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Kirsty episode help!


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Hope this is okay to post here but I am trying to remember a specific 2002 episode where Kirsty, Jade and Nick all went out to a bowling alley or arcade or something, and Kirsty was supposed to be meeting up with a friend or a guy but got stood up?

I think it occured either around the time she had dropped out of school and was sneaking out/taking drugs etc, or else the first era of Kirsty/Kane. Could also have been around the time when Dylan first came on the scene. 

I tried searching the episode summaries on the site but found no info relating to it but I can vividly remember the scenes of them all hanging out at this place; Jade & Nick were playing on the video game machines etc while Kirsty finalized her plans.

Any help would be great! 

Thanks :)

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