together.

27.05 Bert and Isobel get back together.   Marilyn shocks Fisher by pretending she is pregnant.  Joey and Casey kiss but Casey walks off.   Joey calls her a user.   Selina and Shannon fix the tap.

28.05 Jesse turns Selina down when she wants to get back together.   Jesse and Chloe kiss.  Isobel sells Hamlet but Don buys it back.

29.05 Chloe considers renting and moving into Travis’s house with Jesse, Rachel and Travis.  Isobel and Bert go up in a hot air balloon which overlooks the Bay.

30.05 Liam walks out of class during a moment of silence for Stephanie.  Everyone encourages Travis to stay in Summer Bay.  Curtis persuades Jenna to come back to the Bay.

June 1997:

02.06 Rachel falls and cuts her knee when Choe is looking after her.  Jesse gets mad.  Joey, Selina and Chloe get interested in the Internet.

03.06 Joey gets in touch with someone on the Internet.  Liam realises he didn’t cause Stephanie’s death.

04.06 Selina gets upset over Jesse.  Chloe makes Jesse admit he still likes Selina.  Jenna is encouraged to divorce Shaun then he finds her on the beach.

05.06 Becky has dinner at Travis’s.  Jenna stands up to Shaun and he  leaves her alone.  Lachie and Shannon kiss.

06.06 Jesse fails to get back with Selina.  Travis and Curtis pretend to go and secure the boat but really slip away and find a missing brat.  Casey gets jealous of Jenna and Curtis.  Tim and his Dad are on the boat.

09.06 Jenna and Curtis leave together.  Sam backs out of seeing Pippa.  Travis accepts Stephanie’s death.  Curtis and Travis are ok after the rescue.

10.06 Jesse fails to get back together with Selina.  Shannon and Lachie finally stop arguing and kiss.

11.06 Selina and Joey are shocked to see Saul.  Jesse protects Selina.  Sam admits he is scared about Pippa after what happened to Bobby.  Pippa opens her eyes.

12.06 Pippa has trouble remembering who everyone is.   Saul tells Irene he knows where her baby is.

13.06 Sam is worried that he may have to go and live somewhere else because of what has happened to Pippa.  Joey finds out what Saul is really like and offers to help look for Paul.

16.06 Pippa remembers Sam is Bobby’s son and thinks Bobby is still alive.  Sam might have to go into care.  Kelly and Travis decide to marry in the Bay.

17.06 Shannon and Lachie decide to be friends.  Pippa wishes she remembers her kids better.

18.06 Kelly wonders whether Travis would be better off in the Bay.

19.06 Kelly leaves Travis a note and leaves quietly (we see her quietly driving out of Summer Bay.)  Saul asks Irene to have Joey back and Joey turns up unaware.

20.06 Sally and Tim walk home together and arrange a date.  Saul lures Joey back into the commune and is cold to Irene.   Lachie moves in with Travis.

23.06 Pippa tells Sally off for coming home late with Tim.  Sally and Tim kiss.  Saul finds out Joey has been tricking him.

24.06 Tim tries to talk to Pippa and she thinks he is Kye.  Lachie keeps on sleeping and working even after Shannon prepares his dinner.

25.06 Jesse and Alf agree to be partners.  Pippa finds out Stephanie has died.  Jesse and Rachel move into Travis’s house.  Lachie and Shannon make up.

26.06 Saul goes to run over Jesse on purpose.  Jesse realises what is going to happen just at the end.  Rebecca and Travis talk about the reunion.  Casey wants to rescue Joey but he wants to stay and rescue Paul.

27.06 Casey sneaks into the commune and pretends not to know Joey.   Jesse wakes up.

30.06 Jesse tries to remember the accident.  Ailsa, Alf and Duncan go on a picnic.  Travis and Rebecca nearly kiss.

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July 1997:

01.07 Alf and Shannon investigate the bodies.  Travis tells Rebecca they are friends after he gets the impression that she thinks he wants to be more than that.  Pippa and Bert sort out each other’s memories.

03.07 Sally and Shannon find out that Tim and his father tried to smuggle 2 people into Australia during the storm.  Constable Garner catches up to Tim.  A fire breaks out at the commune.

04.07 Sally tries not to get so goody two shoes and stays out late.  Alf catches an unknown teenage boy (Aaron) in his new shop.

