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31 minutes ago, chair said:

Warning: Will involve sexual scenes. These sexual scenes are in my head, not the original story as far as I know.


Story so far – Part One

Selina and Steven first met when Steven returned to Summer Bay to take up a post as the new Maths teacher at Summer Bay High about halfway through 1995.ven

An old foe of Steven's came back to Summer Bay, Dodge Kelly. He kept trying to make Steven look the bad guy. Irene was one of the few people who fell for Dodge's lies and she tried to badmouth Steven. Dodge tried to fake his death and blame it on Steven but Steven's name was eventually cleared. Irene was always wary of Steven.

In 1996, Steven and Selina developed feelings for each other. Steven spoke to Donald Fisher about dating a student but Don told him that a teacher wasn't allowed to date a student.

Steven and Selina kissed in the classroom when they were alone. Steven then told Selina that they couldn't have a relationship because he could end up in court. Selina was upset.

Irene went away to America with Marilyn so it would be possible using IVF for Irene to carry a baby for her daughter Finlay and her partner Barry.

Irene asked Don to move in with Chloe and Selina. He asked Steven to join him and Steven couldn't find an excuse to refuse even though it would be awkward for him and Selina.





Story so Far – Part Two

Steven and Selina tried to fight their feelings for each other but the temptation was too much. After Shane died, Steven decided life was too short and let Selina lead him into the bedroom.

Steven took off Selina's clothes and she did the same to him. He laid her down on the bed and they made out on the bed. They kissed passionately. He made her groan in anticipation as they discovered each other.

Afterwards Steven wrote his letter of resignation and printed it off. Selina ripped up the letter and told him that they could carry on seeing each other in secret and wait till she had left school. Steven told Selina he loved her. They promised to keep it a secret from everyone.

This went to plan until a fellow classmate Jeremy Rigg wanted to date Selina. She wasn't een on him. Unfortunately Jeremy found some letters that Selina had written to Steven and blackmailed her into going out with him. Eventually Selina couldn't take it anymore and told Jeremy it was over. After it all got too much he was found at the school. He was taken to hospital and then transferred to another school.

Irene was getting suspicious of Steven and Selina after she returned. Steven went on a date with a nurse called Lindsey from the hospital which Selina wasn't happy about.

Steven decided it was too much for them to see each other and ended things with Selina. Selina said they could be together eventually but Steven said it wouldn't be possible.


To be continued...

Thanks for this :) 

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