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Worth It

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Title: Worth It

Type of Fic: Long Fic

Rating: T/A

Genre: Romance/Drama/General

Characters: Tori, Christian, Justin, Leah, Irene, Robbo, Jasmine, Colby, Lance

Rating: Violence (V/D)

Spoilers: Yes

Summary: Tori has just kissed Christian and is confused and she goes to Robbo for support but how will Robbo feel about Tori and Christian getting closer?


Chapter 1

Robbo, Jasmine and Colby’s apartment


Tori rocks up on Robbo’s doorstep and he can instantly see she is upset. He hugs her and they walk into the house and get comfortable on couch. He takes her hand.

Robbo: what’s happened?

Tori: the surgery went well and Justin should hopefully be ok

Robbo: that’s great. Then why are you crying? Unless it’s happy tears?

Tori: I was so overwhelmed by it all and happy with how it went that I might of accidentally kissing Christian

Robbo: your brothers surgeon?

Tori: yeah that’s the guy

Robbo: ok I don’t see the issue. Unless he did something. Did he do something?

Tori: no! I kissed him and the he looked so shocked so I ran for the hills

Robbo: so do you think he likes you? Is this what this is about it?

Tori: I don’t know whether he likes me! I don’t want know whether I like him! I kissed him on impulse! It was a mistake!

Robbo: Tori kissing someone isn’t the end of the world. I mean he is single right?

Tori: yeah he is

Robbo: so he got kissed by you. I call that lucky.

Tori: really?

Robbo: of course. Your great. Any guy who ends up with you will know if for sure

Tori: thank you. I was freaking out. But being here with you. I feel safe and clam.

Robbo: I will always be here for you, I love you

Tori: I love you too

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Chapter 2

Christian’s apartment


Christian is thinking about the fact that Tori kissed him and then their conversation after, like why does she regret kissing him? Did she not like it? Is he not good enough? He told her it was shame she thought these things. He was starting to see her in a new light. Like he wants to see if they can be something? Maybe he just needs to win her over.


At the hospital

Tori’s office


Tori is thinking about Christian and how he said he thinks it’s a shame that they can’t be anything and she still doesn’t know herself whether she wants that with him, it’s just confusing.


At Salt


Christian walks in to find Tori at the bar and he realises this is his chance

Christian: hey

Tori: hi

Christian: so no daughter tonight?

Tori: nope she is with Jasmine

Christian: then you can stay and have a drink with me

Tori: um sure

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Chapter 3




Christian: so tell me more about you?

Tori: well I’m a doctor and mum

Christian: is Grace’s father in the picture?

Tori: yeah he is. He’s a great dad.

Christian: so he’s...

Tori: he’s right behind you

Tori smiles at a Robbo who has just arrived

Robbo: hey

Tori: this is Robbo, my best friend, Grace’s father and this is Christian my brothers surgeon

Robbo: nice to meet you

Christian: you too. so your.. 

Robbo: here to steal Tori away yeah

Tori: what? Why?

Robbo: do you need to be rescued?

Tori: Urg no

Robbo: ah my mistake. Anyway I’ll see you later. Bye Christian

Christian: bye. so what was the about?

Tori: no idea. Sorry I have to go

Tori runs after Robbo leaving Christian very confused about what all that was.

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Chapter 4


5 minutes ago


Robbo had just walked into salt and saw Tori their and he was surprised to see her with some other guy. He realises he wants to know more so approaches them.


Back to Present


Outside the surf club


Tori finally catches up to Robbo


Tori: just stop and talk to me

Robbo: what was that about?

Tori: we were just getting to know each other

Robbo: do you like him? I thought you said you didn’t. I’m confused

Tori: I don’t know ok. I’m just trying to sort my head out

Robbo: then talk to me, explain it

Tori: I want to give Christian a chance I guess

Robbo: why? We don’t let people in and you know why

Tori: I want a partner!

Robbo: you have me isn’t that enough?

Tori: of course it is! Never doubt that! But we’re not.. we have never been... you know I just want that

Robbo: I know I’m sorry I’m being selfish, I have Jasmine, you want someone too I get it

Tori: don’t be jealous

Robbo: I’m not! Well I am but not in that way

Tori: I get it

Robbo: so you going to go back?

Tori: I think I’ve confused Christian enough for one day. I’ll talk to him tomorrow. Let’s just go spend time with our daughter as a family

Robbo: sounds like a plan

Robbo takes Tori’s hand and they walk off together

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Chapter 5


The Morgan House


Justin is surprised to see Christian at his door


Justin: hi

Christian: is Tori here?

Justin: nah shes with Robbo. Why what’s up?