07.07 Wendy’s husband comes and says that Wendy and a baby died in the fire.  Alf gives gives Aaron a chance at the Bait Shop.

08.07 Travis takes some books to Kelly.  Aaron makes a deal with Alf.  We see girls from the commune pick up Paul.  Chloe , Selina and Joey search for Paul.

09.07 Liam’s mother Frances turns up. Sally breaks down.  Rebecca and Travis kiss.

10.07 Casey and Liam talk about their parents.  Marilyn discovers she is not pregnant.  Sally goes to Michael’s grave and talks to him.  Shannon hears her.

11.07 Alf takes Frances to hospital.  A stranger is rude to her. Rachel is very naughty.  Travis takes Rebecca on his boat.  Casey tries to admit her true feelings for Liam.

14.07 Rebecca and Travis find they have a lot in common.  Irene finds out Rachel has had her heart broken but Selina and Jesse work it out.

15.07 Frances tells Liam the truth.  Sally gets interested in Scott.  Scott and a friend vandalise the Boat Shed.

16.07 Somebody claims he is a security officer and takes Frances away to safety. The real security officer turns up and everyone is confused and worried.   Joey grieves his father’s death.  Liam avoids Casey’s advances.

18.07 Sally admits to Shannon she stole the keys to the office.  Frances is allowed to go home.  Liam realises his father’s true colours.

21.07 Liam says Casey does not think of others.  Sally admits to taking the key and is threatened by Scott after he is suspended.  Aaron thinks of going to school.  Travis and Rebecca meet on the boat.

22.07 Tiegan arrives and Aaron is disappointed because now there is no room at the Summer Bay House for him.  Irene comes back from America.

23.07 Tiegan hangs around with Joey and shows him a poem.  Chloe babysits Rachel and Selina gets jealous. Irene decides to frame a photo of Paul.

24.07 The whole episode is about Shannon, Lachie, Selina,  Jesse, Chloe, Travis and Rebecca having dinner.  Shannon is writing and thinking about it.   Travis comforts Chloe.  Jesse and Selina break up.

25.07 Tim comes back and gets upset when he finds out about Sally and Scott.  Chloe studies too much and chats on the Internet.  Selina gets a job.

August 1997:  (I was on holiday for part of this month)

04.08 On the opening credits Lachie is on and Liam is off.  Alf throws Justine out but in the end lets her come back.  Tegan causes a scene when she meets her Aunt Cheryl.

05.08 Tim tells everyone to stop fussing over his knee.  Chloe has an interview and doesn’t admit about the drugs in front of Alf.  Tegan tries to improve her reading with Don.

06.08 Kylie comes to visit Rachel.  Chloe gets accepted for the Diplomatic Corps.  Tim injures his knee.

07.08 Jesse tells Kylie over the phone that he will get custody of Rachel.  Lachie’s ex-girlfriend Julie comes to Summer Bay to see him and Shannon is jealous.  Tim and Sally enjoy rowing.

08.08 Julie admits she made a mistake choosing Gary over Lachie.  Justine sets up a sponsored table tennis event but nobody turns up to play.

11.08 Don is cross when Marilyn secretly sends his book over to the publishers.  Julie decides not to spoil Lachie and Shannon’s relationship.  Justine arranges for a boxer to come to Summer Bay.

12.08 Kylie suggests she, Rachel and Jesse live together which doesn’t please Selina.  Irene feels lonely.  The boxing show goes very well.

13.08 Chloe and Selina ask a man out for Irene but she turns him down.  Kylie decides it is best to leave Rachel with Jesse.

29.08 Irene gets Paul back.

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Apologies in advance - these entries from end of September will probably mention Steven and Selina a lot.

September 1997:

01.09 Rachel gets upset when Jesse takes apart her ‘house’ before tea.  Irene and everyone are overjoyed Paul is back.  Casey and Aaron start liking each other.  Tiegan accuses Joey of being a user.  She has a fight with Lilian and Sam..

02.09 Jesse makes Rachel a dolls house.  Jesse and Selina find out Rachel still misses Kylie.  Tiegan and Joey make up.  Tim proposes to Sally after a night out at the casino.

03.09 Casey decides to enter the music competition.  Shannon gets upset over fighting with Lachie.  Sally tells Tim she is too young to get engaged.

