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ITV "No Episode Days" & the missing 1990 ep - Mystery Solved!

James Martin

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So with the current PM on the ropes in the UK, my mind crossed back to this mystery, as you do.

In an attempt to piece together British airdates there was an unaccounted for "No Episode Day" for ITV's run in 1990.  Two separate people have attempted to do this in now-archived threads.  We've ever had solid proof, but the consensus was the show was pre-empted for rolling-news coverage of the resignation of PM Thatcher on 22nd November 1990.

The British Newspaper Archive now holds archives of the Daily Mirror, who always had detailed synopses of the soaps, H&A especially, in their listings.

The 23rd November synopsis is exactly the same as the 22nd November one - Celia convinces Emma to get holy water to exorcise a ghost in Morag's house.  As you do.

Sorry to start a new thread for that, but finally - mystery solved!

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Also, regarding my theories on the 27th November being pre-empted for the second ballot, which effectively saw Major elected as the new PM - it did happen at 6:30pm as I remember.  All regions screened the teatime showing at 5:10pm that night, with regional news at 6 before the ballot result at 6:30.

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No worries - nice to finally solve the mystery after all this time as well as the result of the second ballot.

As I say, the Mirror is a brilliant resource as the Home and Away synposes were always detailed so if you need to be sure what episode aired on what date, it's probably your best bet.

Now I challenge you to do every different region's Sons & Daughters! ?

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On 16/01/2022 at 13:27, nenehcherry2 said:

Great work James, kudos! I also have BNA access via work, it is a truly tremendous tool isn't it?! I am also using it for family history research! ?‍?‍??

Some great H&A related resources there though for sure. Will share some myself as time and personal capacity allow. 


Oh yes I remember you saying in my "Highest ever viewing figures" thread that you would find out the highest UK viewing figures from the BNA for the Blake and Meg episode and Bobby's coma? Did you find that out. What was the figures for those 2 episodes if you know?

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