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Battles and Secrets


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Story Title: Battles and Secrets
Type of story: Long Fic 
Main Characters: Tori, Christian, Justin, Leah, Colby, Jasmine
BTTB rating: G
Genre: Romance, Drama.
Does story include spoilers:  No.
Any warnings: Sexual content. 
Summary: Tori and Christian are happy really happy however Tori begins to realize something wrong with her and when she finds out what she confides in Colby and her family however hides it from Christian. Will Christian get the wrong idea about Tori and Colby? Will he find out the truth before its to late?


Chapter 1

Tori and Christian were laying in bed cuddling and they were both really happy. Tori was most of all things with Jasmine were resolved and Christian was living in the bay fitting in with Tori's family and friends. All Tori ever wanted was a man who loved her and her daughter and she knew she had that in Christian. She turns around and sees the man beside her "I love you Christian Green" Christian can't help that smile as he moves closer and kisses her back "I love you too Tori Morgan" Tori smiled as she knew this was exactly where she was meant to be


It was later that day when Tori was with Leah in the kitchen when she decides to confide in her about something "Leah I think something is wrong with me" This gets her friend attention "What do you mean? Tori knows what she will say going to sounds crazy because she is a doctor "Something doesn't feel right Leah" Leah never seen Tori this worried before in the whole time that she known her "Ok we will go to a doctor in a city and get you checked out perhaps then we will know" Tori nods agreeing "Not a word to Christian or Justin" Leah nods understanding that Tori wants to know for sure before telling the pair who will be way to protective of her.

Thankfully for the pair Christian and Justin were both working so they could go to the city without then knowing and hopefully they wouldn't have to.

They arrived at the doctors and Tori explained this feeling she had and the doctor could see the worry booking blood tests immediately.

It was forty minutes later when the doctor called Tori in room. Tori grabbed Leah hand "Please come" Leah could see Tori worry she was worried to particularly cause of the look the doctor had on his face. The pair walked into the room and sat down "Look after looking at her blood tests it seems that you right to worry your liver counts high and after looking you over we discovered the problem I'm sorry Tori but you have breast cancer" Tori was shocked that was the last thing she expected to here as the doctor spoke up again "We will have the best team on this I promise now how about you come back tomorrow once you gotten your head around it" Tori nods as Leah and her leaves

Leah couldn't believe her friend would have to go through this. She knew Tori was scared. The pair sat in the car as Leah drove "I'm not telling Christian not yet" Leah is surprised "I cannot lie to Justin" Tori nods "Neither can I but i was hoping you could tell him" Leah nods "Of course whatever you need I'm here" Tori smiles grateful to have an understanding friend like Leah who she knew would be a great support to both her and Justin through all of this

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Chapter 2


Leah arrives at the garage and as Justin hears footsteps he turns around to see his girlfriend in tears. He stops what he is doing and stands up and hugs her tightly. Justin is worried Leah doesn't get this way often so he knew something was seriously wrong "Babe what is it?" Leah knows this will be hard for him to hear "You need to sit down" This causes Justin to walk in the office and sit down as Leah follows suit "So What is it?" Leah grabs his hand "It's Tori she have breast cancer" Justin couldn't believe what he heard. He started crying he couldn't lose anyone else "it is in the early stages" Justin relieved at that but still worried "How Tori?" Leah looks at Justin "She haven't got her head around it and she said she isn't telling Christian" This doesn't surprise Justin as Tori always been this way protecting the ones she cares about.


Tori walks up to the pier apartment and knocks at the door hoping Colby would answers. The door opens shortly after and thankfully Colby answers. He realizes something is wrong and pulls Tori into his arms and holds her as she cries before he walks inside with Tori following. The pair sit down on the couch as Colby looks at Tori and grabs her hand "What is it?" Tori takes a breath "I have breast cancer. I found out today and it is in the early stages" Colby is shocked and pulls Tori close holding her "I'm here whenever you need. If you need a friend or someone to look after Grace or a mate to Justin" Tori smiles "Thanks and I decided I'm not telling Christian yet" Colby knows exactly why "You need time to get your head around it.  I get that" The pair don't say anything else as Tori cries into Colby arms truth is she is scared.