04.09 Father Little explains to Irene about giving back Paul.  Casey plays the same piece again and again and annoys Don.  She then hurts her wrist.   Marilyn wants children.

05.09 Selina saves Don’s life when he is electrocuted by a toaster.  Shannon and Lachie make up.  Selina tries to buy Rachel’s love by buying presents but Irene says no.  Rachel is naughty but apologises and stays at Selina’s house.  Kylie applies for custody.

08.09 Vinnie makes a nuisance of himself.  He jet skis and sprays Alf, Travis and some Japanese tourists.  Alf’s mate Jeff from Vietnam commits suicide and it brings back memories  for  Alf.

Travis accuses Aaron of spraying him with the jet ski but then finds out it was Vinnie.   Someone snaps pictures of Rebecca and Travis kissing.  Marilyn persuades Don to go on a diet.

10.09 Aaron stops being friends with Vinnie after he finds Vinnie snapped the photos.  Casey gets mad but she and Aaron make up again.  Marilyn doesn’t like the diet so much but Don likes it better.

11.09 Chloe invites Josef to tea.  She does well on her history exam.  Tiegan is rude to Joey.  Shannon tries to write a spy story but can’t.

12.09 Chloe starts to get too big for her boots but calms down in the end.  Joey is rude to Tiegan but they make up.  Tiegan gets really angry on the beach.  Shannon doesn’t want Lachie to meet Mandy.

16.09 Lachie feels Shannon and Mandy are ganging up on him but he and Shannon make up in the end.  Pippa goes on a date with Carl.

17.09 Travis and Rebecca can’t get any peace.  Selina agrees to move in with Jesse after recalling memories of when she first met him.  Alf and Don get competitive.

18.09 Travis is bitten by a snake on a camping trip with Rebecca.  Aaron does well in the pool competition.  Casey is in a bad mood.  Jesse and Selina realise they can’t afford a flat.  Jesse meets a man who is Kylie’s new fiancé.  Marilyn puts on music whilst playing tennis.

22.09 Travis comes home.  Jesse and Selina fall out over Rachel.  Selina can’t believe Shannon is seriously thinking about going to Paris and turning down Lachie.

23.09 Casey decides to pull out of the music competition and has nightmares.  The kids make excuses not to help Pippa.  Tiegan cooks a good meal.

24.09 Casey teaches Rachel to play Twinkle, Twinkle, Little star on the  piano.  Duncan scalds his arm at the Diner.  Lachie finds out from Rachel that Shannon wants to go to Paris.

25.09 Don criticises Marilyn’s  drama society she is involved in. Tiegan puts too much chilli in the meal and Joey eats it.  He  goes to hospital with suspected acute appendicitis.

26.09 Joey has had his operation.  A nurse, Katherine who knows Lachie and Selina skids on the road.  She is brought to the hospital and dies.  Lachie is comforted by Father Little.  Shannon decides to go to Paris.  Selina is angry and Pippa thinks she is making a mistake.

29.09 Shannon tries to tell Lachie she is leaving him but he realises.  Sally makes friends  with the new girl Lauren.

30.09 Steven arrives back in Summer Bay and tells Selina that he has returned for her.

October 1997:

01.10 Selina is confused about her feelings for Steven.  Steven makes up with Don.  Pippa and Sally organise a leaving party for Shannon.  Shannon sorts things out with Selina and Lachie and leaves for Paris.

02.10 Jesse and Selina miss out on a perfect flat because Selina has doubts.  Casey’s Dad turns up.

03.10 Judith wins the music competition.  Steve kisses Selina.  Stuart points out Casey’s mistakes in the competition.

06.10 Selina has a dream about kissing Steven on the sofa.

07.10 Steven and Selina talk a lot to each other.  Jesse finds a place.  Lachie and Chloe decide to go on a date.

08.10 Justine comes to live with Pippa and is rude to Aaron.  Rebecca realises Stuart doesn’t think Casey is talented.

09.10 Justine talks to her boyfriend Danny.  Joey and Tiegan spend time together.  Don is forced to become a director when Julian has a car accident.

10.10 Steven and Selina kiss on purpose.  Selina decides she wants Steven, not Jesse.  Selina doesn’t have the courage to tell  Jesse.   Justine is a bit calmer.

13.10 A lady comes to see Jesse and Rachel about the court case.  Chloe realises Selina is in love with Steven and accuses her of using Jesse.  Danny gets interviewed by the police but is released afterwards.

