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Best and Worst Home and Away year since 08


Best Year and Worst Year since 2008  

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After watching Home and Away this year. I was wondering where it stacks up to previous years over the past decade. It hasen't been great. But not horrible either. Just wondering what do you think was the best year since 2008, and the best year? And where does this year place. I personally think the best year of the past ten years was definately 2008. Worst year probably 2014.

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On 11/12/2017 at 18:58, PowerPCNet said:

I really enjoyed 2008, and it's the year which had my favourite H&A storyline ever (the toxic development site). 2016/17 was just a complete massacre of cast members

I think there been 15-20 lost in regular cast and 9-11 added (Scarlett and Ryder soon)

2016 had Duncan return, the plane crash, the caravan disaster was enjoyable to watch


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