It was a few hours later when Tori arrived home to see Justin there alone and that he had been crying. She walks over to her brother as he gets up and also walks towards her. The two meet halfway and immediately hug " I don't want to lose you T" Tori cries as she speaks "I will fight this I promise" Tori and Justin hug not letting go Tori knew Justin wouldn't cope if he lost her and she wouldn't cope if she died.

Christian and Leah came home shortly after and Christian could see Tori was upset " You ok?" Tori knows she going to lie "I was thinking about Mason" It shocked both Justin and Leah how easy that was for Tori but Tori knew it was hard but she needed time. Christian walked over and pulled Tori into his arms and held her and this made Tori forget everything that was going on. In that moment she felt safe and happy but most importantly loved and she didn't want that to change which is why she knew she was doing the right thing not telling Christian

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Chapter 3

It was the middle of night and Tori was laying in bed wide awake as Christian slept beside her. Tori knew it would be better not to wake him so she quietly got up and left the room heading the lounge room as she sat down on the couch and thought about everything that had happened.

"T is that you" Tori turned around at the her brother voice before speaking "Yeah sorry did I wake you?" Justin walks over and sits beside "No i couldn't slept anyway after all I'm worried about you" Justin hugs Tori before taking some of the blanket "I'm scared and I haven't been this scared since Robbo died or even beforehand but usually Robbo helped when he was around he knew what to say and I wish he was here now cause I could really use my best friend right now" Justin knows Tori misses him "I believe he watches over you and Grace every single day T " Tori smiles as the pair sit silently and soon after fall asleep in each other arms.

The next morning Christian wakes up at 6am only to quickly realize Tori isn't beside him. Christian gets up and walks to the lounge room only to see Tori and Justin asleep on the couch. He smiles at the pair he loves the bond they share and knows it is unbreakable.

Tori wakes up a bit later to smell eggs and bacon cooking and to see her boyfriend cooking it. She smiles as she gets up and walks over wrapping her arms around her boyfriend waist as she stands behind him and this gets his attention. He immediately turned around and kissed his girlfriend "I have today off I was thinking we could spend today together" Tori knew she couldn't as she had to go back to the doctors "I can't I have plans" Tori thought it was best to keep things vague. Tori could see that Christian was upset and kissed him "I will make it up to you I promise" Christian smiles "You better"


A few hours later Tori knocks on Colby door and waits for him to come out as she had asked Colby to come with her. She knew Justin or Leah would be to overprotective and ask to much questions and besides she wanted Colby there. Colby came out and smiled "You ready?" Tori shakes her head "No" Colby puts one arm around Tori as she does the same and they walk down the stairs " I will be there every second of the way Tori and if you want to leave we can" Tori nods as her and Colby smile and laugh as they walk to the car

Unknown to Tori as her and Colby were walking Christian was walking up the beach to the diner and witnessed the friends talking and laughing he couldn't believe Tori bailed on him to hang out with Colby when she could hang out with him anytime. Christian would be lying if he didn't admit he was upset by this

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Chapter 4

Tori and Colby are driving to the doctors when Colby speaks "I know you wish it was Robbo beside you right now and you miss him trust me i do too" Tori smiles she knows that Colby struggled with Robbo death too "I do yeah but I'm glad you here. You were like a brother to him Colby and your family to me to just like you were to Robbo" Colby smiles at what Tori said and he knew they would always be tied through Robbo after all Robbo a big part of the reason the pair grew closer.

Shortly after they arrive in the city and walk into the doctors office holding hands after all Tori is nervous and she is scared and right now she needs all the support she can get. The doctor from yesterday walks out and spots the pair "I'm guessing this is your boyfriend" Tori doesn't bother correcting him "Yeah this is Colby" The doctor and Colby shake hands before walking into the room.

The doctor looks at Tori as she sits down "The best option is chemo at this stage but we do recommend you starting it as soon as possible perhaps today" Colby can see Tori scared and pulls her close "I will agree to chemo but not today" The doctor nods "It will be a strong dose and knock you around so you should take some time of work" Tori nods "I need to give then a week notices" The doctor nods "You can start chemo next Monday then" Tori smiles "ok" The doctor speaks again "For these sessions it a good idea that someone comes with you" Tori nods as her and Colby leave saying farewell to the doctor

Tori and Colby are walking arm in arm at the park in the city as Tori gets her phone out she quickly calls the hospital and explains to then about leave and what happening and that whatever happens Christian cannot know the real reason behind it to which they agreed too.