14.10 Steven finds out Sally has been getting money from the casino.  Sally gets thrown out and Steven offers to pay her debts.  Marilyn tells Don  she is pregnant.

15.10 Alf gets worried about his heart.  Danny is arrested for hurting Sam. 

16.10 Kylie wins custody of Rachel.  Jesse won’t believe it and Selina promises to be there for him.  Chloe gets a nasty tape from Brad.

17.10 Selina tells Jesse she can’t move in with him and he realises it’s because she wants Steven.  Steven and Selina hug at the end.  Jesse goes mad.   Travis doesn’t want Rebecca to model for the photos.

20.10 Everyone discusses Jesse and Selina splitting up.  Irene sticks up for Steven and Selina.  Steven and Selina come together and kiss.

21.10 Steven and Selina chat and kiss goodbye.  They have breakfast together.  Rebecca and Travis interrupt as an attempt to all become friends again.  Jesse tells Selina he understands why they broke up.  Lachie and Chloe kiss.

22.10 Aaron is accused of cheating in a history exam and demands he retakes it.   Chloe and Lachie decide to spend time apart.

23.10 It is the night of the play and Don forgets his lines.  Aaron retakes the test  and gets an even  better mark.  Tim mistakes Justine for Sally on the phone and Sally is jealous.

24.10 Steven buys  Selina flowers.  He invites her for a romantic dinner and Marilyn gives Selina a makeover.  Steven and Selina kiss.   Steven proposes to Selina and she accepts.  Sally and Tim make up.  Fisher is horrible to Casey and tells her she should move out when the baby is born.

27.10 Steven and Selina talk a lot about their engagement.  Selina tells everyone about the engagement.  Irene is angry but everyone else is pleased.  Jesse overhears and gets upset.  Bert comes back.  Casey is given a week to move out.

28.10 Steven and Selina talk about their honeymoon.  Steven has booked tickets to Bali but Selina admits she is scared of flying.  Steven understands.  Chloe gives Justine a makeover.

29.10 Chloe gets nasty phone calls from Brad’s friends.  She comes home to find everything messed up.

30.10 Ailsa comes and finds Chloe and takes her to see Lachie.  Casey fuses the lights.  Rebecca changes the bulb and falls.

31.10 Rebecca is rushed to hospital.  Rebecca is shocked when she can’t hear anything.  Rachel comes and Selina explains she has split up with Jesse.  Selina and Travis find Jesse has disappeared with Rachel.

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November 1997:

03.11 Selina finds Jesse.   He doesn’t come back straightaway but turns up later.   He forgives Selina.   Karen barges in and attacks Chloe, Selina and Irene.  Travis gives Rebecca a book.

04.11 Steven is finding a flat for himself and Selina.  Steven’s business partner Gillian turns up.  Pippa gets interested in Ian.  Lachie and Terri get friendly.

05.11 Steven tells Gillian he definitely loves Selina.  Gillian takes Steven’s car and has a hit and run accident.  Steven  gets blamed.

06.11  Selina waits while Steven is questioned by the police.  Selina urges Steven to tell the police that Gillian did it.   Steven does not want to.   When Steven is about to be charged, Gillian’s business friend arrives and tells the police.  Rebecca gets her hearing back.

07.11 Casey admits to Rebecca about the bulb.  Rebecca persuades Don  to let Casey move back in.  Jesse misses Selina.

10.11 Selina persuades Irene to stop taking over the wedding.  Pippa avoids Ian’s passes.

11.11 Selina’s mother Dawn turns up and is annoying over the wedding.  Tiegan steals some videos.

12.11 Dawn leaves after arguing with Selina.  Dawn tries to get Chloe back with Wayne.  Jesse and Travis become friends again.

13.11 Travis starts spending more time with Jesse than Rebecca.  Travis and Rebecca have their first fight over it.  Sam blackmails Tiegan over her shoplifting.

14.11 Jesse learns about Travis and Rebecca’s fight and cancels the pool comp entry so Travis can go to the concert.  Rebecca gets a flat tyre though and goes to Pippa.  This means that Pippa misses out on a chat with Ian.

17.11  Lachie finds out Aaron and Joey were ill from the creek.  Pippa gets jealous when Irene wins dinner tickets and takes Ian.

