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Jealously and Love

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Story Title:  Jealously and Love
Type of story: Long Fic
Main Characters: Tori, Christian, Jasmine, Leah, Justin, Robbo
BTTB rating: G/T
Genre: Romance, Drama.
Does story include spoilers: No
Any warnings: Sexual content, V/D.
Summary:  After Tori makes the mistake of kissing Christian in the lift Christian develops feeling for her in a way he never have with anyone else. However every time he sees Tori he sees her with another guy and gets jealous. 


Chapter 1

It was just after Tori kissed Christian when she ran into Robbo apartment relieved to see that he was there. Robbo knowing something is up looks at Tori "What is it?" Tori looks at Robbo "I screwed up" Robbo stands up and walks over to Tori "I'm sure you didn't" Tori looks at him "I really did and now I need to resign" Now Robbo worried "No you don't just talk to me" At that moment Jasmine walks out "Ready babe" Tori immediately knows they have plans and looks at Robbo "It is fine I will go" Robbo shakes his head "No this is way more important. We can chat then i will meet Jasmine in diner afterwards" Robbo looks at Jasmine seriously and Jasmine knows to leave.

Jasmine walks out and walks in the diner to see Irene "I hate it sometimes" Irene surprised to see Jasmine "Don't you have dinner with Robbo?" Jasmine nods "Meant too but apparently Tori more important I am getting a bit over it" Irene looks at Jasmine "They been through so much and could of lost each other so give then time" Jasmine nods as she goes and sits a table still a bit annoyed

'Robbo looks at Tori "Why do you need to resign?" Tori takes a breath "Because i kissed my brother surgeon I went to thank you and I kissed him" Tori puts her head down in embarrassment "It will be fine he will know you had a big day and if it gets worst you avoid him" Tori nods "We work together Robbo. I just need to resign" Robbo sits beside Tori and pulls her into a hug "It will be fine I promise you. Besides I'm always here for you" Tori smiles as she replies "And I am for you.  We are lucky to have each other" With that the pair hug again

Meanwhile ever since the kiss Christian hadn't stopped thinking about Tori. He only came to the bay to work but he knew since that kiss he felt something and that he was falling for Tori

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Chapter 2

It was a hour later when Robbo walked in the diner seeing Jasmine who looked mad "What took you so long?" Robbo can see his wife wasn't happy but Tori needed him "I had to talk Tori out of resigning" Jasmine calmed down but was worried "What? Why?" Robbo looks at Jasmine "It is a long story and I promised Tori I wouldn't tell" Jasmine was annoyed but hid she hated that Tori had Robbo wrapped around her finger after all Robbo should be wrapped around hers and not Tori's

It was the next morning when Robbo walked out of the flat to see Tori and Grace waiting outside. He smiled at the pair as he walked out and picked up his daughter out of the pram "I had no idea you guys were coming" Tori looks at Robbo "She wouldn't sleep last night and I'm exhausted on top of that I have this other issue just please distract me" Robbo nods he can see Tori is stressing out he then looks at his daughter "Right troublemaker what this about you keeping your mum up on hours" Robbo smiled as he held his daughter. Tori watched the pair and couldn't be happier about choosing Robbo to be Grace's dad and about the family unit they had become. Robbo looks at Tori "Lets get out of here" Tori nods as Robbo holds her hand and holds Grace and Tori pushes the pram.

The trio arrive at Salt shortly after and sit down as Tori looks at Robbo "How mad was Jasmine?" Robbo knew Tori would ask "Pretty mad but I don't care after your my family and you need me too not just Jasmine" Tori feels awful "I don't want to come" Robbo knows what she is going to say and cuts her off "Tori your not I promise" With that Robbo grabs Tori hand and she grabs his back as the pair share a moment.

