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What They Don’t Know

christine king

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Name of Fic: What They Don’t Know

Type of Fic: Long Fic

Genre: Romance/Drama/General

Rating: T/A

Characters: Cassie, Ric, Matilda, Drew, Belle, Lucas, Sally, Flynn, Irene, Leah, Dan, Tony, Beth

Rating: Violence

Spoilers: No

Summary: What if their are secrets in the bay? Like a secret relationship? New friendships? New romances? Just when you think you know someone maybe your wrong. This is What they don’t know and this is my story.


Chapter 1


The Beach


Cassie and Ric are on the beach


Cassie: So you ready for today?

Ric: Why what’s so important about today?

Cassie: Oh nothing in particular.

Ric: Nope your hiding something!

Cassie: Am I? Maybe you’ll just have to come get me to find out.

Cassie runs towards the surf and Ric chases her before they both fall into the ocean.

Ric: Ok so now tell me.

Cassie: Maybe I want it to be a surprise.

Ric: Come on what’s going on.

Cassie: Maybe It’s not that easy.

Ric: You really going to keep lying to me. Your best mate. Cas come on!

Cassie: Ok the truth is…


The Diner


Matilda and Lucas are having lunch together


Matilda: So you got plans for the rest of today?

Lucas: Maybe.

Matilda: You going to share?

Lucas: Nope!

Matilda: Oh come on!

Lucas: Ok maybe one hint…

Matilda: Go on…

Lucas: Well…

Tony arrives and calls out to them

Tony: hey guys

Lucas: Hey dad

Matilda: Hey

Tony: So what’s you guys up too?

Matilda: I don’t know. Lucas refuses to tell me!

Tony: What are you hiding?

Lucas: It’s a surprise!

Matilda: He was just about to give me a hint before you got here.

Tony: Well I will leave you to your mysterious plans. Have fun.

Tony leaves

Matilda: So what’s the deal?

Lucas: How about I just show you.

Matilda: Ok deal let’s go.

Lucas: I’ll pay and meet you outside.


The Hunter/Holden House


Tony arrives back and Beth is surprised he is back early.


Beth: Weren’t you at work?

Tony: I just saw our kids at the diner.

Beth: And?

Tony: They we’re acting odd…

Beth: Wait which kids?

Tony: Lucas and Matilda.

Beth: Ah. Hmm I don’t know. Lucas has been a bit secretive lately.

Tony: You don’t think they are back together?

Beth: Surely they would tell us if they were!

Tony: I would think so too. But they are definitely hiding something!

Beth: Guess we will have to keep an eye on them.

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