18.11 Alf catches Justine shoplifting.  Justine pretends Alf has assaulted her.  Pippa gets more jealous and tells Sally.  Sally sorts it out and Pippa and Ian agree to become friends again.

19.11 Marilyn and Don fight and make up.  Lachie is afraid Marilyn will miscarry.

20.11 Steven, Jesse,  Selina, Chloe, Joey and Irene have dinner and play poker.  Everyone gets annoyed with Steven and stick up for Jesse.   Irene thinks that Selina and Steven haven’t got over their student/teacher relationship.  Lachie finds out rain has poured pesticides into the creek.  Lachie and Terri spend the night together and Chloe finds out.

21.11 Everyone prepares for Cyclone Raymond.  Tegan tries to stop Justine running away.  Alf says to stay prepared.

24.11 Justine is rescued.   Everyone evacuates to the school.  Steven and Selina meet up at the school but then Steven wants to spend time alone. Jesse calls Steven a coward, Selina sticks up for Steven. Marilyn packs too much stuff in preparation for evacuation to the school.

25.11 Marilyn is in a happy mood.  Justine tries to be a nicer person.

26.11 Selina finds out about the stripper Jesse booked for Steven’s bucks night.  She talks to Steven about it.  Jesse attempts to win Selina back.  Aaron and Casey are mugged.

27.11 Casey is annoyed when Aaron tries to act like a hero.  Lachie help to deliver a baby from a car accident and the finds out the mother has neck injuries.

28.11 Everyone is pleased when Carly and Bert arrive for the wedding.   Carly chats to Pippa about the old days.  Bert talks to Steven about being a husband.   Selina gets in the wedding limo.  Irene goes back  to  answer the phone and no one is on the other end.  The limo has disappeared when Irene gets back.

December 1997:

01.12 Irene goes to the church and tells everyone Selina has disappeared.   Steven is upset and thinks Selina has run off with Jesse.  Steven tells Carly how much he loves Selina.  Irene calls Steven selfish and says he broke off the relationship last time because he was selfish.

02.12 Steven reads Selina’s wedding present letter and she expresses her love for him.  Steven starts a search an Jesse comes back.  Selina escapes from Saul but Saul talks her into coming back.

03.12 Marilyn goes away for a few days and only leaves Don a note.  Lachie tells Don Marilyn has lost the baby.  Aaron gets beaten.

04.12 Steven says to Irene he is scared about what has happened to Selina.  Selina tries to knock Saul unconscious but Saul is cunning and talks her out of it.  Travis tells Aaron to keep away from the bullies.

05.12 Irene finds out Saul kidnapped Joey and tells Joey.  Saul talks to Selina.  Marilyn comes home and is depressed.

08.12 Jesse and Steven join together to look for Selina.  Selina manages to pick up the radio signal and hears that people are looking for her.  Justine is cross about Ian leaving.

09.12 Saul talks to a man then the man recognises him afterwards.  Terri tells Steven this.  Chloe finds out she’s pregnant and only tells Rebecca who the father is.  Saul aggravates Selina. Tiegan starts to be friends with Kim.  Justine and Tiegan try to learn sign language.

10.12 Chloe tells Ailsa about her pregnancy.  Marilyn and Don’s arguments start to annoy Casey.  Justine more a part of the family after Aaron is really nice to her.

11.12 Justine apologises to Alf for her behaviour.  Alf leaves her in charge of the store and she and Tiegan try to rearrange it.  Alf gets cross but apologises.  Marilyn starts to forgive Don.

12.12 Steven helps the police to find Selina.   Saul gives Selina the chance to escape but she feels guilty about him having malaria.  Irene finds out about Chloe’s pregnancy.

15.12 Steven, Lachie and Terri find Selina and Saul.  Terri shoots Saul in a moment of panic.  Stuart wants Casey to move to New York with him.

16.12 Saul dies in hospital.  Joey and Selina are upset.  Steven comforts Selina.  Selina tells Steven she can’t marry him.  Terri feels guilty.  Selina and Chloe are nicer to each other.

17.12 Steven is upset and talks to Selina and Pippa about the wedding not happening.  Selina makes up with Terri and Chloe.  Chloe confides that she is pregnant and Selina guesses that it is Lachie’s.