Christian had just walked in Salt when he spotted Tori sitting with some guy and a kid which made him confused why kiss him if she already taken. But what he saw next that was what made him jealous he saw the pair grab hands and share a moment. He was upset but he should of known someone as attractive as Tori would be taken but what he didn't understand was why did she kiss him and why hadn't Tori or Justin mention that Tori got a daughter

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Chapter 3

It was a few hours later when Robbo walked in to the hospital carrying Grace and Tori hiding her head in his chest so she wasn't seen. The trio were on a mission to see Justin as Tori kinda of rushed off and Robbo wanted to see how he was. The trio walked into Justin's room and Justin smiled but looked confused as he saw Tori hidden in Robbo arms "Is she ok?" Robbo nods "Grace kept her up that all" Justin buys this as Tori finally looks up "How are you feeling?" Justin can see his sister worry "The painkillers are helping that is the main thing" Tori and Robbo laugh as Justin speaks "My back is doing ok" The two smile but still can't help that worry after all they lost enough people already.

Leah had a text from Justin to get more drinks as Tori and Robbo were there but on her way back was shocked to see Jasmine at the counter talking to Justin's surgeon instead of with Robbo. Leah walks over to the pair "Surprised your not in there after all Robbo is here" Jasmine is surprised "What he didn't tell me he was coming?" Leah realizes she put her foot in it as Christian listens to the pair talk trying to figure out who this guy is. Leah looks at Jasmine "He bought Tori and Grace in" Jasmine nods "Right I shall come with you" With that Leah and Jasmine walk away leaving Christian confused. Christian guessed Grace was her daughter and figured Robbo was Tori's partner but if that was the case why did Jasmine care so much.

Jasmine and Leah walk in the room and Jasmine walks over and kisses Robbo before looking at Tori "Please tell me your not resigning?" This made Justin and Leah look at Tori confused as Justin spoke "What do you mean resign? Why?" Tori looks to Robbo and he nods "Robbo talked me out of it and it doesn't matter why" Justin, Leah and Jasmine knew there was more to it but they knew to not push on the matter.

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Chapter 4

It was a little while later when Christian saw Justin's door open and then Tori walking out with her head buried in the guy chest as Jasmine walked beside then holding Grace. Christian could tell that Jasmine was friends with the couple so perhaps he could ask her what the deal was but he knew he didn't know her well enough to do that so would have to figure it out himself.

Christian watched Jasmine walk up and straight into Justin room shortly later and a little while after he followed suit but stopped outside the door when he heard a chat the pair were having "When did you find out Tori wanted to resign?" Jasmine can see Justin concern "Last night Robbo told me he found out not long before and was able to talk her around" Justin nods "I don't get why she would want too" Jasmine nods in agreement "Neither but whatever it is she told Robbo and he knows"  At this point Christian wonders if it was because of the kiss why she wanted too resign but then again she was with someone else so why would it be.

Instead of going to Justin's room Christian decides he needs to go and find Tori and that he needs to talk to her. He needs to understand why the kiss happened and if resigning at all had anything to do with it.

Christian left the hospital and was walking along the beach when he spotted Tori thankfully without the guy instead a blonde female this time. The pair looked rather close but Christian knew he needed to interrupt and talk to Tori. "Tori can we talk?"

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Chapter 5

Both Tori and the blonde turned around as the girl looked at Tori "I will leave you to it" Tori shakes her head "No Zig you will stay here" Ziggy nods as she stays by her sister in law side as Tori looks at Christian "What is it?" Christian looks at her "Why were you going to resign?" Tori was surprised how the hell did he know about that "How did you?" Christian cut her off "Jasmine and Justin I heard then talking" Tori looks at Ziggy and nods so she knows they are both about to walk "I was going too so i could focus on Grace more that all" With that Tori and Ziggy walked away while Christian stood there worried. He knew there was something more to it something more to the reason Tori was thinking about leaving and he wanted to know what that reason was

As Ziggy and Tori walked into Salt Ziggy looked at her sister in law "Who was that?" Tori knew she was going to ask that "Justin's surgeon that why you haven't seen him before" Ziggy nods as she looks at Tori again "I don't understand why he would ask why you wanted to resign it isn't his place" Tori agrees "I have no idea but we will never find out" Ziggy nods "I guess we won't"

It was later on when Ziggy arrived at the hospital needing to speak to Justin. She had a feeling that something was up with Tori and Justin's surgeon and she needed help to figure out what that was. As Ziggy walked in she could tell her boss was surprised "Is something wrong at work?" Ziggy shakes her head "What going on with Tori and your doctor?" This question surprised Justin and Ziggy could see that by his reaction. "What do you mean?" Ziggy looked at her boss "It just when Tori and I were hanging out he came and asked why she was thinking about leaving and Tori made sure we made a quick escape that all" This information made Justin worried and confused all he knew was he needed to talk to Tori and find out what the hell was going on

