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Chapter 21


The Beach

Christian is still trying to figure out how it went so wrong when Justin angrily storms up to him on the beach


Justin: what the hell did you do to my sister?

Christian: I’m surprised it’s you and not Robbo

Justin: oh your lucky it’s me! Robbo wanted to kill you but we all decided it’s best if I came

Christian: well thanks for not wanting me dead

Justin: oh I never said I didn’t just that Robbo has the skills too me not so much

Christian: I still don’t get what I said that was so wrong

Justin: maybe because you know nothing about us, about our family, about our life, how can you possibly understand

Christian: well tell me so I can

Justin: what? So you can get let off easy? So you can work stuff out? How about no, that’s not how that works, how can we trust you?

Christian: you can try giving me a chance

Justin: why bother? Nothings going to change, your still trying to figure out how to save this when really their was no way to save it in this first place

Christian: because of Robbo?

Justin: no because your not family!

Christian: maybes that a good thing

Justin: it’s not. We need people we can trust. People who are 100% loyal to us. And your not it

Christian: I care about Tori a lot

Justin: so?

Christian: well I was hoping I could prove you can all trust me and we could begin a life together you know but I got no answers, too many questions and a lot of opposition

Justin: you expect us to what trust you just because you say we can?

Christian: no that’s not what I’m saying

Justin: then what are you saying?

Christian: I don’t know what to do to prove that I’m in this and you can trust me

Justin: and that’s the problem right their

Christian: what?

Justin: that you think you have to prove it

Christian: I don’t get it

Justin: yeah I know... I know! Just stop with the words and start with the actions. And no moving to the bay isn’t the answer. Find the answer Christian, your time is running out and Tori is already angry, so figure it out and fast otherwise your out and trust me when I say you won’t get another chance


The Morgan House


Robbo is pacing & Tori and Jasmine are trying to calm him down


Tori: just stop

Jasmine: come on you don’t need to go beat him up

Tori: he’s not worth it

Jasmine: yeah ectually

Robbo: I know. I’m just so angry

Tori: me too

Jasmine: hopefully he leaves town

Robbo: well if I have anything to say about it he will


Justin arrives back


Tori: what did you tell him?

Justin: what he needed to hear

Tori: which was what?

Justin: that his time is running out so if he doesn’t figure things out then it’s over for him

Tori: good, the sooner this is over the better

Justin: you really don’t want to see him?

Tori: no, he crossed a line. We can’t come back from this

Justin: even if he figures out how to fix it?

Tori: is that likley? Honestly he’s had enough time

Justin: true I still say he might come though

Robbo: seriously your voting on him?

Justin: I didn’t say that, just that everyone deserves a chance to try to fix things, right their wrongs, make things better, you know

Jasmine: yeah maybe but Christian?

Robbo: I still don’t like him but if he figures it out I’ll give him credit

Tori: really?

Robbo: Tori your the most important person in my life and you deserve to be happy. Even if it’s with some guy I don’t like or trust. Maybe he’ll prove me wrong I’m not betting on it though

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Chapter 17   The Morgan House   Christian has arrived to talk to Tori   Christian: hey Tori: hey Christian: so am I walking into bad news? Tori: just take

Part 22


Robbo, Jasmine, Colby’s apartment


Colby is surprised to find Christian on his doorstep


Colby: hi what can I do for you?

Christian: um can we talk

Colby: um sure. Come in

Christian: thanks

Colby: so what do you want to talk about?

Christian: why aren’t you dating Tori?

Colby: Um I don’t see how that’s any of your business

Christian: I just need an answer please

Colby: because she doesn’t want to ruin the family if things didn’t work out

Christian: ok so that’s the same with that Lance guy right?

Colby: yeah. I still don’t get why your asking about this

Christian: I’m trying to put the pieces together it’s not working and I’m running out of time

Colby: time for what?

Christian: to prove to Tori and Robbo that they can trust me

Colby: right, well I can’t help you with that

Christian: I know. Also one last question

Colby: ok ask away

Christian: are you dating anyone? Or did you in the past?

Colby: I was married once

Christian: why did it end?

Colby: because she couldn’t accept the fact I killed my step father

Christian: what was he like?