18.12 Angel reminds Don in a card that it’s his and Marilyn’s anniversary.  Joey finds  out that Kim is his Internet pal. 

19.12 Casey is upset when she is not included in Rebecca’s moving plans.  Kim is shocked that Joey has found out about her being Cyberfox.   Don buys Marilyn an anniversary present.

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Here are my 1996 entries. I didn't start watching regularly really until the summer hence I didn't mention many episodes in my diary.   I did miss out the irrelevant bits about Steven and Selina sitting on the sofa holding hands.

20.03 Kelly and Travis find Shane and he is taken to hospital.

21.03 Kelly tells Travis she wants to break up with him.  Shane wakes up from his coma.

21.05 Shane collapsed.

22.05 Shane died leaving Angel very shocked.

12.07 Michael goes to look for Sam.  Angel realises the baby is coming.

16.07 Michael is found dead  after everyone is worried about him.  Angel names her baby girl Shane Jr.

17.07 It is Michael’s funeral.  Chloe’s Mum and friend turn up.

18.07 Chloe’s Mum and friend leave.  Shannon breaks up with Alex.

19.07 Pippa and Angel talk about their late husbands.  Jack is going to join the Nayv.Shannon throws away Alex’s portrait of herself.

22.07 Don says to Marilyn they shouldn’t get married.

07.08 Stephanie asks  Liam about Travis.  Liam believes in ghosts and finds a gravestone.

08.08 Kelly gets jealous of Stephanie because Travis is paying so much attention to her.  Selina is hostile to Steven.

09.08 Liam and Stephanie get  to know each other. Angel is invited on a night out by Marilyn.

12.08 Steven introduces his girlfriend Lindsay to Marilyn and Angel.  Curtis has a surfing accident and his blood pressure is high due to his diabetes.

19.08 Lindsay takes Steven for a ride on Alex’s bike.   Alex talks to Shannon and he hopes he will not be blind.  Jesse sleeps in Selina’s room.

20.08 Selina sneaks out to see Jesse on the beach.  Chloe is not very sure about Jesse.

22.08 Angel brings baby Shane home from the hospital.   Alex has his bandages taken off.  Kelly helps to stop Pippa being accused of abusing Craig.

27.08 Steven and Selina have a chat.  Alex is able to see.   Angel sees Simon.

28.08 Liam and Stephanie go on a date but it is a disaster.  Selina and Jesse play Pictionary with Chloe and Curtis.

29.08 Stephanie can’t be adopted.  Liam and Stephanie make up.  Jesse helps Marilyn to buy a car.

30.08 Liam, Stephanie,  Marilyn, Jesse and Selina set off to a dance party and get stopped by the police.  Alex keeps on changing his mind.  Don finds Alex collapsed on the floor.

02.09 Angel  and Kelly have a chat about Alex.  Sergeant Hale tells Jesse to leave town.  Irene does not like Jesse.

03.09 Jesse says goodbye to Selina.  Angel introduces Chris Hale to Simon.  Simon tries to find out about Chris and Jesse.  Shannon rings her Mum about Stephanie.

04.09 Simon tells Angel that Chris knocked Shane off his bike. .Chris tried to make up for it by helping Angel.  Jesse knew about it so he struck a deal with Chris about the character reference.  Stephanie leaves Summer Bay.

05.09 Joey starts at school without enrolling.  Selina recognises him as a member of the cult.  Alex gets upset at his own flat.

09.09 Joey starts properly at school. Liam gets tired of Joey.  Shannon gets pressured by her Mum.

10.09 Joey and Liam start to get on better.  Hannah refuses to see her Dad.  He watches her on her way home from school with Sally.

12.09 Chloe walks alone on the beach from the nightclub and is attacked.  Curtis sees Selina home.

13.09 Louise Crawford took over the role of Selina for a few weeks.   Mandy asks Steven about what Pippa did for him.  Chloe is very shaken.

16.09 Steven and Kelly kiss.  Chloe tells Irene about the attack.   Curtis finds out about Alex having the bracelet.

17.09 Alex is questioned by the police about the attack.  Pippa receives her Order of Australia Award.

18.09 Duncan and Dylan record over Angel’s tape of Shane.   Angel gets cross and Duncan tells Ailsa that Angel hit him.  Marilyn tells Joey to come back to Summer Bay.  Selina tells Jesse the same thing.