Meanwhile as Christian walked into the Morgan's he tried to get his head around Tori and Colby like he didn't even realize they were close and was curious to why Tori hadn't mentioned anything. "You ok mate?" Christian turned around at the sound of Justin voice "Not really, I thought you were meant to be working today" Justin knew he couldn't tell Christian that he took the day off cause he was getting his head around his sister sickness "I needed a rest that all" Christian decides to ask Justin perhaps he might give him an answer "Can I ask you something?" Justin is worried but nods "Yes sure" Christian speaks "How close are Tori and Colby? I saw then earlier and i didn't realize they were close like Tori never mentioned it" Justin can see he worried "Firstly Tori would never cheat on you with Colby they are just friends and were both Robbo's best friends so are close through him and Jasmine that is all" Christian nods like he guesses that fair enough.

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Chapter 5

Tori and Colby arrive back in the bay and go up to the flat. Colby opens the door and both him and Tori are shocked to see Jasmine on the couch just like Jasmine is shocked to see the pair walk in together. Jasmine can tell they are worried about something "Guys what is going on?" Tori walks over to her friend "What I'm telling you, you need to keep to yourself no one can know mainly Christian" Jasmine nods but is seriously worried. "I have breast cancer" Jasmine got no words all she does is cry she feels like she going to lose another person. Tori walks over and hugs Jasmine as Colby speaks up "It is in the early stages" Jasmine is glad to hear that before speaking "How long have you known? Tori knows her friend is worried "Since yesterday"


It is a few hours later when Tori goes home she knows Christian will be worried after all she didn't say how long her plans took. She walks inside to see an anxious Justin "T fill me in" Tori decides to and grabs his hand leading him to his and Leah room "I'm starting chemo next week and I have taken three months off work" Justin gets why she is after all he knows how much chemo knocked him around "I will be here whatever you need Leah and I both will be but you didn't need to drag me in here as Christian got called in. He should be back soon those" Tori nods as her and Justin hug.

Ten minutes later Christian walks in the door surprised to not see Justin there or that Tori wasn't home when he hears footsteps then sees his girlfriend walk down the hall. He runs to her then picks her up and kisses her to which Tori returns after all soon she will be to exhausted to do this. Tori decides she needs to say those three words why she have energy to "I love you" Christian smiles and kisses her again "I love you too" Shortly after Christian puts Tori down as he thinks how lucky he is to have her.

Back at Colby flat Colby and Bella are sitting on the couch as Colby said they needed to talk. Tori had told Colby to tell Bella as he was going to need support from someone and Bella his family. He looks at the teenager "What I'm about to tell you, you cannot repeat not even Tori's boyfriend knows" Bella is confused "Ok sure is Tori ok?" Colby shakes his head "Tori in the early stages of breast cancer" Colby had been so strong but he officially couldn't hold it in crying as Bella pulled him close and held him. Bella knew what Tori meant to Colby after all they were best friends. Bella held her brother and shed some tears of her own as she couldn't believe this was happening to Tori

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Chapter 6

It is the next morning and Tori smiles as she wakes up to see her boyfriend sleeping so she moves closer and cuddles him and watches him to sleep while she still can. She smiles as she knows she have found the perfect man in Christian. However she also knew something that would change then completely if he found out and that was the breast cancer.

Shortly after Christian wakes up to feel arms around him and he turns around to face his girlfriend. Christian looks right into Tori eyes before kissing her to which she kisses back with passion. She knew the one time she could forget the cancer thing was when Christian was beside her. She knows she needs to tell Christian she taken time of work before he hears it secondhand. Tori smiles then spoken "Starting next week I have taken three months of work. I want to spend some time with Grace and Justin" Christian surprised and gets why but can't help that feel there is more to this.

As the pair lay in bed they hear a knock at the door. As they knew Leah and Justin weren't home Tori got up and walked out to the lounge room and towards the door.

Tori opened it to see a crying Bella. She knew Colby told her as he had texted Tori the night before. Tori pulls the teenage in her arms "I'm so sorry Tori if you need anything I'm here" Tori smiles as she tears up hugging Bella "Thank you just look after Colby for me please" Bella nods "Of course I will" 

Christian walks out and seeing Tori hugging Bella and the pair been silent. She knew Tori and Colby were close but not Tori and Bella. Even those Justin said Colby wasn't someone he needed to worry about he couldn't help that feel like he was missing part of the Colby and Tori story.