Colby: a horrible evil person. He killed both my parents, he kidnapped my sister and it took me 6 years to find them. I have my sister in my life now and she is the only blood family I have left, then I have my river boy family and then the rest of my family and you want to be apart of that! But maybe it’s time to accept you never could be

Christian: ok back to your wife. Would you stay she’s the love of your life?

Colby: yes. I don’t think I can move on she was the one

Christian: I get it

Colby: do you?

Christian: yeah finding the one person to spend the rest of your life with isn’t easy. It’s a miracle if it happens at all

Colby: yep a lot of people don’t find that so when you do I advise you to hold on and to never let go

Christian: I’m an idiot

Colby: why?

Christian: because I just figured out the answer

Colby: the answer to what?

Christian: to winning Tori back. Thank you I got to go

Christian leaves in a hurry and Colby is kind of smiling he probably shouldn’t of helped Christian but hey since he now knows the answer maybe it’ll work out. Maybe Christian can save it. After all, all they have ever wanted is for Tori to be safe and loved. I hope she will be with Christian


The Morgan House


Christian arrives at the house and knocks on the door and Tori is surprised to see him


Tori: what are you doing here?

Christian: I figured it out

Tori: what?

Christian: how to prove to you and Robbo that you can trust me

Tori: I’m listening

Christian: I love you

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Part 23


The Morgan House


Tori: what?

Christian: Tori I love you please say something

Tori: I don’t understand what you want me to say?

Christian: maybe that you feel the same? They you want to give me another chance? I figured it out I thought you would be happy?

Tori: yeah I would be if you had of but you still don’t get it

Christian: Tori I thought that’s what you wanted? It’s not

Tori: what for you to stand here and tell me you love me? That’s the answer? That’s what we have been fighting over for weeks? All the trust? All the hope? Everything for that?

Christian: well I...

Tori: just stop. Just stop trying to win me over. You haven’t heard a word I’ve said or anything Robbo has said either.

Christian: what did I miss?

Tori: the obvious

Christian: which is?

Tori: words will never be enough and actions speak louder

Christian: but Colby said...

Tori: you talked to Colby about me?!

Christian: well yeah I needed some help

Tori: right

Christian: I’m sorry

Tori: you still don’t get it. And me standing here hoping you will isn’t going to change that

Christian: no I can get it. Just give me more time

Tori: you’ve had weeks! Come on if you were going to figure it out you would of by now

Christian: no I don’t believe that I can prove it to you

Tori: fine you got 24 hours after that I’m done ok, either give me the answer or stay out of my life


The Beach


Christian is wondering what he missed and how he thought he had the answer and it’s all wrong. He doesn’t get it and he really wants too


Colby: hey

Christian: hi

Colby: so did you figure it out?

Christian: I thought so but apparently not

Colby: maybe I shouldn’t of helped you. Maybe they were right to cut you out

Christian: no they weren’t! I want to be with Tori. I love her

Colby: oh so you did tell her

Christian: wait, what? If that was the answer then why didn’t it work?

Colby: because it’s not the complete answer it’s only part of it

Christian: part of it?

Colby: yeah I assumed you would understand the rest, I gave you so many hints

Christian: well apparently I’m just stupid

Colby: no your not. Your just not thinking logically. You keep thinking your going to lose Tori and then you keep trying to stop it from happening and you keep messing up because you should know the answer and it’s pretty easy to guess. So man up and work it out. Last chance


The Morgan House


Christian is outside and thinking about everything Tori and Robbo has ever told him. About how he needs to stop using words because words aren’t enough and that actions speak louder and he really hopes he got this right this time because if he doesn’t he’s going to lose Tori for good.

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Part 24


The Morgan House


Tori and Robbo are talking on the couch together


Tori: so I think you were right about Christian all along, we can’t trust him

Robbo: I’m sorry. I know you liked him

Tori: he came over yesterday and told me he loved me

Robbo: well he finally got something right

Tori: I know I was surprised but it’s not enough he needs to be all in before we can trust him and let us into our family. I gave him the rest of today to figure out the rest, I don’t know if he will

Robbo: well if he does I will give him credit. I meant that

Tori: I know. You just want me to be safe and loved

Robbo: I do, I can protect you and so can the rest of the family but Christian? Idk

Tori: what if he figures it out? Then we can be one big happy family?

