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  1. You are right- Thank you!! That was tormenting me for ages.
  2. Hope this is okay to post here but I am trying to remember a specific 2002 episode where Kirsty, Jade and Nick all went out to a bowling alley or arcade or something, and Kirsty was supposed to be meeting up with a friend or a guy but got stood up? I think it occured either around the time she had dropped out of school and was sneaking out/taking drugs etc, or else the first era of Kirsty/Kane. Could also have been around the time when Dylan first came on the scene. I tried searching the episode summaries on the site but found no info relating to it but I can vividly remember the sc
  3. Yes the Angie Russel storyline was great and Kate really showed her chops defending Nick. It's a shame Jade was sort of thrown together with Seb as an afterthought when Nick left and Kirsty got back with Kane- I feel like the writers just didn't know what else to do with the two of them. Her exit wasn't great either. Expelled from school, finding out she's not Kirsty's twin after all and doing drugs with Duncan? It just didn't line up with her character over the previous 4 years. At least she wasn't killed off though I guess. I agree- her daughter is gorgeous and Kate hasn't aged a
  4. I recently did some insta sleuthing and found her husband Ben Field (who was a assistant director on H&A during her tenure there) is now the creative director for Hillsong TV & Film I believe. He has some pics of Kate and their adorable family on his IG. She recently completed a psychology degree and in an interview on a Hillsong website from 2017 she says she’d like to get back into acting. I believe they are both currently residing in Sydney with their 4 kids. She was one of my favourite characters and I was absolutely completely OBSESSED with her relationship with Nick Smith. S
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