Christian: I just need to talk to her about last night

Justin: wait you were with her last night? I thought she was with Robbo and Grace?

Christian: she was with me but then bailed to go after Robbo

Justin: after Robbo? Huh? Did they have a fight or something?

Christian: he seemed jealous or something over us spending time together and she chased after him it was werid

Justin: right

Christian: so can you tell me what’s going on?

Justin: um

Christian: I mean she kissed me, does she like me?

Justin: wait she kissed you? When?

Christian: after your surgery

Justin: right

Christian: so do you know what’s going on with her?

Justin: um maybe?

Christian: right but your not going to tell me?

Justin: well I think you should hear it from her. I mean you want to date my sister?

Christian: well I was hoping it would end up like that yeah

Justin: wow um this is too much for me. You need to talk to Tori

Christian: wait? But I need to know what to say?

Justin: just tell her how you feel what’s the worst that can happen?

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Chapter 6


The hospital


Christian was trying to weigh up what he was going to say to Tori but ultimately he just didn’t know. He soon goes to Tori’s office to see if she is their but as he knocks on the door Robbo soon comes out of it


Robbo: hi

Christian: hi, is Tori in their?

Robbo: no

Christian: then why were you in their?

Robbo: I was talking to Jasmine

Christian: right why though in Tori’s office?

Robbo: Tori said we could use her office when she’s not here it’s fine

Christian: right. Do you know where Tori is?

Robbo: doing rounds?

Christian: right ok I’ll go find her

Robbo: ok you go do that, bye

Christian: bye

Christian is now even more confused but decides to go see if he can track Tori down

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Chapter 7


The Morgan House


Justin comes in to find Tori


Justin: hey

Tori: hey

Justin: did Christian find you?

Tori: um no, why?

Justin: he was going to talk to you about his feelings

Tori: um since when?

Justin: since he bailed me up for info on you and Robbo

Tori: me and Robbo?

Justin: T have you told Christian your not with Robbo

Tori: well I... ok technically no. But Robbo is married, has a wedding ring on, and I don’t so clearly he would join those dots right?

Justin: maybe he didn’t notice

Tori: but surley he would of right? Plus I kissed Christian, what he thinks I kiss people if I’m with someone else?

Justin: you got to admit that you and Robbo together isn’t a normal friendship/ relationship it’s hard to explain what you are too each other. So how do you expect Christian to get that?

Tori: I guess I can see why he would think we are together. He clearly hasn’t seen Robbo and Jasmine together

Justin: well if he had of I think that would confuse him more

Tori: ok so what do I do?

Justin: well what do you want to do?

Tori: I’m confused

Justin: do you want to be with Christian?

Tori: I don’t know

Justin: if you don’t do you care that he thinks you are with Robbo?

Tori: I don’t know. I have all these confusing emotions about Christian and I’m not sure what I want with him or what I want us to be

Justin: ok but what are you going to tell him?

Tori: that... I don’t know

Justin: well this is going to be a disaster but good luck

Tori: wait your leaving me hanging? But I need advice!

Justin: well I tried and you still don’t know. I don’t get what you want me to say

Tori: I want you to tell me what I should do about Christian

Justin: the only thing you can do. Be honest and hope he gets it

Tori: your no help

Justin: love you too sis. I am stepping back from this conversation. Good luck

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21 minutes ago, torian said:

Loved this 

Loved Justin telling Tori that her and Robbo isnt a easy thing to figure out

Loved then chatting about Christian

Loved bro sis moments

Yep Justin was just pointing out the obvious about Robbo and Tori. Yep Justin and Tori’s relationship is so special.


Chapter 8

Outside the surf club


Tori is walking and see’s Christian and tries to leave before he see’s her but it’s too late


Christian: hey

Tori: hi

Christian: so your a hard woman to track down, not at work? Not at home? We’re you been?

Tori: around look do we have to do this?

Christian: do what? Talk about our feelings? Figure things out? Help me out here? I’m so confused

Tori: confused about?

Christian: about you? About us? About Robbo? I don’t get it. But I want to get it. Please just let me in

Tori: maybe it’s better for you if I don’t. Maybe it’s better if we’re not together.

Christian: isn’t that my call? Or our call? I’m pretty sure that’s not just your call anyway?

Tori: maybe I’m making this decision for us? Maybe it’s better that way?

Christian: for you maybe but not me. I just want an honest answer

Tori: about what?

Christian: do you like me?

Tori: yes

Christian: well that’s all I wanted to know. I’ll see you around

Tori: what?! That’s all your going to say to me?!

Christian: well what do you want me to say? You won’t talk to me about anything? So asking about whether you feel the same might be the only answer I get from you so I’ll take it

Tori: don’t leave

Christian: oh now you want to talk?