Robbo: one step at a time

Tori: your all I have ever needed that will never change with or without Christian

Robbo: same goes for me. You are the most important person in my life and I love you so much

Tori: me too. Always. To infinity and back

Robbo: to infinity and beyond

Tori: tochue

Tori lays down in Robbo’s lap and starts to close her eyes but they are suddenly interrupted by a knock at the door, Robbo goes to answer it and is surprised to find Christian on the other side of it


Christian: can we talk?

Robbo: you want to talk to me or Tori?

Christian: both? Idk

Robbo: right

Christian: I figured it out!

Robbo: what?

Christian: I understand everything now ok, I get it. And I get why you hate me but your wrong about me I can protect Tori. I am committed to this relationship and our life that we’re going to build together.

Robbo: really? Well tell us then! Enlighten us

Tori: you really figured it out?

Christian: yeah Tori I did. And I’m sorry for being stupid and not getting it before. I didn’t understand but I do now

Robbo: do you want me to leave?

Christian: well if you want too. You can stay I don’t care

Robbo: I’ll be back in 5 minutes. Tori good luck

Tori: be back soon

Robbo: I’m not going far

Tori: I love you

Robbo: I love you too. And you take care of my girl

Christian: I will I promise

Robbo: good see you in a few minutes

Robbo walks out

Tori: so?

Christian: I.. I’m nervous but your worth it.

Tori: just tell him please. You found the answer. So ask me

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Part 25


Outside the Morgan House


Robbo hasn’t got far but he figured he should give Tori and Christian some space he actually didn’t think Christian would find the answer, I guess the guy is smarter than he thought. He hopes it’s going well, he just wants Tori to be happy, she deserves it.


Inside the Morgan House


Tori: you know I was losing hope

Christian: I know and I’m sorry. I just needed to catch up but I’m their now and then we can plan the rest of our lives together

Tori: I hope so, I want this Christian, I want you, I want us. I tried to tell you at the beginning but you didn’t get it

Christian: yeah because I refused to listen but I’m listening now to everything. Every conversation we’ve ever had, everything we’ve talked about, about trusting me and being someone you guys can trust but I am that guy, you can trust me. I want to be a part of your family

Tori: I never actually thought I would meet the right guy, after Grace I just assumed I would be alone but then you came into my life and I knew you were the one, I could feel it, I just needed you to get their too

Christian: I’m glad I finally did. I love you and I want us to work

Tori: me too and now we will. No regrets. No take backs. Your stuck with me

Christian: I wouldn’t have it any other way

Tori: so you ready?

Christian: yeah


The Diner


Justin, Leah and Jasmine are all having coffee together


Justin: so you got plans today?

Jasmine: not really. Just waiting for Robbo to text

Leah: about what?

Jasmine: about whether Christian and Tori are going to be together

Justin: ah so he told you

Jasmine: of course

Leah: yeah don’t worry we all know. Colby told us all everything

Jasmine: of course he did. He can’t keep a secret from the family

Justin: do you think Christian is right for our family?

Jasmine: isn’t that Tori’s decision?

Leah: yeah of course. Just wondering if Christian will figure it out?

Jasmine: I think he will

Jasmine gets a text from Robbo saying “Christian figured it out, waiting for them outside, giving them some space”, Jasmine reads the message and tells the others

Justin: well guess you were right

Leah: yeah. So Christian huh?

Jasmine: yep he’ll be part of our family very soon

Justin: Do you think Robbo will accept the guy now?

Jasmine: well he left them alone that’s got to be a good start


The Morgan House


Christian: so I love you and I want us to spend the rest of our lives together so will you marry me?

Tori smiles at him and says yes. Christian puts the ring on her finger and they kiss.

Tori: thank you

Christian: for what?

Tori: for coming into my life

Christian: I’m glad I did

Tori: so now that we are engaged we should go tell everyone

Christian: or we could just take advantage of this empty house

Tori: Robbo won’t stay out their for much longer do you want to die before the wedding?

Christian: ok fine. But later?

Tori: of course. Now I have you I’m never going to let you go ever

Christian: same for me

Tori: ok so let’s go outside

Christian: ok if you insist


Outside the Morgan House


Robbo is smiling when Tori and Christian come outside


Robbo: so you did it?

Christian: don’t look so surprised

Robbo: well I didn’t have that much faith in you I got to admit but you worked it out and your apart of our family now, so congratulations

Tori: thank you

Christian: thanks I think

Robbo and Tori hug

Tori: so are you really happy for us?

