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  1. I think that scene was at the beginning of one of the 3 secrets and the city episodes dvd
  2. Yes they are from austvclassics2, i believe there was a austvclassic before so hopefully the person will start again with austvclassics3! fingers crossed was looking forward to Angel arriving and Selina next year!
  3. I currently watch 7two episodes on you tube in the UK but the account has been terminated over copyright issues, how can i watch these episodes now?
  4. I really wish we had the season finale in the UK a few weeks after Australia and started back the following year a few weeks behind also!
  5. I remember being devastated when i read Home and away was going off air in the UK for a whole year!! and remember reading what we had too wait to catch up on (Sally's non wedding, the mudslide etc), but i thought that it couldn t be true untill i saw the papers lol, think it must of been one of your first articles? 10 YEARS !! thank you so much xx
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