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Love Stories


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Story Title : Love Stories
Type of story:Short/Medium Fic 
Main Characters: Phoebe,Brody, Vinnie,Leah , Kyle, Billie, Brax, Ricky, Denny, Casey, Sally, Flynn, Noah, Hayley, Steven,Selina, Shannon, Shane, Geoff, Ruby
BTTB rating : PG 
Genre: Romance, Drama, Comedy
Does story include spoilers: No
Any warnings: Sexual content
Summary: These are the stories of how some of our favourites Couple in Summer Bay met and fell in love.  (It will focus and different people each chapter) 

Side note the first chapters for each couple will be the meeting then getting to know each other followed by becoming friends, Liking one another,  Get asked out and finally been together will be the final ones


Chapter 1

16 year old Brody Morgan was walking around his new School Yabbie Creek high when he saw some guys talking and hanging out he spotted a girl amongest the group, He thought to himself that she must be popular or somehow was related to one of them. Before he could think about it anymore the bell rang so he grabbed his book and headed to class. He walked in to see the girl there talking to one of her friends so he smiled at them and she spoke"Are you new here" she asked, Yeah I am Brody replied, Well I'm Phoebe Nicoleson she said as she come and stood next to me and this is my friend Emily Mitchell . Well my name Brody Morgan he said to them. How about you sit with us Phoebe said, Sure Brody replied that way i can get to know some people, Yeah you can Phoebe smiled.

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Chapter 2

Leah Poules family had just moved from the city to Mangrove river so Leah decided to go for a walk and have a look around the place. She was walking when she ran in to someone and she fell to ground. The guy put his hands out and pulled her up. I'm sorry i didn't see you there he said, Oh that alright i should have been watching where i was going she repiled. Are you new here he asked her, Yes I am we moved here today she repiled. Well Im Vinnie Patterson he said smiling, I'm Leah Poules she responded also smiling, So where are you going to school Vinnie asked, I am going to Mangrove river High i start in year 10 tommorow she said, well Im in year 10 also so i might see you round he said as he walked away smiling and Leah did the same. 

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Chapter 3

15 year old Kyle Bennett was get setting up to perform at a music gig in Melbourne when a girl walked in the room and he couldn't help but admire her good looks. Sorry to interpret but i was wondering if you would need a singer in your band or something it just i need to earn some money she responded. We actual do Kyle replied to her how about you sing to me now then we see what happens, Sure she said my name Billie, Billie Ashford by the way well I'm Kyle Bennett. Well alright Kyle let me start. Billie sings and Kyle is so impressed. Will you be alright to perform tommorow night he asks her of course she repiles 

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18 minutes ago, christine king said:

Like how Brody and Phoebe met each other as teenagers.

Also liked how Leah and Vinnie met each other too.

Interesting how Kyle and Billie meet as teenagers, I was never sold on these two as a couple though.

Glad your liking the story. I figured if might be different if people met when they were younger 

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