Robbo: you know I am. Even if I still don’t like this one. I’ll get used to it

Christian: you know I can hear what your saying right!

Robbo: good, listen to what I’m saying right now, if you hurt her I will kill you got it

Christian: your not joking are you?

Robbo: no!

Christian: ok I surrender and I promise I’ll protect Tori with my life

 Robbo: that’s all I wanted to here. Anyway I texted the others earlier we are meeting them at the diner so let’s go

Tori: ok then we better we a move on

Christian: so just who are we meeting the whole family?

Robbo: everyone misus Colby he’s working

Tori: more like avoiding you!

Robbo: why would he want to do that?!

Tori: oh just the small fact he helped Christian figure it out and you still mad at him about that!

Robbo: am I? Didn’t notice

Christian: are you guys always like this?

Tori: yes

Robbo: 100%

Tori: he loves me really

Robbo: times infinity

Tori: cross my heart and hope to die, to the stars and back

Robbo: to the moon

Tori: to doctor who?

Robbo: hey don’t diss doctor who

Tori: which one though?

Robbo: good point

Christian: wait you like doctor who?

Robbo: depending on which version but yes

Christian: ok

Tori: come on the others are going to wonder what’s taking us so long

Robbo: well your the one who won’t stop talking!

Tori: we’re mutiltasking! Walking and talking

Robbo: yeah true

Robbo, Tori and Christian are just about to cross the road to the surf club when a black car comes full stream ahead right for them. Robbo pushes Tori and Christian out of the way but Robbo falls on the road and car is just about right on top of him and he waits for it to crush him...

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Sorry for the long delay. If anyone is still interested in this story going to finish it. Enjoy.


Chapter 26


The Hospital


Robbo is struggling to open his eyes. He knows he needs too but he doesn’t know what he’s going to see when he does. He hears voices calling out for him to wake up and open his eyes. He is trying to remember where it all went wrong. He visualises a black car hitting him. Him pushing Tori and Christian out of the way, he assumes the car hit him but he can’t remember. He hopes the other two are ok. It’s his job to protect his family and he hopes he did. But what about his injury’s? What happened to him? And was this a random accident? Or something more? He really needs to wake up.


2 weeks earlier




Tori and Christian watch on Robbo is crushed by the car. Some people nearby rush to help them all. It’s a mess. Tori keeps screaming for Robbo but everyone around her doesn’t stop. They just keep trying to get to him. To help them. Tori pushes them away and says they need to help him. Robbo is the only one who matters right now. It’s his life on the line. Christian pulls her into a hug and she lets him. If he wasn’t here she wouldn’t know what to do or how to help. She just needs help, they all do.


The Hospital


Tori and Christian are at the hospital waiting on news. Robbo needs to be ok. They can’t lose him again. Christian is supporting Tori which is good because she won’t let anyone else near her. Christian is her safe space because Robbo can’t be right now. Justin, Leah and Jasmine arrive just as worried and devastated as them two. Tori gets out of Christian’s arms and hugs Jasmine opening crying on her shoulder. Jasmine let’s the tears flow as well now they are both crying.

Jasmine: he’s going to be ok

Tori: he has to be. We can’t lose him again

Justin: he will be T. Robbo’s a fighter and he won’t leave you or Grace or Jasmine without a fight

Tori: I know

Justin: I’m guessing your staying here over night?

Tori: as long as it takes. I’m not leaving him

Justin: I thought so

Tori: plus I run this hospital I can stay here 24/7 if I want

Justin: of course

Leah: we will pack some things for you to stay. Christian you want to help?

Christian: sure. Are you ok if I leave for a bit?

Tori: no go. But come back soon ok

 Christian: I won’t be long I promise. I love you

Tori: I love you too

they kiss goodbye

Justin, Leah and Christian leave

Jasmine: so not a great start to your engagement hey?

Tori: it could be better. But Robbo was happy for us and that means the world to me

Jasmine: I’m happy for you too. Christian is a great guy

Tori: he is, thank you

Jasmine: you deserve to be happy. We all do

Tori: and we will be as long as Robbo lives

Jasmine: he won’t leave us

Tori: I know

Jasmine: you know I never thanked you

Tori: for what?

Jasmine: for letting me have him

Tori: I didn’t.. it wasn’t like that

Jasmine: I know. Robbo told me everything

Tori: really?

