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Did the show calm down again by 1997?


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11 hours ago, Dag Dog said:

And then with Robert's return later on, it brought the story full circle in a very natural way.

  I don't remember much about the Nashes during Robert's return. I only remember Duncan and Ailsa getting caught up with him. 

His was first stint - stalking the Nashes, kidnapping Gypsy, burning down their house - that stayed with me 20+ years on. 

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On 21/02/2022 at 02:36, Homeandawayfan. said:

What about after 2000 when the Sutherland's arrived? My work schedule changed so I lost touch with H&A by late 2000.

Things were definitely ramping up again in the Sutherland era: 

  • Dani's rape and Kane subsequently dating Kirsty
  • Gypsy pregnant with Will's baby
  • A school siege involving Brodie Hanson. I can't remember if involved her brother or her boyfriend though. I tended to not be interested in anything involving Brodie :lol:
  • Duncan turning "evil"
  • A car crash involving Brodie, Alex Polous and Brodie's boyfriend Miles. I can't remember too much other than Miles died and Brodie stropped around blaming Alex for a few episodes.
  • the ferry disaster
  • Charlotte Adam's death and Jade going off the rails afterwards. She had a eating disorder, which may have been around that time too. It wasn't as memorable as Shannon's though.
  • Alf's brain tumour and him having visions of evil Ailsa.
  • the Angie Russell stuff - which included her "grooming" Nick, the breakdown of Rhys' and Shelley's marriage, her dying in a whodunnit mystery that only lasted a week
  • the Sutherlands down the mine in the 2003 finale
  • A car accident involving Hayley and Brodie that happened because they were fighting over Alex. Hayley was left with facial scarring for a few weeks and Brodie escaped unscathed and left with Alex a few episodes later. 
  • Another big car accident that left Seb paralysed 
  • Sophie Simpson being a surrogate for Sally and Flynn, but then discovering she was having her own baby too and miscarrying Sally's. Leah was later a full-term surrogate, and she developed a crush on Flynn during the pregnancy. 


The writers then cranked it up another notch again post-Sutherlands with stuff like the Summer Bay Stalker, Hayley's pregnancy, Amanda Vale and all her scheming, Barry Hyde killing Josh etc. and has never really looked back. 

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