Soon the pair pulled apart and Bella left as Tori turned around seeing her boyfriend "Was Bella ok?" Tori nods "She just needed to talk to me about something" Christian nods "Right"

Christian smiles and looks at his girlfriend "Well I need something from you as well" Tori smiles and moves closer "Well what is that?" Christian moves closer and kisses Tori with passion she gets the message and kisses him back with just as much passion.

Tori knows in this moment she can never tell Christian about any of this after all he loves her so much and the moment she tells him that would all change in a second and she didn't want that to change. Christian was the one good thing in Tori life right now and she needed it to stay that way forever.

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Chapter 7

It had been a stressful week for Tori she spent half of it worried about chemo and the other half of it with Christian making happy memories.


Today was her first day of chemo and to say she was nervous well that was an understatement she was so scared and was thankful that Colby would be there for her every second.

Tori heard the door open to see Colby come in the Morgan's. Tori immediately walked over and went into his arms as they heard footsteps walking through the hallway. Christian walked out to see Colby and Tori hugging and once again he felt jealous. Tori lets go of Colby and gave him a big kiss as she knew it was going to be the last one for a few days. "Are you sure you want me to stay at my apartment tonight?" Tori knows he wants to stay but she knows she going to feel like crap "Yeah I am it just a couple of nights" Christian wishes it wasn't any nights as he much prefers sleeping with his girlfriend right by his side. Christian kisses Tori once again before leaving and heading to work. 

Christian arrived at the hospital to see Jasmine looking worried the pair had grown close so he decided to check on her. Christian walked over to Jasmine and sat beside her as she looked at him and he was shocked to see she had been crying and pulled her into a hug which she returned. She knew today was huge and she was scared for Tori  Jasmine spoke up "If you were to lose Tori how would you cope?" Christian was surprised at the question and looked at the nurse "Honestly Tori means everything to me and if i ever lost her I couldn't deal with it" Jasmine knows whenever Christian finds out he won't cope particularly after what he just said. "Why do you ask?" The nurse knew she needed to cover up fast "I'm just been thinking alot about losing the ones we love" Christian nods as he hugs the nurse tightly.

Meanwhile Colby and Tori are in the sitting and the chemo have began. Tori is hooked up to machines and Colby is holding her hand tightly. She smiles at the cop thankfully that he came with her "Thank you for coming" Colby smiles " Tori I wouldn't be anywhere else besides I promised Robbo I would look after you" Tori smiles "Well thank you for everything" Colby smiles as he looks at the blonde.

It is a few hours later and the treatment is finally over however Tori feels like crap so Colby carries her to the car and as he drives home he can tell the blonde is in for a long night after all she had already vomited twice.

They soon arrived at the Morgan's to see Bella and Justin there. Tori is using Colby for support and he helps her to the couch. Justin and Bella are both shocked to see how much this have taken a toll on Tori already and they knew they were in for a long night

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Chapter 8


It was 9pm and Tori was worst then before she was pale as a ghost and hadn't stopped vomiting thankfully for her she had Colby, Bella, Justin and Leah by her side all taking care of her and she is also very glad Christian isn't here after all she doesn't want him to see her look like crap.

Jasmine had finally clocked out of work and she was relieved as now she could go and see her friend cause she is worried about her and had been all day but thankfully didn't let slip to Christian.

Jasmine headed to the Morgan's and knocked on the door to which Leah answered "Jasmine hey" Tori turns around and Jasmine is shocked to see Tori so pale and weak she runs over and sits beside her as she hugs her and Tori hugs back but quickly pulls away as she vomits again "I hate this" They all are hating seeing Tori hurting and in pain. Justin and Colby grab Tori hands and hold one each as Jasmine speaks "We know you do but it is helping you get better, We are all here for you" Tori nods "Thanks"

The group hear a cry from Grace's room and Bella gets up to take care of her. Bella walks in the room and picks up Grace holding her and calming down as she looks around and sees a photo of Mason the guy who she owns her life to she wishes she got to thank him for that and she wishes he wasn't dead. She knew she was going to be forever grateful to him.

Meanwhile after Christian ended his working day he headed to his apartment. He wished he could be going to Tori's but he isn't and he doesn't get why it is sudden after all. Christian arrives at his place and gets changed before grabbing his phone and looking at photos of him and Tori he smiles at then and how happy they are. He knows she is his soulmate and knows he is in love with her.