Jasmine: of course we don’t keep secrets from each other

Tori: and your ok with it? I thought you would be more jealous

Jasmine: oh I am everyday. Everytime I see you guys together. It’s torture

Tori: then why?

Jasmine: because he loves me but he loves you more. I get it. I’ve accepted it. You might be his best friend but your mine. Our friendship means everything to me

Tori: me too

Jasmine: and Christian is a lucky guy. And you deserve to be happy

Tori: I don’t deserve you

Jasmine: yeah you do. You deserve everything because your life has been so hard. And Robbo and you made a mistake, one that neither of you can fix. So being best friends, being so close is the only thing you can do now. If you both can live with that. Then I can live with coming second best to you. Because he loves me and I love him. And we’re married. And we get that life together and I will never give that up. But I’m glad you have someone you can share your life with now and be happy too

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Chapter 27


The Hospital


Tori is sitting by Robbo’s bedside holding his hand and hoping he’ll wake up soon. She needs him back. They all do. Jasmine comes into the room

Jasmine: still no change?

Tori: no. But their has to be soon right?

Jasmine: yes he will wake up and come back to us

Tori: I know. It’s the waiting that’s torture

Jasmine: same

Tori: how are you?

Jasmine: how are you?

Tori: I asked you first!

Jasmine: well I asked you second!

Tori: truce?

Jasmine: fine

Tori: ok so?

Jasmine: well I’m not coping obviously. And I’m waiting for Robbo to wake up

Tori: same and me too. I’m not coping either

Jasmine: at least you have Christian

Tori: it’s not the same. But yes I’m grateful of course

Jasmine: your lucky

Tori: I know

Jasmine: Robbo will come back to us. I know it

Tori: faith is a powerful thing

Jasmine: it’s not faith? I just know

Tori: yeah I know too


Tori and Jasmine soon hear a noise and look towards Robbo who is finally waking up


Tori: Robbo

Jasmine: Robbo

Robbo: Tori? Jasmine?

Tori: I’m here

Jasmine: we both are

Robbo: what happened?

Tori: a black car came out of nowhere and hit you, you saved me and Christian

Robbo: I’m glad your ok. Christian too

Tori: we’re fine. It’s you I’m worried about

Robbo: I’m fine

Tori: the doctors will make sure of that. Otherwise they won’t have jobs anymore

Robbo: haha, wait your not joking?

Tori: no. I stepped back but if they don’t look after you their will be hell to pay

Robbo: I’m sure they will. They wouldn’t want to be on your bad side right?

Tori: right

Robbo: I love you

Tori: I love you more

Robbo: not possible

Tori: very possible

Robbo: where is Grace?

Tori: with Justin and Leah. They are bringing her in now

 Robbo: good

Tori: I’m just glad your ok

Robbo: I told you I wouldn’t leave you again and I keep my promises

Tori: good you better. I’ll go check on those doctors

Robbo: come back soon

Tori: always. I won’t be long

Tori leaves

Jasmine hugs Robbo and cries on his shoulder

Jasmine: I’m so glad your ok

Robbo: me too. I love you so much

Jasmine: I love you too

Robbo: so I guess Christian is officially apart of this family now hey?

Jasmine: looks like it. He’s devoted to Tori

Robbo: I can see

Jasmine: he makes her happy. And you approve?

Robbo: I just want her to be happy. She deserves it

Jasmine: I know me too

Robbo: and yeah the guy proved me wrong so yeah I approve

Jasmime: I’m glad everything is coming together

Robbo: me too. Their is nothing more important than family

Jasmine: of course I feel the same

Robbo: that’s why we’re good together. We get each other

Jasmine: yeah we do

Robbo and Jasmine kiss

Robbo: I’ve missed this

Jasmine: me too

Robbo: so is Tori really ok?

Jasmine: she is now your awake

Robbo smiles

Robbo: good. I’m glad

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Chapter 28


The Hospital


Tori is holding Grace in her arms and sitting on Robbo’s bed. He is smiling up at both of them


Robbo: I’m glad your here

Tori: I wouldn’t be anywhere else you know that

Robbo: me too

Tori: our family means everything

Robbo: their is nothing more important

Tori holds Robbo’s hand

Tori: I missed you

Robbo: I wasn’t gone. I’m still here

Tori: I know. But I was just sitting here for 2 weeks waiting for you to wake up while everyone around me was still doing stuff, the world stopped for me because you weren’t in it

Robbo: I’m sorry I never wanted to put you though that again

Tori: it’s not your fault. It’s the drunk driver who hit us!