30.09 Selina makes up a game on the computer.  Shannon and Alf  find out that illegal chemicals have been attracting the shark.

03.10 Chloe’s Dad Max comes for a visit and accuses Curtis of Chloe’s attack.  Suzie turns up saying she is pregnant and Haydn is the father.

07.10 Marilyn turns Don down.  Chloe gets ready for her court case.   Selina follows Jesse.

08.10 Max shoots Chloe’s attacker dead.  Steven gives Dylan some coaching in Maths.

09.10 Kelly and Travis attend a surprise dinner.  The earthquake starts.  Alf’s store starts falling down.  Joey and Ailsa are attacked by Casey’s dog, Sheba.

10.10 Earthquake disaster strikes.  Angel’s house is in ruins.  The school collapses.   The rescue team rescue Don and the pupils. Alex and Joey realise they are brothers.

11.10 Alex tells Angel what she should do about her house.  Angel gets cross but they make up.  Alf is told he can go home from hospital.

14.10 Steven takes a Maths lesson at the Surf Club.  Duncan and Christopher get trapped whilst playing at Alf’s store.

15.10 Kelly and Travis make up.  Shannon and Selina tell Steven what has happened to Christopher and Duncan.  Sheba finds Christopher and Duncan.  Chloe gets cross with Curtis.

16.10 Liam finally gets his party.  Jesse surprises Shannon and Selina with the computer.   Alf decides to retire.  Don’s meeting about the school doesn’t go very well.

17.10 Selina finds a baby doll and then is chased.  Chloe agrees to see a psychiatrist.  Don and Marilyn decide to date each other again.

18.10 Selina finds someone in the back of the  car but Travis finds her in time.   Alex gets $500 from the accident and accuses Joey of wanting the money.

21.10 Pippa tells Shannon off for getting involved with Zenotti.  Zenotti turns up and threatens Shannon.  Angel turns down Simon’s marriage proposal.

22.10 Stephanie and Travis go canoeing and have to be rescued.  Shannon gets caught by Zenotti.  Rebecca comes back and gets suspicious of Don and Marilyn.

23.10 Zenotti is arrested by the police.  Casey plays badly on purpose at the parents meeting.

24.10 Casey practices the piano with Rebecca and Sally asks for singing lessons.   Alf and Ailsa give Angel her job back  at the Diner.

25.10 Tempany Deckert returns as Selina. Marilyn gets upset when Haydn comes for a visit.   Marilyn is engaged to Don but Haydn loves her as well.   Stephanie keeps disappearing.

28.10 Steven and Rebecca have a dinner date at the house.  Steven tries to kiss Rebecca  but she leaves before dinner.  Stephanie comes  back 4 hours later and can’t remember where she went.

29.10 Jo is back in Summer Bay and is only welcomed by Simon because everyone else hates her.  The choir meets at the Diner and the beach.

30.10 Whilst hypnotised Jesse says that he loves Rachel.  Jo gets Simon to feel sorry for her.

31.10 Jesse confesses that Rachel is his 4 year old daughter.  Selina accuses him of lying.

01.11 Casey finds a dog and gets help from Selina and Jesse.   Jesse steals Don’s car. Steven sees Selina before she and Jesse go into the woods.  Rebecca and Don try to get on.  Jesse is surprised that Steven and Selina are on first name terms.

04.11 Steven is blackmailed by Selina about their relationship to keep quiet about the dog.  Casey’s Mum acts strangely at a meeting with Casey and Don.

05.11 The dog is found dead.  Selina apologises to Steven but he won’t listen.  He used to love her but he hates her now.  He wants to confess what happened to Don but fails to do so.  Chloe gets jealous of Shannon and Curtis.

06.11 Pippa goes off to see Jack.  Simon invites Jo back to London.

07.11 Curtis finds out that Chloe isn’t going to her sessions.

08.11 Kelly comes back.  She suspects Stephanie has the plague.  Steven tells Casey to go and play for Rebecca and the choir.

11.11 Steven is in a bad mood and picks on Selina.  Steven and Rebecca kiss.   Simon and Angel have dinner together and kiss.   So do Travis and Kelly.

12.11 Steven tells Rebecca about him and Selina.  Selina is in a bad  mood and gets cross with Steven.

13.11 Rebecca is mad at Steven.  Irene finds out about Steven and Selina and confronts Selina about it.  Marilyn and Donald entertain  Arthur and Jane.