Christian then goes into Tori's contact and texts a short message saying "I love you and I miss you" He sends it and looks at the photos again as he waits for a response.

Meanwhile at the Morgan's the group hear the phone buzz and Leah picks it up "It's Christian" Tori looks down she feels guilty "I haven't thought about him once all day I'm an awful girlfriend" Justin shakes his head "Your not T, You are dealing with your own stuff" Leah reads the text "He says I love and I miss you" Tori have a faint smile as Leah responds for her saying "Same to you xoxo"

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Chapter 9


That night it was safe to say no one at the Morgan's got any sleep as Tori spent all night vomiting but they knew it was an effect to the chemo. Tori looks around the room to see Leah and Justin cuddled up on the top, Bella sleeping on the floor with Jasmine beside her and Tori curled up laying on Colby's knee. Tori was so grateful to have so many amazing friends around her right now.

At Christian apartment he woke up alone and missing his girlfriend and would do anything to be by her side. Christian had missed her last night and knew that he preferred it when she was by his side.


It was half a hour later when Justin decided he would go to the diner and get everyone breakfast after all they have taken care of Tori and he is so thankful to have then. Justin tells everyone where he is going and says he will get lots coffee after all everyone in that room was half asleep.


Justin arrives at the diner and orders food for everyone before spotting Christian at a table and walks over "Hey mate" Christian smiles as he looks up and sees Justin is half asleep "Hey mate bad night with Grace" Justin hated lying to his mate that this was Tori call to make on telling him "Yep it was a long one that for sure" Christian smiles and decides to ask Justin the question "Does Tori want to break up with me to be with Colby is that why she wants space" Justin feels worst "I can promise you it isn't Tori loves you so much she just needs a few days that all" Christian nods "I just miss her" Justin smiles he can see Christian loves Tori and it kills him to be keeping something about the woman he loves from him. "I know you do just call, text, facetime whatever but give her a few hours as she needs to sleep" Christian nods as Justin order is called and he farewells Christian and goes and grabs it before heading back to the Morgan house

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Chapter 10

Justin arrives back at the house and hands everyone coffee and food immediately but Tori can tell something is up "What is it?" Justin knows he have to bring it up "I saw Christian he said he misses you" Tori smiles throughout all this she still got one good thing and that is Christian "Well i miss him too of course I do but" Colby cuts her of "She is doing what is the best thing for her" Tori adds "Exactly" Justin doesn't say anything as everyone eats.

Christian is still missing his girlfriend and decides to go over there. He grabs his keys and is gets into his car gets in and starts heading for the Morgan's

Bella looks at Tori "Some good news you don't look as pale this morning " Tori smiles "Yeah well that a good thing cause then I don't have to lean on you guys to look after Grace and can facetime Christian without him looking" Jasmine cuts her off "Suss" Tori nods. Everyone in the house knows Tori doing what is best for her and Christian in the long haul.

Justin, Leah, Colby and Bella begin to clean the house taking rubbish and buckets out the back as Tori and Jasmine sits on the couch "Tori i cannot lose you. I lost Robbo you need to fight this for your daughter, me, your family and Christian he loves you so much" Tori pulls the blonde closer even those she exhausted and feels weak "I will I promise you" 

The pair hear a knock at the door and knowing that Tori exhausted Jasmine walks towards it and opens it surprised to see Christian there "Hi" Christian smiles "Hey is Tori here" Jasmine looks at her and Tori nods as Jasmine allows Christian to come in and decides to leave the pair to it.

Christian sits on the couch beside Tori and she smiles happy to see him and relieved that the house hidden any evidence of sickness before he got here. Christian smiles as Tori looks at him "I missed you Tori" Tori smiles "Yeah I missed you too but we need one night a week apart that way we can spend time with our families" Tori knew this was crap but if every chemo session was going to be the same she knew Christian could not be there. Christian hides the hurt he feels and nods as he grabs Tori hand and holds it and she does the same back and in a second she forgets everything else that is going on and focuses on her boyfriend "I love you Tori" Tori smiles "I love you Christian promise me no matter what you will remember that" Christian smiles "Of course I will". Christian was shocked that Tori said that and he couldn't help that wonder if something was going on that he didn't know about

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