Robbo: he’ll go to jail for the rest of his life I’m sure

Tori: oh it’ll happen. Lance is sorting it

Robbo: did he come to see me?

Tori: yeah of course he did. He was here as much as he could be

Robbo: did you see him?

Tori: of course. I never left

Robbo: I’m glad you guys had each other. And I’m sorry about everything

Tori: no that wasn’t your fault. Me and Lance we got our timing all wrong. Just like us. Plus I couldn’t risk it and you know why

Robbo: I know and it’s probably better that way still I would of liked to of seen you two together

Tori: me too

Robbo: anyway how is Christian?

Tori: good, we’re both good

Robbo: good he better be taking good care of you

Tori: he is. Don’t worry. We’re solid

Robbo: I always worry. He’s part of our family now which means he better not stuff up!

Tori: I’m sure he knows. He won’t. I have faith in us

Robbo: you don’t need faith. Everything will work it self out and if it doesn’t I might just have to bury a body no big deal

Tori: I’ll be sure to let Christian know you want him dead!

Robbo: he should already know! I warned him enough! If he hurts you he won’t want to be alive anyway

Tori: he won’t hurt me. He’s committed to me and our life together. You still going to walk me down the asile?

Robbo: thought Justin had that job?

Tori: I want you both their. So will you?

Robbo: of course. Anything you want

Tori: thank you

Robbo: we will always have each other. Us against the world remember

Christian has just arrived and see’s Robbo and Tori chatting happily. He still wonders why she chose him and why her and Robbo aren’t together? I mean it’s obvious they love each other and they have Grace, he doesn’t get it.  Jasmine arrives and signals for him not to go in and he listens.

Christian: you going to tell me why?

Jasmine: why what?

Christian: why aren’t they together?

Jasmine: it’s complicated

Christian: then uncomplicate it!

Jasmine: short or long version?

Christian: a version would be good

Jasmine: ok so the truth is

Christian: go on

Jasmine: the truth is they made a mistake

Christian: a mistake? But I thought they did IVF?

Jasmine: they did. What? No. No they never, they haven’t even kissed. Chill out.

Christian: ok then start making sense

Jasmine: it’s me

Christian: you what?

Jasmine: I feel in love with Robbo

Christian: ok?

Jasmine: Tori and Robbo they should of been together, a real family, I’m the reason they aren’t

Christian: but why?

Jasmine: Robbo feel in love with me too! He just.. he loves Tori. Unconditionally. Completely. She’s everything to him.

Christian: and your ok with that?

Jasmine: well you must be too otherwise you wouldn’t be with Tori right now

 Christian: yeah I know she explained it kind of

Jasmine: it’s hard to explain. Even harder to understand sometimes. But Tori chose you and Robbo chose me. But to them picking each other it wasn’t a choice. They messed up and now we can have our happily ever after and they can too just not with each other. You get it?

Christian: I think so

Jasmine: good because trying to explain this whole situation is hard enough. I’m glad your here though. At least I have someone who understands now. Someone on my side

Christian: I’m happy to be that person

Jasmine: good. So friends?

Christian: friends

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Chapter 29


The Morgan House


Christian arrives to find Tori alone


Christian: you here by yourself?

Tori: and Grace. She’s asleep

Christian: where is everyone else?

Tori: out. At work. Busy. Idk. I’m not their keeper

Christian: I know I was just curious

Tori: about what?

Christian: about you and Robbo? And why you guys aren’t together

Tori: You talked to Jasmine?

Christian: what? I... how did you?

Tori: we don’t keep secrets

Christian: but from me you do?

Tori: it’s not like that

Christian: isn’t it? You won’t tell me anything about you two. It’s just you and him I get that. But it’s us too. I’m in this. We’re engaged. Just be honest with me

Tori: ok

Christian: ok?

Tori: you deserve to know the truth. Everything

Christian: thank you

Tori: ok but first promise me something

Christian: anything

Tori: don’t run

Christian: why would I?