Tori: I want to talk. I went to tell you everything. I want to trust you. I want us. I just can’t right now. Give me time

Christian: ok I can do that.

Tori: really?

Christian: yes because for some reason I really really like you and I think we could be really good together I’m just hoping you will give me the chance to prove that to you

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Chapter 9


On the beach 


Robbo and Jasmine are sitting on the beach together and laughing


Jasmine: hey your not going to get away with that?

Robbo: with what?

Jasmine: you know what?

Robbo: no really what

Jasmine: not going in the water

Robbo: oh that.. but I really don’t want too

Jasmine: come on it’ll be fun

Robbo: but it’s cold

Jasmine: oh wow I would not of guessed

Robbo: fine but your coming with me

Jasmine: well duh just fyi that was too easy

Robbo: what can I say I’m soft for you

Jasmine: and Tori. And Grace

Robbo: yeah only for my family

Jasmine: after this swim we really do need to talk about Christian

Robbo: do we have too? I mean we’re going in the water yeah? Let’s go swimming

Jasmine smiles at his avoidance tratic but follows him into the water anyway


Up the top of the dunes


Tori is on a walk with Grace and stops at the top she looks down and see’s Robbo and Jasmine in the water together, she smiles. Suddenly she is interrupted by a voice


Lance: what you doing up here by yourself

Tori turns around is super excited and happy to see Lance. She quickly hugs him

Tori: what are you doing here?

Lance: came to see Robbo but I couldn’t not see you. And I had good timing to find you alone

Tori: yeah Robbo and Jasmine are in the water

Tori points down towards the water and Lance see’s them together, he smiles.

Lance: I’m glad they are happy. They do make a good couple don’t they

Tori: yeah they do. I just you know...

Lance: wish it was you? Yeah I think you guys could of worked together as a couple I’m never quite sure why you didn’t

Tori: it was never like that with us. We just didn’t...

Lance: I know. Which is why you deserve someone too.

Tori: my family is enough

Lance: and you have me!

Tori: yeah I’ve missed you so much

Lance: me too

Tori grand Lance’s hand. and he smiles

Lance: I’ve missed this

Tori: what?

Lance: us being together. Hanging out. Talking, just being happy together

Tori: me too. let’s go down and join the happy couple

Lance: sounds like a plan to me

Tori and Lance walk off together holding hands.


5 minutes earlier


Christian was walking alone when he see’s some guy talking to Tori and they look happy together, Christian is wondering who this guy is? And what his connection is to Tori? He soon see’s them walk off hand in hand together which makes him more confused. Just who is this guy? And is he a threat to what he’s trying to build with Tori?

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Chapter 10


The Morgan House


Justin was surprised but happy to see who was with Tori when she arrived back at the house


Justin: hey mate

Justin and Lance bro hug

Lance: long time no see

Justin: yeah I missed this. Having a mate around. I mean you know me I’m not Robbo’s best mate or anything but Christian and me might become friends who knows

Lance: wait who is Christian?

Justin: um a guy that likes Tori. He’s a surgeon at the hospital. He saved my life

Lance: oh I didn’t realise you were that close to him

Justin: I’m not yet but I could be? I don’t know we’ll have to see

Lance: and you want to date him? What’s he like? Can I meet him? Wait does Robbo know? Has he met him?

Tori: wow so many questions one at a time sorry

Lance: sorry just trying to catch up I’ve missed a lot clearly

Tori: yeah I do like him but I don’t know if I want to start something yet. He’s nice. You can meet him if you want. Robbo does know and has met him. You all good now

Lance: no not even close

Tori: ok what else do you want to know?

Lance: everything

Tori: that could take awhile

Lance: good thing I have time then

Tori: really, how long you staying?

Lance: however long you like. I took some time off work to spend with my family. If you want me here

Tori: what of course I do! I’m so glad your here! This is going to be amazing spending heaps of time together. Robbo will be stoked too

Lance: well I didn’t just come for him. I came for you too. And Jasmine as well

Justin: what about me?

Lance: you too. we all have to stick together. We only have each other to rely on and you know why.

Tori: I know

Justin: of course we know

Lance: good so family time?

Tori: family

Justin: family

Lance: I heard your dating Leah how did that happen?

Justin: I don’t know we just got close and it did.

Lance: I’m glad your happy you deserve it

Justin: thank you. Leah is great.

Lance: so should we call Robbo and Jasmine? Let’s all have dinner together

Justin: can Leah come?

Lance: of course I know we can trust her

Justin: cool I’ll call her

Tori: I’ll call salt

Lance: I’ll call Robbo and Jasmine then

Tori: cool let’s do this

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