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Chapter 6

As Tori walks in Justin's room she sees Ziggy with him and is shocked at what Justin's says "What happened between you and my doctor?" Tori shakes her head "Nothing" Ziggy looks at her "As your sister in law. Well as a Morgan even if Brody and I aren't together I could see there was something" Tori looks at the worried pair "There nothing going on and there never will be" Ziggy smirks as she speaks "He clearly likes you" Tori shakes her head "He doesn't and besides I don't want to be in a relationship" With that Tori again exits the room

Tori runs to Robbo's place a mess and knocks on the door to see Jasmine opening it all dressed up "Robbo and I have dinner plans" Tori could tell the nurse was mad "Fine I will go" However before she gets the chance Robbo walks out and knows Tori not in a good way "Jas I will meet you there" Jasmine looks mad "But" Robbo cuts her off "But nothing Tori needs me" Jasmine leaves looking cross as Robbo pulls Tori into his arms.

The pair then walk inside as Robbo looks down at Tori "What is it?" Tori looks up as Robbo holds her "Ziggy thinks Christian into me but he can't be. I can't do a relationship and besides I have Grace and you and that enough" Robbo nods "Well then what you do is stay as far away from him as possible and I will talk to Ziggy and Justin" Tori nods "From what I seen he is determined what if they are right and he doesn't give up" Robbo looks at Tori and then speaks "I will sort him out" 

Meanwhile Jasmine is in the diner looking mad when Christian walks in and towards her "Is everything ok?" Jasmine looks at the doctor "You barely know me you don't need to hear my issues" Christian smiles "I honestly don't mind" Jasmine nods "I come second best to someone else my husband much prefers to spend time with her then me. Chooses her time and time again" Christian can see Jasmine hurting "Then he isn't a good husband" Jasmine nods "He used to be but now cause he been through so much with this person they come first" Christian walks over and hugs the nurse who surprises herself by hugging back "Thank you for listening Doctor Green" Christian smiles as he looks at the nurse "Anytime"

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Chapter 7

After a hour of waiting at the diner for Robbo, Jasmine had enough and races up to the flat to see Robbo sits down as Tori is laying down asleep on his knee "We had dinner plans" Robbo looks up "Tori needed me I couldn't leave her" Jasmine can't believe this she is getting more mad by the second "And what about me I'm your wife" Robbo looks up at her "And Tori she is my family" This makes Jasmine so mad that she walks out and slams the door behind up which wakes up Tori.

Tori sits up and looks at Robbo "What time is it?" Robbo checks his watch "9pm" Tori feels awful "No wonder Jasmine is annoyed" Robbo looks at Tori "Don't worry about her besides you are Grace you guys come first" Tori looks at her best friend "Still she is your wife" Robbo knows this but he is over Jasmine antics "Yeah well your my family and I so mad at her right now, her antics are getting a bit much" Tori understands that as she decides to go back to sleep after all at least with Robbo she knew she was safe

Jasmine walked into Salt not even looking at who was there "A wine please and keep then going" The waitress nods as Jasmine hears a voice "It didn't get any better" That voice belonged to Christian. "No it didn't I think he given up on me on our marriage" Christian looks at his friend " You don't know that" Jasmine takes a sip of her drink "He never showed up he would told her to go and showed up if he cared" With that Jasmine drank one glass of wine after another as an worried Christian watched on

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Chapter 8

It is the next day when Christian spots Tori "Seem Jasmine" Tori turns to face him surprised that he bought up her friend "No why" Christian looks at Tori "She got wasted last night. I couldn't stop her from drinking and she was rambling about coming second to someone" Tori feels awful as she utters a thank you to Christian and runs to the apartment to see Robbo playing with Grace. He turns around sees the worried look on Tori face he knows something wrong "Seem Jasmine today" Robbo shakes his head "No why" Tori takes a breath "Because she got smashed last night" Robbo just nods as she focuses on Grace "She can't get smashed everytime I choose my family" Tori nods "I know. Want me to sort it or will you?" Robbo looks at Tori "I can't even look at her so you need too" Tori nods before leaving