Tori: I guess because you still can? I don’t want you too. I chose you and you stayed so promise me you won’t run

Christian: I wont

Tori: ok. So the truth is I wasn’t always Tori Morgan alright

Christian: what do you mean?

Tori: my given name. My family. My parents. My brothers and sister. It’s all just a lot. We were put into witness protection after my parents died

Christian: wait your parents are dead? And you have a sister? I thought you only had 3 brothers?

Tori: I have a half sister

Christian: um that is a lot

Tori: it’s not even the half of it. We came to the bay while still in witness protection but we’re out now obviously

Christian: so that’s why you can’t trust people? Let them in? Your worried about being hurt again?

Tori: partly but their is more

Christian: so how does Robbo fit in? How did you meet?

Tori: Robbo didn’t even know who he really was when we met and Robbo isn’t his real name either it’s Ryan

Christian: this is a lot

Tori: I know. But you want to know everything so I’m telling you. I trust you, and your apart of our family now. You deserve to know everything

Christian: ok keep going

Tori: ok so Robbo was a federal cop and his family, his wife and kids were killed

Christian: what?

Tori: then the people who killed Robbo’s family came after him and I had to go back into witness protection to keep myself and our baby safe. But then a friend of Robbo’s betrayed us and he nearly ended up dead luckily he survived the car crash that could of killed him. So yeah that’s pretty much why we don’t trust people and can’t let them in. After everything we have been though together and apart it’s hard to trust. That’s why I needed you to be sure about us. About me. About our future. If you weren’t then I would of let you go

Christian: I’m glad you didn’t. And I’m glad I’m here

Tori kisses Christian

Tori: thanks for not running

Christian: thanks for letting me in. I’m glad you finally told me everything. At least now I get it. Why you were so worried. And why Robbo had so much say

Tori: about Robbo

Christian: yeah?

Tori: I.. we.. we made a mistake. We should of been together. We didn’t realise.. ok we did realise honestly we just didn’t admit our feelings till it was too late. And I couldn’t take him away from Jasmine it wouldn’t be fair. She loves him so much. She deserves to be happy but so does he. And so do I. I’m glad I met you. I’m glad your here. And we’re getting married. We have the rest of our lives together

Christian: I’m glad you chose me

Tori: me too

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On 23/02/2021 at 20:16, Kristen said:

Great chapter 

glad Tori told Christian everything about her family and Robbo 

And Christian he’s still here.

Update again soon :)

I figured Christian deserved the truth and he didn’t run :)

I want to say thank you for reading this story and for everyone who commented and gave me advice and support. I hope you enjoy the ending of this fanfic.

Chapter 30


The Morgan House


Tori and Robbo are outside on the patio


Robbo: did you ever think we would end up here?

Tori: no. Not in a million years

Robbo: we did alright

Tori: we did better than alright. We made a family. A home. A life. We got everything we both wanted and deserved

Robbo: expect 1 thing

Tori: I know. But we couldn’t change our minds. We couldn’t go back and do things differently. We couldn’t chose us. And I regret it. I will for the rest of our life. The life we could of had together as a couple with our daughter it’s what we both should of got

Robbo: I know. I regret it too

Tori: I don’t regret Jasmine or Christian though. They are great. Prefect for us

Robbo: they are. I’m glad your happy

Tori: I’m glad your happy too

Robbo: as long as we are together nothing will ever break us or tear us apart

Tori: it will always be us against the world

Robbo: till the worlds ends

Tori: no the world can end and we can still be here. Till death do us part

Robbo: oh you want to say some vows to me?

Tori: the wedding we never got. The wedding I still picture in my head

Robbo: me too

Tori: we made a mistake not picking us

Robbo: I know. I agree

Tori: you will never lose me ever

Robbo: you won’t lose me ever again I promise

Tori: I love you

Robbo: I love you too

Jasmine, Christian, Justin, Leah and Colby come out to join them

Tori: so this is it? Our family? Our happily ever after?

Robbo: yep this is it. Forever

Tori: forever

Robbo: about time we got it right

Tori: your one to talk!

Robbo: ok truce

Tori: truce

Justin: so guys you ready to come inside and eat?

Leah: yeah dinner is getting cold

Christian: and it’s games night

Jasmine: yes can’t miss that

Colby: come on guys. Let’s go enjoy some family time

Tori and Robbo smile at each other before following the others inside. This is their family and they will have it forever


The end xxx






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