14.11 2000th episode.  Angel says yes to Simon’s  proposal and leaves with her family forever.  Irene has complained to Don. Selina tries to stop it going further but fails. Chloe goes to see Max  in prison.

15.11 Steven is being investigated but hasn’t been officially told.  Selina insists that nothing happened between them.  Chloe starts to triust the psychiatrist.

16.11 Selina, Chloe and Jeremy are interviewed by Arthur and Don.   Steven resigns because his affair with Selina has been found out.  Selina tries  to stop him but Steven is  determined to resign.  Travis and Kelly find an injured squirrel.

19.11 Steven looks tired at his desk.

20.11 Stephanie is questioned about Steven and Selina by her friends.  Travis and Alf argue over the forest.  Travis wants to save the trees and Alf wants to build a road through it.

21.11 Someone spikes Stephanie’s drink  at the party.   Alf and Travis make up.  Travis has the surgery.

22.11 Finlay returns.

25.11 Steven has a go at everyone at the debate and storms out.  Selina comes and finds him and they have a nice chat.  Finlay tells Irene she’s pregnant.

26.11 Kylie and Rachel turn up and meet Selina.  Kylie  asks Jesse for money.  Marilyn decides to get married in a marquee with a Minister and a Vicar.

27.11 Steven comes to see Marilyn.  Rebecca has a go at Marilyn about the wedding.   The boatmen find a WWII boat with Stephanie’s help.

28.11  Steven and Rebecca chat.  Casey gives Chloe piano and singing lessons.  Shannon gets interested in new boy Geoff but can’t work out how he already knows her name.

29.11 Shannon finds out that Geoff is Mandy’s brother.  Marilyn puts the painting in the bathroom.  She and Rebecca drive Don mad about the painting.

02.12 Shannon and Geoff kiss.  Steven talks to Pippa about his new business.  He throws things across the kitchen.

04.12 Steven  overhears Jesse and Kylie planning a robbery.  Steven  reports it to Terri.

05.12 Don’s house is watched for the burglary.  Don gets a pain in his arm after a power cut. Joey comes up with a plan to get revenge on Don.

09.12 Casey and Don are looked after in the hospital.  Steven is suspected of poisoning them.

10.12 Shannon and Geoff make the most of their last day together.  Barbara arrives, Marilyn thinks Barbara is the poisoner.

11.12 The whole episode was about Shannon and Geoff’s party.  Selina and Chloe chat about their boyfriends.   Selina and Jesse have a fight. Shannon and Geoff pretend to get married.

12.12 Jesse and Selina make up.  Geoff says goodbye to Shannon and leaves.

13.12 Pippa comes back with Steven.  Liam and Irene pretend to Joey that he was rude at the party but Joey finds out it’s a lie.  The police  find out that Jesse stole the painting.

16.12 Rebecca tries to cheer up Steven.  Selina asks Steven where Jesse is.  Chloe and Curtis decide just to be friends.  An intruder shocks Rebecca.

18.12 Steven is cleared of being the poisoner.  It was Barbara who wanted the money from Don’s will before it went to Marilyn.  Alf went into hospital to have his operation.

19.12 Sally, Shannon and Selina decide to ask Steven for Maths coaching.  Alf’s recovery from his operation goes a bit  wrong.  Kelly decides to do his open heart surgery herself.

20.12 Alf survives the surgery and Ailsa is pleased.  Sally, Shannon and Selina cook Steven a meal to persuade himto coach them in Maths.

23.12 Repeat Christmas Special Jack, Curtis, Shannon and Selina set Alf’s tree on fire by mistake.  The kids try and get Pippa and Michael back together.  Angel talks to Shane and his Mum.  Irene dresses up as Santa Claus and gets stuck in the boat.

26.12 Repeat Jack and Rad steal a car and start a bush fire.  Don’s house is burnt and Nelson is scarred from helping Jack.  Steven checks the school. Angel, Shane and Dylan evacuate from their home but it is ok.

30.12 Repeat Angel gets upset when Shannon writes a story about herself and Shane and leaves by  plane.  The plane crashes but they are ok.   Everyone sets out to look for them.

31.12 Repeat Angel, Dylan and Teresa are found after another night.  The pilot has died and his daughter is ok.  Angel and Shane make up.

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