Tori walks down the beach when she spots Jasmine walking out of the water fully clothed "So you did get smashed last night" Jasmine nods "Why do you care. You don't if you did you would stay out of Robbo's life" Tori knew Jasmine was wasted so probably didn't mean it well not fully anyway. Jasmine looks at Tori before speaking again "I'm serious stay away from Robbo he is my husband not yours and i want a life without you guys acting like your a married couple". Unknown to Jasmine and Tori, Christian was walking towards the pair just in time to see Jasmine make her next move. One that both surprised Tori and Christian she slapped Tori before pushing her to the ground and walking away. Christian ran towards Tori and grabbed her hand and pulled her up "You alright?" Tori nods "Fine or i will be after i get some ice on my eye"

Christian holds Tori close as the pair walk to the diner. It was clear Tori was shaken by the experience and Christian didn't blame her. The pair walk in the diner and as soon as Tori walks in Robbo spots her and can tell something wrong why else would she be  in the guys she trying to avoid arms besides he could see Tori shaken. Robbo walks towards the pair "What happened?" Tori knows this will shock and upset Robbo "Jasmine slapped me and pushed me to the ground" This shocked Robbo and he wanted to yell at Jasmine but all he cared about now was Tori he immediately grabbed her hand and she walked towards him and buried her head in her chest " Your alright T"

As Christian watched Tori go into Robbo arms he couldn't help but feel jealous. He knew he was Tori partner but he was jealous. He was taking care of her until this guy came along. Christian decided he should go and started to leaving when he heard Tori voice "Thank you for taking care of me and saving me from Jasmine" Christian shows Tori a smile "Of course anytime." With that Christian takes one last look at Tori in Robbo arms before leaving

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Chapter 9

After taking care of Tori when she was getting hurt, Christian knew he wanted to protect her always. He usually didn't fall for people he worked with but he was with Tori and he was quickly. Christian knew there was one thing that stopped him from even having a chance with Tori the fact she have a boyfriend and he could see he was clearly protective over her.

Robbo and Tori are now sitting in the apartment when Jasmine barges in annoyed to see Tori "I made myself clear" This makes Robbo mad "Tori my family, she is apart of my life get used too it. " Jasmine looks annoyed so Tori decides to leave. She gives Robbo a smile before walking out.

Tori doesn't get very far before she spots Christian on the pier and walks over she speaks so he will know she is there "Thank you for saving me before things got heated" Christian shows a smile as Tori sits besides him "Of course beside I couldn't stand there and watch you get hurt" Tori nods as she smiles at the doctor "Look i'm sorry for kissing you" Christian hides his sadness "I didn't realize it was that bad" Tori feels awful "That not what I meant it just can't happen again that" Tori then gets up and walks away as Christian sits there heartbroken but also determined to win Tori heart and will do whatever he needs too so he is given a chance to be with her

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Note: Sorry for delay in updating. I have been unwell


Chapter 10

Christian had never felt this way before this was something he knew since the moment she kissed him and even more since helping her when she was hurt. He wanted a chance to get to know her he just hoped he would get it even those she already taken.

It is a few days later and Christian haven't seen Tori since she had been hurt. He arrived at the hospital and saw Jasmine and Tori working together this surprised him after what had happened but also from where he was standing Jasmine looked like she was faking it. Before Christian even had the chance to walk over he saw Robbo approaching Tori so stood back to watch and seeing what happened and what did happen he wished he could happen with him and Tori the pair hugged and kissed on the cheek Christian guessed the only reason they didn't properly kiss was because Jasmine was there. Little did Christian know the truth about the trio relationship

It was a while later when Tori was alone and Christian walked over "You ok after what happened?" Tori nods "It was a drunken mistake and I kind of had it coming" Christian  shakes his head "Tori i watched the whole thing you didn't do anything wrong" Tori looks at him "I have ok she had her reasons" Christian looks confused "No reason is reason for slacking someone" Tori shakes her head "There is one, many but it complicated" With that Tori walks away leaving Christian confused. He wanted to know what was so complicated 

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